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Top-Rated Iso Hair Straighteners

Everybody knows how confusing picking a perfect product may be, and I’m going to make this process easier for you. As a professional stylist, I’m probably just the right person to do this job.

To create this guide I’ve learned tons of customer reviews for different models, graded them, and picked those with the best average grade.

Here, I present a list of the winners. Undoubtedly, these models are the best ones Iso has to offer. The time is ripe for getting to know more about all advantages and disadvantages of each and every central star.

Specific digest reviews

At first, you will read the manufacturers’ specifications regarding each model. Then you will see what loss and cons they have. The given information is derived from the customer reviews. That’s how I structured my review.

Let’s go on with my guide.

Beauty turbo pro hair straightener

Turbo beauty pro hair straightenerBasic information from the manufacturer:

  • A black professional hair straightener
  • Dual voltage
  • Works equally well on different hair types



prosMost reviews for this product found on the web contained positive comments. It has short heat-up time. The maximum temperature it can reach is 450 degrees what is more than enough to make my hair look fantastic. At first, I thought that the iron comes with too small plates, but then I understood how wrong I was.

prosI have very hard hair. Moreover, it is unruly. I didn’t set great store by this iron. But when I tried it, I was astonished at how great it worked. It is twice as much faster than my previous hair irons. I like that I can control the temperature of the plates on my own. A swivel cord contributes to its features.

prosThe iron is easy to manipulate. With this gadget at hand, my hair always looks shiny and silky. I could only dream about such an excellent result. Although I have waist length hair with curls, I need ten or fifteen minutes to have it done.

prosI like traveling a lot. Since I straighten my hair regularly, I need a compact model that is comfortable to carry around. This one fits the bill! It requires a minute to heat up. I like how smoothly it slides through my hair, making it look strong and shiny. If you ask, this is the best Iso product I’ve ever tested.

prosI have delicate hair, and it is easy to damage. After reading lots of positive comments on how this model works, I had the heart to give it a try. Unlike my previous ‘old friends’, the new one doesn’t damage or dry my hair. I advised it to all my friends.

Negative aspects:

consWhen I unpacked the package and switched the iron on, I didn’t like the smell I felt. After several uses, it vanished. I suggest that this smell was coming from plastic details.

Overall Quality Rating: 4.8/5


Turbo pro flat iron

Turbo pro flat ironBasic introduction:

  • Iso international tourmaline turbo 1″series
  • Straightens, curls, and flips well
  • Features a power LED indicator
  • Is covered by one-year warranty

The following are the PROs of the model:

prosI like how this iron straightens my long and thick hair. The tourmaline plates deal with frizz, making my hair shine.

prosRecently, I had my hair cut. Now this lightweight and user-friendly hair iron straightens and curls it incredibly fast. As a result, my hair is silky and smooth. Undoubtedly, this is the best professional hair iron I’ve ever used.

prosI have unruly, frizzy, and wavy hair. I wondered at how fast this iron made it look grand. I was able to style my thick, 15-inch hair in about twenty minutes. The iron did an excellent job at straightening all those curls. When I have to deal with my bangs, I choose medium heat, and to straighten my frizzy hair, I use high heat setting. The device heats up fast.

prosThis iron is a reasonably priced one! I borrowed it from my niece to see how it works, and I was astonished at how it styled my hair. That’s why I decided on buying one for myself. To prevent my hair from damaging, I use medium heat and apply thermal protection.

prosI am pretty satisfied with my purchase. The iron heats up in only five seconds. I like that it comes with a temperature controller. It glides smoothly through my hair, making it perfectly straight. I have used an Iso hair straightener before, and this iron is the second one from this manufacturer. Now, I plan to get more of their products.

Learn more about the CONs:

consIf your hair is waist-length, then it will probably take you much time to straighten it. Otherwise, this is the best iron I could ever buy.

When straightening, the iron gets hot. Use medium heat setting to deal with delicate hair. Be careful with the hot unit to avoid burns when using it.

Overall Quality Rating: 4.5/5



Professional tourmaline ceramic hair iron

Professional tourmaline ceramic hair ironBasic information about the model from the manufacturer:

  • Is very lightweight
  • Comes equipped with a swivel cord for easy handling
  • Shows high level of negative ions
  • Is covered by the longest warranty
  • Dual voltage, a US plug included


prosI bought this hair iron to carry around while traveling. Dual voltage feature comes in handy when I need to style my hair somewhere abroad. I like its small sizes, so it doesn’t require much storage space. I’m happy to note that the product is covered by a long warranty as well.

prosI like how smoothly it styles my hair, making it look fantastic. It takes almost no time for it to heat up. I have crazy hair; it is unruly, curly and frizzy. When I saw this adorable offer for the first time, I couldn’t help but bought it, and I’m happy with how it works.

prosI like all about this hair straightener – its great features, short heat-up time, and affordable price. I don’t have regrets about buying such a high-quality product from such a reputable manufacturer.

prosI enjoy using this flat iron very much. I usually need about six minutes to have my hair straightened. My shoulder length hair was straight after one pass over each section. I like traveling overseas very much. I’m happy that I can use it almost anywhere.

prosI have frizzy and curly hair. It always dreamed to have straight hair, but I never was lucky to find an iron that would help me. If you ask me, this iron works pretty well. I straighten my hair regularly, so it always looks beautiful and shiny. Moreover, this device makes my hair soft and silky to touch. Before opting for this product, I’ve learned tons of reviews. Now I can say that it proved its value.

Are there any drawbacks?

consI would like this unit to come with an auto shut-off feature. This function would make this iron even more perfect for me.

consThe iron has no temperature controller so you can’t adjust its temperature. That’s the only thing that disappoints me. Nevertheless, I love it!

Overall Quality Rating: 4.4/5.


Super spectrum professional hair straightener

See what the manufacturer offers you:Super spectrum professional hair straightener

  • Durable ceramic plates that reduce exposure of your hair to high temperatures
  • An infrared heating technology that brings your hair’s moisture to the surface, making it soft to touch
  • Built-in floating plates for curling and waving
  • 6-8 second heat-up time
  • A built-in on/off power switch button and temperature controller


prosA user-friendly device looks cool. When using it, I don’t have to squeeze hard to pull down my hair properly. The unit glides through my hair effortlessly. It comes with two lights – a green one that indicates that the unit is on and a red one that blinks and notifies that it is heated up.

prosI like how close this Iso hair straightener lets me get to my hair roots. The device comes with a practical cord that swivels. The unit doesn’t make my hair lifeless. With it, I always look grand.

prosI wondered at how affordable its price is. It is easy to grip and manipulate. I have unruly hair that is very hard to straighten, but the unit does an excellent job. I got the package faster than I expected. The customer support service helped me and answered all my questions politely.

prosBesides doing an excellent job, this product looks great. I love its shape and color.

prosI’ve learned tons of customer feedbacks for Iso hair straighteners. This unit drew my attention. At the first place, I liked its affordable price. The iron is very fast. It straightens my hair like winking given that my hair is very hard and unruly. With this little device, my hair looks beautiful in just fifteen minutes. This iron is safe, and it makes my hair soft to touch.


consI’m disappointed that the there is no auto shut-off feature. I think it’s great when you can leave the device switched on by chance with no fallout.

Overall Quality Rating: 4.4/5.


Spectrum pro hair straightener

The manufacturer’s specification here is similar to the previous model:Spectrum pro hair straightener

  • 100% ceramic plates that reduce exposure of your hair to high temperatures and prolong the lifetime of the unit
  • An incorporated infrared heating technology brings your hair’s moisture to the surface, making it shiny and soft to touch
  • Built-in floating plates for curling and waving, which makes this unit a hundred percent styling tool
  • Requires 6-8 seconds to rich 450 °F
  • A built-in on/off power switch button and temperature controller

This iron differs from the previous one by its appearance. This one comes in silver and features zebra stripes.


prosWow, I was so impressed by this unit! This Iso professional hair iron does its job as if by magic. My hair is waist length and wavy, but the gadget glides through it with ease. I hoped to find a product that would make my hair look so beautiful. I got lucky to buy this one!

prosOne pass is enough to make my hair straight. As a result, I have silky and soft hair to touch.

prosI love those zebra stripes a lot! The unit comes with solid ceramic plates that are not likely to damage my hair at all. I appreciate its temperature control feature. The gadget came in a beautiful package. In all senses, this is the best buy!

prosIf you ask, I’ve never tried a hair iron like this before. The device works just great at straightening my curly hair. I spend much time selecting a straightener that could bring beauty to my thick and unruly hair. I had luck! Besides straightening my hair, it makes it very smooth, silky, and soft to touch. Also, I love how it looks. Overall, it’s a sound investment!


consI hadn’t found any drawbacks by the time I had this guide done. I think that means a lot!

Overall Quality Rating: 4.6/5