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Kohler Revival Peonies and Ivy Toilet

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717q02-sigL._SL1500_There are different styles of bathrooms and that’s why the toilet manufacturers are trying to design more and more interesting modelы to correspond the customers’ needs. For example, if your bathroom is in a Victorian style then the Kohler Revival toilet is exactly what you need. It is very beautiful and will 100 per cent suit the overall style.  Having the Kohler Revival in your bathroom means having reliable 2-piece fixture. The look of this particular toilet is simply amazing and very rare. The peonies and ivy are a great addition to its extraordinary design. These flowers are simply painted on it. How often do you see such sorts of toilets? Everyone will definitely talk about it. Its price is a little less than 1600 dollars though On the other sites or stores, it would definitely be more expensive.


The Kohler Revival Peonies and Ivy Toilet Review


The first and foremost feature the Kohler Revival can boast of is the Insuliner tank that is included in the design of this unusual toilet. The idea of this liner is the prevention of condensation that might appear in case of humidity or some heat. This moisture is quickly removed from the outside of the tank and, therefore, doesn’t let the water spread around the toilet. This will save not only the toilet and make its life longer but also the general condition of your bathroom.

Buying this amazing painted with flowers toilet, one gets the following multiple features:

  • The flowers that are painted right on the surface of the toilet will never be damaged as they are of a very high quality. Even if accidently touched with feet – they will remain on their place in the same great condition. The imagery location is well thought and it would be extremely hard to spoil the images that of course nobody wants to do;
  • A special flushing system controls the amount of water that flows through the tank;
  • The maintenance of this toilet is very simple comparing with other models of different brands;
  • The item is very long lasting and reliable thanks to high-quality materials it is made of;

The price for this Kohler Revival model isn’t expensive, yet the features you get are latest and most advanced. It is 100 per cent worth buying. Apart from a reasonable price, one gets an easy installation, beautiful Victorian style toilet that will match and suit your bathroom, multiple latest features, unusual appearance and of course comfort of using.


The investment in this toilet does really make sense. First of all, it is not very expensive and second of all it conserves water using only 1.6 gallons per one flush. Isn’t that water saving? And consequently budget saving.

Apart from that, there is a variety of colors to match exactly your bathroom. The flowers (ivy and peonies) can be of a different shape and color.

If one day you need to replace some parts of the toilet, there will not be any problems with finding them at a very reasonable price. For example, the seat would cost around 120 dollars.

Having a desire to have a toilet that combines beauty and quality at the same time, don’t look further as the Kohler Revival is exactly what you need. The reviews from the trusted customers are very good and positive. Therefore why not give it a go right now?