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The tile grout: secrets

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The tile grout secretsOnce I decided to remove the carpet and as soon as I had done that, I saw my perfect tiles. But the place where the rug was, was a little paler than the rest of the tiles without carpet. This situation made me a little disappointed, but something had to be done with it. As the difference was just shocking if not to say worse, the tiles looked absolutely different. I had no clue how it could happen to my favorite tiles, as I do and did cleaning, moping, sweeping and vacuuming on a regular basis.

Before we had bought this new house, we lived in an old one and the floors there were made of linoleum and covered with carpets. At that time, all the houses had this kind of flooring as it was proposed and built by the construction companies. Though from the other hand it was inexpensive and therefore not bad flooring for a limited budget. But things change and types of floors too, consequently having bought the new house, we immediately made tiled flooring and covered it with carpets at some areas.

Once I had to drop a parcel to my neighbors and when I entered, I found them in a very interesting position: they were both on their hands and knees, holding brushes and scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing. Then I realized the point – the had a tiled flooring of a very pale color, so all the grout in between the tiles could be easily seen, that’s why they were trying to clean it as good as they only could.

As I had never lived in a house with tiled flooring before, I didn’t know all this and moreover, that it is such a hard and tough job to clean it. Furthermore, my neighbors told me that it took them a few days to get rid of the grout completely. And I immediately remembered that my new house has tiled floors.

The color of the grout

In the new house, the main floors are made of tiles: bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and, of course, the entry of the house. And as the house is pretty big, the whole tiled flooring is about 1500 square feet. And plus they are of a light color: beige and white with some brown shadows. Everything in the house looks perfect and the “desert” theme is kept all over the house.

The only thing I was then worried about (when I came from neighbors) was the grout in between the tiles. As I had mentioned before, of course, I DID move the carpets and rugs to clean and mop and vacuum but I have never even tried or thought of looking precisely on the tiles. And that was the first thing I did at that same day. And guess what? I saw it. The grout. It was the time for a continuous scrubbing.

The process of cleaning the grout

My cleaning process I started with mopping and I should say that the place where the carpet was hadn’t been any better than the area without carpet. The grout level was similar. Therefore, it was the time to clean absolutely everywhere. While mopping I was thinking, where could all this dirt and grout come from? The answer was very simple: socks, shoes, pets’ paws, bare feet, dust from the outside, perhaps some spilled drinks, all these left its trace. As we are a very active family with three boys and a dog – these floors have seen a lot of celebrations, meetings, parties and of course dirt. And as almost all the floors are made of tiles, all the dust is left there.

Product reviews and cleaning tips are on the way

This topic is devoted to different ways of cleaning the grout. I’m doing it because the mopping didn’t help much and I’m not even going to stand on my hands and knees and keep scrubing for a few days. Instead, I will make a research on the steam mops, that remove the dust, germs, dirt and of course grout. You should agree that it will be much easier, faster and comfortable way to clean the tiled flooring and moreover, with the steam mop you can clean not only tiles but other types of floors too.

That’s why the next reviews will be entirely devoted to the tools which will help to deal with grout, tips of using different types of steam mops at its fullest and in the end some guides, data, and information.