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Toto Toilets reviews

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Speaking about great quality of the toilets means speaking about the TOTO brand that has been on the market for many years already and is actually one of the leaders in the production of the best toilet models. The manufacturers listen and understand people’s needs and, therefore, make everything to be better and better with every new model including newest technologies and features. Having one of the TOTO toilets at home, means having comfort using it, reliability and long life of the product.


What are the benefits of Toto?

The bathroom is one of the most beautiful places in a flat or a house. Therefore, some efforts should be put to make it even more stylish and modern with the help of purchasing the TOTO toilet. All people have different ideas and desires about the style and shape of a toilet and exactly with this brand you will have a chance to select an unusual model you wished for as the variety of versions is really wide.

There are some regulations made by the government which make the models a little bit limited though it is absolutely not the case with the TOTO. TOTO manufacturers believe that there shouldn’t be any complications when dealing with such products. There are so many things people should take care of and there just have to be a quite and serene place for relaxation. That’s exactly one will get if purchasing the TOTO fixture as it is not only reliable but also very durable and noise-free.

This review and perhaps some others provided by the customers will help you to understand its features, technologies, and detailed specifications. After reading all the provided information, one will have no chance but to buy it. The TOTO has everything in itself – functionality, quality, elegance, style, modernity and even a remote control that is a unique feature of this particular brand.

One more its benefit is that the toilets are aimed at absolutely every person and the age, weight, and shape don’t matter at all. The toilets simply don’t meet standard regulations set by the authorities or company manufacturers. The brand is all about high quality, unique style, and design as well as comfort of usage.


Are there any negative points?

Speaking frankly there are very few cons about TOTO toilets yet there are still some and they will definitely be mentioned later. One of the most noticeable issues with the toilet is the flapper. The flapper doesn’t always perform at its fullest that leads to leaking into the bowl and consequently a running toilet meaning that the bill at the end of the month will be higher.

One more minus is the G-Max valve. Though it is only in certain models by TOTO. Despite these two disadvantages, there is no problem to solve it with only a few replacements. Moreover, the warranty will cover everything and that’s why there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


Where to purchase the Toto toilets?

The first and foremost thing every person who is looking for the best toilet should do – is to read as many reviews as possible to understand every single feature of a chosen model. Also with the help of reviews it would be much easier to realize what kind of toilet you need, what style, what features should be included etc. The choice is huge starting from basic and finishing with the most innovative ones. Nevertheless whatever model by TOTO you opt for, you will always get a toilet with a strong flush, automatic features, good warranty, and longevity.

Making a decision on the style and design, the next step would be the size. The size depends on the amount of presented tanks inside. If there is one then it is a standard one-piece toilet that is by the way very easy to install. Though if you wish for a toilet without a tank than it would be a more expensive model. Very often they are chosen when installing only half the bathroom. That’s an ideal choice in this situation.

The most expensive toilets by TOTO have such features as automatic seat lifting and flushing. Such models would suit perfectly for those, who have some physical difficulties and who are not capable of doing it by themselves. The presence of these two features will make the person more independent.


Installation or replacement?

The installation of any TOTO toilet is extremely easy especially for those who have done it before. Yet even for a novice there won’t be any challenges to face with. The reason for that is very simple – the rough-in is standard 12”inches though some models are of 14”inches. This already depends on the house. Therefore before installing, everything should be accurately measured especially if the house is more than 20 years old. In the reviews, you will find precise and detailed information about the options of each toilet model.

In case when replacing the old toilet with a new one, the water of the supply line should be turned off. To do that you will need to flush the toilet and plunge the rest of the water. Don’t forget to have a bucket and some sponge that would help when wiping water from the tank. After that, you are ready to remove the bolts, then supply line and finally the toilet itself. If it is a one piece toilet it will be a little harder comparing with the two piece one.

When the old toilet is removed, the old wax seal should be removed as well. After it is done, use a new wax seal and install the new TOTO toilet with bolts.


How much is a good Toto toilet?

As there exist many models by the TOTO brand, the prices vary too. They can start from reasonable 250 dollars and finishing with the latest and advanced models that would cost more than 2000 dollars. Such expensive models include all the possible automatic features that were mentioned above. Nevertheless, the average price for a really good toilet is about 400 dollars that is affordable for everyone. The point is – each model is different as it might be of an extraordinary style with the latest features, or it can be a basic elegant toilet that would suit many bathrooms. Therefore, the prices will vary too according to each model.

The TOTO Neorest 550

Toto MS980CMG Neorest 550 toilet review

The distinctive feature of this particular model is the ability to choose the type of the flush. Moreover whatever flush you opt for, it will be automatic which means it will do the job for you and instead of you. Thanks to this feature the germs will have fewer chances to spread whereas you will have a chance to set up the 0.9-gallon flush. 0.9-gallon flush automatically means saving a lot of water and ultimately money as a standard flush is 1.6 gallon. The difference is just amazing. And exactly this makes it one of the best-sellers.


The TOTO Ultramax

Toto MS604114CEFG Ultramax toilet review

The distinctive feature of this model is that it is aimed at the families and is extremely loved by small kids as they just love and enjoy flushing everything they see. The size of the trapway is 2 1/8” inches wide meaning that nothing would stuck there even some big foreign mess. The Ultramax is very quite and nothing could be heard even when flushing. That’s one of the most desirable features people wish to have. The flush valve is 3” inches that is 1” inch more than a standard one. Due to this the flush is very powerful and there will not be a need to use the flush twice. The model is absolutely worth buying.


The TOTO Ultramax ADA Toilet

Toto MS854114ELG Eco Ultramax toilet review

The Ultramax ADA is one of the most beautiful models. It comes in 4 various finishes so that a person has a possibility to select exactly the one he/she needs for the bathroom. This type of toilet will make the interior elegant, stylish and modern at the same time. Apart from being of a nice look, it also has a G-Max feature that is very advanced and improved. Speaking about the flushing system it is simply superb and can’t be compared with standard models of different brands. All in all, it is simply a great value for money and investment in the future.



The TOTO Eco Soiree

Toto MS964214CEFG Eco Soiree toilet review

High seat – is the distinctive feature of this TOTO toilet. It is a one-piece toilet that is easy to install or replace as the construction is very simple yet qualitative and durable. The features are the following – the above-mentioned seat is 17.25 inches high. The overall lengh of the Soiree is 28 1/8” inches. The flushing is 1.28 gallons, apart from that the flushing system has 2 nozzles instead of rim holes. The Eco Soiree is a reliable model that would be a great addition to every bathroom.


The TOTO Drake

Toto Drake toilet review

The TOTO Drake is one of the most beautiful models that include elegance, style, and unique design. The flushing system is very powerful, quick and will be capable of coping even with 1000 grams of wastes. The flushing system is a little bit louder than the previously mentioned models by TOTO though it is not a disadvantage as it simply means that water pressure is increased. The price is very affordable, the toilet is easy to install and will last for many years. Therefore, it is so highly recommended by the majority of trusted customers.




The best choice one can make is to buy a TOTO toilet. Having one of its toilets means having the latest innovations, automatic features, and even a remote control. There is absolutely no need to even check out other brands as all you need is included in TOTO toilet models.