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American Standard Town Square Toilet

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American Standard Town Square FloWise toilet review

Everyone wants a toilet that is easy to maintain and uses a small amount of water. But only a fewer part of users know the right brand that can suit those needs. The American Standard Town Square offers such a unique opportunity for a relatively low price. Providing a truly powerful flush, this unit leaves no leftovers in a bowl, yet, consuming just 1.28 gallons of water. So let’s get a further view of the model.



The American Standard Town Square Review

The features of the unit

The first remarkable feature that catches the eye is a Duroplast seat with a slowly lowering hinge. No more slamming of the cover, it closes carefully without loud sound. And still, you won’t feel like forcing the seat to go down in a position to sit on it. The hinge provides a quick descent. We all know how annoying it may be when you are in a hurry and need to wait for few additional seconds. With the Town Square, it won’t happen again.

There are also the other features that one should mention:

  • A power-wash rim and an elongated siphon create the ability to flush up to 1kg of waste, leaving no sign of residue
  • You’ll be saving at least 20% of water thanks to an efficient consumption system that allows to use just 1.28 GPF
  • The product comes with a 10-years limited warranty, offering you a sufficient protection from defects in the materials used.

But the major benefit of the model is that it is done in one piece, having no space between the tank and the base. You’ll have less area to clean and there will be less space for bacteria and molds to grow.

The advantages of the model

The model has a definite advantage compared to all the other on the market. It comes with the EverClean surface. This surface makes the unit look just like a new one even after years of use. What makes it distinct from the other models is that the outside part also has the EverClean covering. The stains or mold won’t build up on it.

Every unit passes the test before it gets to the market and reaches the owner. In case some kind of problem occurs, you have the best warranty that a product may have. The toilet comes in a stylish design, it is high enough to cause no extra difficulties for elderly or infirm. And to add more, the water consumption makes the customers dream of this model, as it finally ends up in saving their own money. Other words, you have a reliable model with a whole bunch of features that help to keep it clean and good-looking for a long time. We highly recommend it to our customers.