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Waste King 9940

Waste King L-9940

If you are a family person as me, you possibly noticed that our grandpas and grandmas frequently are obstinate and can’t grasp the importance of technology in our contemporary world. I believe that they can teach us many things, but it is so hard to teach them.


Modern garbage disposal gadgets

I love my grandma, and I like to visit her very much. Mostly, we speak about apple pie, but recently I broached a subject of a waste disposer. The fact is that my granny loves cooking and spends plenty of time in the kitchen.  I’m sure that she through away a large amount of food wastes instead of completely grind it up and sent to a drain system.

Unfortunately, my grandma objected that she doesn’t need these modern gadgets, and a trash can is the best “gadget” she ever used.

The Waste King L-9940 disposer presentation

However, I didn’t give up! I worked out a plan. I left brochures around the house about all benefits of garbage disposals. There were also mentioned that they help to decrease the amount of waste you produce to a minimum. I’ve chosen the Waste King L-9940 Legend Series 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer because it is versatile and useful, and it is one of the finest models we sell.

Here are the major features that I tried to narrate to my grandma.

Grinding pieces

This device contains the isolated stainless steel pieces that help to reduce noise. Moreover, the grinding chamber is made of glass-filled nylon. Technical experts use this material because it reduces a corrosion process unlike other models of garbage disposals.

Continuous feed technology

Garbage disposals with this system work very effectively. You just should turn on the unit and through there so many wastes as you need while cooking. Moreover, this unit is easy in use. There are a splash guard and reset button, so even grandma will use it with pleasure.

In-home warranty

The warranty services are one of the greatest advantages of Waste King. They provide an 8-years in-home warranty. So their specialists will arrive and replace the unit or any component if needed. Moreover, they offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion. This service highly impressed me.

What comes next?

Few weeks later I came to my grandma. I was not sure if my genius plan worked. I was ready to meet the resistance to my unfair game. I was surprised when in the kitchen I saw my granny who was putting organic wastes into the Waste King garbage disposal.

My grandmother noticed my open-eyed face and told that she had bought it and had installed by my company.