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Waste King L-1001

Waste King L-1001

So, let’s talk about waste disposers. Some people may decide that it can be boring. Even so, I think those people who use these devices won’t think so. Disposer is like a dishwasher. If you start using it, you won’t be able to deny this machine. Moreover, you will need it back as fast as possible if it breaks down and needs a repair.


What characteristics are the most important when you pick up a disposer?

Here are a few notable things you should look at to make a good choice.

  • Durability;
  • Reliability;
  • Quiet work;
  • Compact size.


I want to describe you all characteristics of this unit following my list. I think you’ll find out why I’ve chosen the Waste King L-1001 as the best middle-range disposer on the market.

Durability and reliability

Waste King is a well-known brand on the market because of high-quality goods they produce. The most common problem that customers face when they use garbage disposals is corrosion. It happens because this device regularly contacts with water and liquid food.

Fortunately, Waste King has already solved this problem. This disposer’s internal pieces consist of anti-corrosion material that prevents corrosion processes.

A quality service from Waste King also includes 2-years in-home warranty. If you have any troubles with your disposal, you just call in a specialist to your home. He will arrive and replace your defected disposer with a new one. It will help you to avoid a messy and inconvenient process of removing and transporting.

Compact size

Most disposers have one serious issue. They take a lot of space under a sink, and you can’t use it for storing. With the Waste King L-1001, you won’t face this problem because it has a compact size (13.4 by 6.4 inches). You’ll have pretty much space to store cleaning products under a sink.

Quiet work

Many people pay attention to this feature. It is so unpleasantly when after a long working day, you have to hear a loud sound. Moreover, some garbage disposers can even wake up your kids. Luckily, Waste King has solved this problem too. Their unit has little vibration because all moving parts are insulated.