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Top-Rated Paul Mitchell Hair Straighteners

If you have heard a lot about me and my guides, then you should know how much I like my work. Here, I try to pick the best hair straighteners from Paul Mitchell so you could choose one of them that suits you better.

To rate the following models, I take into account the following information:

prosopinion of 30 polls from the hairstyling industry, customer reviews, comments, and my personal experience.

prosBefore I start, take note that not all of the Paul Mitchel hair irons are equal.

There are two models that leave others behind, and one of them costs two times less than the other one, so it becomes clear that the PAUL MITCHEL NEURO SMOOTH wins.

To create this guide, I’ve learned tons of customer reviews grading particular aspects of each product. I came up with a list of five best models and graded them.

At first, you will learn the manufacturer’s specification, and then you will get to the loss-and-gains section based on the customers’ negative and positive comments.

Let’s start our analysis of five top-rated Paul Mitchel products.

Neuro smooth hair straightener

Since there is no manufacturer’s specification for this model on Amazon, I used other sources for this section:Neuro smooth hair straightener

  • Being equipped with 1.25 ″ isotherm titanium plates, it works well at waving, flipping, and straightening
  • 30-second heat-up time
  • Even heating
  • A SmartSense microchip monitors the temperature state fifty times per second
  • Two-year warranty

To me, the model comes with pretty good features.


prosAt a salon, I saw how my hairdresser used this hair iron. I was pretty satisfied with my hair after I walked out the salon, so I made a decision to buy this hair iron for myself. I surfed the Internet and found one. Keep in mined that there is a number of fakes. I am satisfied with how it works on my hair.

prosI know that many hairdressers use this one at work. Now I understand why they do that. I bought this hair straightener for myself to use it regularly. I like that it doesn’t harm my delicate hair. It takes no time for it to heat up to 450ºF. Before purchasing this product, I’ve decided on learning some customer reviews, and most of them were positive. It works well on my extremely thick hair. A pass per section is enough for my hair to look fantastic.

prosAfter using this iron, I feel and look like I’ve just left a salon. I like it better than my old one with ceramic plates. Since it produces some intense heat, choose the lower heat settings for delicate hair.

prosWhat I can say about this invention is that this user-friendly device does an excellent job on any hair. It requires few seconds to heat up and is very comfortable to hold. It put my thick and crazy hair on its place in almost no time. If you do your hair on a regular basis, then this gadget is a must have. Silky, soft, and straight hair is what you get from this hair straightener!

What are the Drawbacks?

consI didn’t like the plates that don’t connect. My hair is thin, and the device doesn’t work with it. I believe that I purchased a defective straightener. It was very kind of the customer support guys’ side to send me a replacement. Now, I am waiting to receive it soon.

Overall Quality Rating: 4.9/5. With its hight quality rating, it is the best flat iron by Paul Mitchell for now.


Express ionstyle

Express ionstyleLet’s get to the basic properties of the product:

  • Durable plates ensure fast straightening
  • There are silicon grips on the plates for faster gliding, straightening, and better control
  • Solid ceramic heaters heat up 1-inch cushion plates evenly
  • Beveled edges that ensure seamless smoothing

Super-charged negative ions that allow for controlling flyaway and static hair

Let’s get to the good things customers experienced when used this Paul Mitchell product:

prosThere are many good things I can say about this gadget. I do my hair twice a week. I use the device for both straightening and curling. I have waist-length hair, and I wasn’t sure that I would like those silicon grips. To my surprise, I liked them much. Although I have been using this unit for more than six months regularly, it still looks like a new one. It has short heat-up time, and the temperature switch is user-friendly.

prosThis hair straightener feels like a professional one! It’s durable and reliable, and it comes with a long power cord. I’ve tried three different hair straighteners from this manufacturer. How do you think, which one is the best? Of course, this one! When using it, I’m not afraid of having my hair damaged or burnt. When I’m done, it looks healthy and silky. I achieve such a good result in only several minutes.

prosI can’t stand my wavy and unruly hair. Moreover, it is very delicate. From the first second I bought this product, it became my lifesaver.  I am not afraid of burning and drying my hair anymore. The device heats up evenly almost in no time. I need less time to style my wavy hair than with previous irons. One pass per section is enough to get rid of my curls. I like its long power cord as well.

prosSeveral years ago I purchased a green and black hair iron from this manufacturer. Although it still does its job well, I would like to replace it. I’d read lots of positive reviews for this Express ionstyle model that’s the reason I opted for it. I choose the highest setting, and it never burns my hair. It makes it shiny, silky, and straight. If I need another product, I will go for this brand as well.

prosWhen I tried this unit for the fist time, I couldn’t believe that it took only ten minutes to get my hair styled. It took me much longer with my previous hair iron. Sometimes I straighten my hair in between washes to refreshen it in no time. I have frizzy and thick hair that reaches my shoulders. This Paul Mitchell hair iron delivers excellent results!


consThe indicator doesn’t blink, so I do not understand whether the straightener is hot enough or just heating up.

consI would like this model to have an auto shut-off function. I may leave it switched on by accident, and it would be great if it shuts off fully automatic.

Overall Quality Rating: 4.8/5. It comes at a relatively high price.


Ion Smooth Glitter Express, limited edition

Ion Smooth Glitter Express, limited editionThe manufacturer’s specification goes first:

  • Fused ceramic plates that help to avoid hair damage
  • Short heat-up time
  • Beveled edges that prevent demarcation lines
  • 1.25″ ceramic cushioned plates
  • Solid ceramic heaters ensure even heating
  • 9-ft swivel cord


prosI like everything about this gadget! I felt its high quality as soon as I took it in hand. It comes in a size that allows for doing any job I want it to do. I don’t spend much time straightening my hair. It takes me several minutes.

prosWell-built, durable, and reliable – this is what I can say about this product. It is worth your attention. I like traveling a lot, so I always have it ready to hand. Sometimes it happens that the iron drops. After all of these abuses, it still works well. Although it requires some time to reach its max temperature, it like all about it. It heats up evenly, and it doesn’t burn my hair.

prosI have crazy hair that is hard to put in its place. Now, to do this, all I need is to plug my new hair iron. This Paul Mitchell product deals with my fuzzy hair in no time. One pass is enough to make my hair stay straight during the next several days. I enjoy using it. Those with my hair type should own one as well.

prosA user-friendly hair iron never burns my hands since it doesn’t get hot from the outside. It features a long cord so I can straighten my hair anyplace in my room.

prosI’ve never been so satisfied with my previous hair irons. With this one, everything is different. I am planning on purchasing one, to have it at hand at my boyfriend’s house.


consIt comes with kind of a hefty price tag. Other than it touched me in the pocket, I like all about this product.

consWhen I first turned on this Paul Mitchell hair iron, it smelled plastic. Fortunately, the smell vanished after several uses.

Overall Quality Rating: 4.4/5.


Candy Apple Express Ion Smooth 1.25 inches Flat Iron

The manufacturer’s specification:

  • A limited edition flat iron with a brush includedCandy Apple Express Ion Smooth 1.25 inches Flat Iron
  • 1-minute heat-up time
  • Beveled edges
  • 1.25″ceramic cushioned plates
  • Infrared and negative ion technology incorporated
  • 9-ft long cord


prosI like that this hair iron comes with a temperature controller and an LCD screen. It doesn’t dry and burn my hair at all.

prosMy hair is long and curly. You can’t even imagine what I have to do to have it straightened. My friend recommended me this brand, and I followed her advice. When I took this product in hand, I realized how lightweight it was. When I tried it, I wondered at how fast it worked. It glided through my crazy hair effortlessly. This iron works much better than my old one I bought in Wal-Mart.

prosIt got the package sooner than expected. What I liked was how securely the device was packed. I ordered it on Amazon. What I can say is that I had a very pleasant buying experience.

prosIt glides through my hair effortlessly. A temperature control feature gives me lots of options. My hair doesn’t tangle when I straighten it. The gadget has nothing to do with damaged and burnt hair.


consWhat I don’t like is the cord that tangles frequently. It’s not a big deal but still is worth sharing.

Overall Quality Rating: 4.6/5


Express ion smooth hair straightener

Basic information:

  • Plates fused with express ion complex allow for fast straightening and avoiding hair damageExpress ion smooth hair straightener
  • 1.25-inch cushion plates are heated by solid ceramic heaters evenly
  • Beveled edges that prevent demarcation lines
  • Slim plates allow for reaching roots of your hair with ease
  • Adjustable temperature


prosI have very wavy hair, and with this hair iron I can make it smooth and silky. It requires little time to heat up, so I don’t spend much time in the morning waiting for it to get ready.

prosI have been operating the same product for more than five years. It broke because I overbent the cord when wrapped it around the iron’s body. I ordered another one because I was fully satisfied with it. I’m sure that no other iron will deliver me the same result.

prosI’ve spent much time searching for a hair iron. Once I saw this model, I realized that was what I needed. I use it day by day to style my wavy hair, and I can’t be happier. I recommend this gadget to those who style their hair regularly.

prosNo burnt and dried hair! Healthy, smooth, and soft hair – that is what I get when using this device. It glides from the roots down smoothly and effortlessly. I like its slim plates.


consI like the way my iron works, but there are several small chips on it. I’m not sure if I can ask to replace it.

consThis hair iron is not suitable for my waist-length hair.

Overall Quality Rating: 4.6/5.