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Waste King 111 Garbage Disposal

Waste King L-111

I hope you are a bit familiar with our website, and you know something about my firm. I am interested in home decorating, interior design and DIY jobs around a home. I wish to make it easy and inspiring for anyone.

We have a broad product line for our clients. Even so, I always try to learn more about appliances we have. I consider it is too hard to sell a product if you don’t know anything about it. So, I tried to learn at least basic features about products we sell.


Price fits quality

People always are looking for handy and quality appliances at a reasonable price. Current economic climate causes this situation, and I completely comprehend it. There is a positive aspect that plenty of manufacturers produce sturdy goods according to customers’ needs and do not set a high price.

In this review, I wish to describe you all major characteristics of the Waste King L-111 continuous feed garbage disposer. I can conclude that it is one of the best-priced models on the market. Design, quality, and operation are at the high level. Moreover, there are so many positive reviews that prove good work of the manufacturer.

Here are all benefits you’ll get if you pick this disposer for your home.

Simple installation

Our company provides disposer installation for our clients. So, it is not profitable for me to mention this feature, but I want to be honest with you. It is a fact that some customers told me that you need only 10 minutes to install a disposal. Professional services are not necessary. Also, we offer you to watch our useful videos about garbage disposal replacement.

Compact size

All housewives know that extra storing space in the kitchen is essential if you have a big family and love cooking. Therefore, my customers frequently mention that they need a small-sized device to use their sinks in a practical way. The L-111 definitely will please you with a space-saving and neat design.

Sturdy and speed

The most common issue of garbage disposals is corrosion. It causes breaking down of these units. Technical experts in our company told me that a grinding chamber and drain housing set in this disposal are corrosion free. Now you see that Waste King doesn’t provide a far-reaching warranty because these devices don’t need it.

In spite of a small size, this waste disposer is powerful and rapid. It has a 1/3 horsepower motor and runs at 1900RPM.


It is one of the finest services of Waste King. They provide two years in-home warranty that differ them from the most manufacturers. If you have any troubles with your disposer, you just call in a specialist from Waste King, who will establish new unit instead of the old one. It is convenient because you avoid transporting troubles and don’t need to wait long to get the repaired device.

The value

It is the most pleasing part of my review. I want to tell you that when I’ve seen this disposer for the last time on Amazon, it cost about $50 with free shipping.


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