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CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron

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CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronAmong the huge variety of flat irons, it can be difficult to make a good choice. CHI irons were pioneers in the global market. Even so, they are still first-rate irons and an example of quality and permanency for others. Now, many competitive brands produce decent straightening tools, but many people all over the world prefer CHI. If you speak about hair straighteners, you’ll mention CHI.

The CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic 1-Inch Flat Iron is the classic version of CHI iron produced twenty years ago. It has ceramic straightening plates and smooth plastic housing. These elements were the main features of the original CHI.


A little history

Now you can find various types and colors of modern CHIs, but first models were a classic black and had tone colored ceramic plates. These flat irons heat up a bit slower than other contemporary models, but fast enough. However, CHI stays hot as long as you need.

Control a heat level easily

The Classic CHI model has a dial that regulates temperature, rather than three control bottoms as other irons. It has a shape of a wheel and locates inside the housing, so you can’t hit it with your hand during a styling process. You have an opportunity gradually increase a temperature, and an iCHI Air Expert Tourmaline Classicndicator light will tell you that device i
s ready for use. Probably, CHI irons are not able to be extra hot, like other similar models, but they are hot enough and don’t need extra degrees to do their job well. Excellent heat distribution provides the same good result as added heating of similar iron models.

Sufficient ceramic heat

I often hear that women deal with a problem of hot spots. They should make fix-ups in a few minutes after a styling process. The big advantage of CHI is the fact that they distribute heat equally on the solid ceramic plates. You’ll never get hot spots that can spoil your hair look. Even if you use the hottest level, you’ll get a better result. The highest level of this iron is the same well as an even hotter level of others.

Ceramic perfectly combines with tourmaline

For greater endurance, contemporary CHI irons include tourmaline. It is a gemstone that is crushed up and layered on the top of the plates. After hardening, tourmaline creates a transparent barrier that provides a smooth and polished surface. Therefore, heat distribution is strengthened and improved, and you may enjoy a perfect straighten hair.

Get it straight as fast as you need

If you are a business lady and have not much time, you will appreciate a relatively quick work of this iron. Some people notice they spend two times less time for a styling. However, in case you need an efficient and fast result, CHI iron is a perfect choice. You will have an opportunity to lay in your bed ten minutes more than usual. If it is important for you the same as me, you’ll enjoy fast work of this iron.

Desired style for any hair

If you wish to use this flat iron not only for straightening, you really can. A clever design of CHI allows you to create different hair styles. You may choose straight hair, waves or even ringlet curls. Unlike most bulky and uncomfortable irons, CHI has 1-inch plates that are small enough to use this iron for long or short hair and have a gorgeous look anytime you wish.

A suitable price

A standard price for a CHI iron is about $100. It is not the lowest price as compared with other brands. In my opinion, a device that costs so much must work long enough. The fact this price is constant since the moment of CHI appearance proves their durability and strength. Moreover, the manufacturer has no plans to add changes. It means that people continue to buy and use them for so many years because they love them.

A trendy design of a classic model

Another advantage of the CHI is a diversity of colors. This option does not increase utility or convenience of the iron, but it is important for me because I love cute and stylish devices. You may choose pink, purple, green, blue or classic black color.

Lasting CHI work

There are opinions that CHI irons don’t work long enough. They can stop working after a year or even earlier. Therefore, you should carefully think if you are ready to spend so much money on this device, or you prefer cheaper models that will work the same time. I have had flat irons that cost about $70 and worked longer than a year.

Be careful

There is one more feature you should spot. CHI housing doesn’t have any protection outside, and it is pretty hot during work. So you must be wary of getting burned. If you try to create curls, it may cause discomfort for you. It is not a huge issue because you may use protection gloves, for instance.

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