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What is the Best Steam Mop for Tiles?

What to Consider When Choosing a Steam Mop For Tiles

Last year I rented an apartment. When I came in, the first thing that drawn my attention was the tiles that looked so clean. I remember all my previous apartments and none of them had such hygienically clean, heavenly even tiles like this one. Now I want to find the way to maintain this level of cleanliness.

That is how I decided to look for the best steam mop. I was astonished at how many people out there were looking for the best device to clean their tiles. I advised with my friends and family to decide on which steam mop is the best for them and sprang into action.

What to Consider When Choosing a Steam Mop For Tiles

The following are the qualities a good steam mop should feature:

Efficiency – I am pretty sure that a perfect steam mop for tiles should be more convenient than a regular squeeze mop. For my experiment, I set aside several tiles, coated them with various sticky substances such as raw eggs, toothpaste, hair spray, oatmeal, juice, pancake syrup, dough, and barbecue sauce. Afterwards, I went to sleep, leaving them to harden overnight.

In the morning, I got hands on those steam mops that I bought for this experiment and tested them. I wanted to determine which model does the best job at cleaning tiles. Not all brands worked equally well. Only a few ones could remove most of the dirt with the first two attempts. Others didn’t work as well. They could get rid of dry spills after four or five attempts, and I wasn’t still satisfied with the results.

Killing bacteria – Most machines produced steam that temperature was 200°F or more. To me, it is hot enough to kill germs, unless, of course, they come from another planet.

Safety – I noticed that few mops left a little water on the tiles, and I consider it to be damaging. Moreover, the residual moisture can be dangerous as it makes the surface a bit slippery. Except for being dangerous, moisture leads to mildew and stains that contribute to a dull look.

Top-Rated Steam Mops for Tiles

Oreck steam

Oreck Steam-It Steam MopThe mop comes in handy when you want to get rid of various stains in no time. The device runs for more than a half an hour on a single charge. This run time is enough to clean lots of tiles. Moreover, the wand comes with different attachments that allow for cleaning windows and toilets. It produces hot steam that kills germs efficiently. The only loss of this device is that you have to attach a cleaning cloth manually. There are clips that hold it.



Sienna Aqua Pro Steam Mop

Sienna Aqua Pro Steam MopI admit that this mop heats up quickly and works well at removing sticky stains. There is a removable water tank that is pretty challenging to remove. The run time of the device is 15 minutes. As with the previous model, I had to attach the cleaning cloth manually.




Reliable Steamboy T2 Sweep-and-Steam Mop

Reliable Steamboy T2 Sweep-and-Steam MopI included this device in the list of my favorite steam mops for tiles because I was satisfied with how it cleaned sticky and oily stains. It features a removable water tank and stands upright on its own.  Unlike the models mentioned above, I didn’t have to attach a cleaning cloth manually.