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Waste king 1025 accessories for ez mount disposers: sink stopper & splash guard

Waste King 1025 Sink Stopper and Splash Guard

The Waste King brand proposes a wide range of garbage disposals as well as additional accessories to them, such as Splash Guard – it is located in the sinkhole and serves as a protection of splashing the wastes that are liquefying inside, and not letting it come back to the sink and make everything wet. But everything has its lifetime and though the splash guards are made of a neoprene rubber they get damaged or wear out in some time and therefore are in need of replacement. It is not hard to find them as the Waste King is a popular brand and produces such an accessory in enough quantity and reasonable prices (a few dollars). There are some days when you can get them with 35 percent discount.

Moving further to the second accessory, it is called the Sink Stopper – its aim is to stop food pieces and particles from coming into the sinkhole. Its size is suitable for any Waste King garbage disposal unit with EZ Mount system.

Waste king 1025 accessories Review

Main features:

  • both accessories are available in black
  • fit to any Waste King disposer model with an EZ Mount system
  • no need to remove the disposal in order to attach either splash guard or sink stopper
  • no tools are needed to install them
  • splash guard and stopper kit