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Swiffer Bissell Steamboost Steam Mop

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Swiffer-Bissell-Steamboost-Steam-Mop-ReviewNew Swiffer Steamboost powered by Bissell is more than a steam for a deeper clean. It combined especially designed grout and dirt steam pads with a power of Bissell steam. It is a new and better way of cleaning. Here is how the cleaning process goes: as you sponge the mop, it gets dirtier and the water gets dirtier to the point where you are really pushing the dirt around. You think your floor is clean but new Swiffer Steamboost powered by Bissell makes it different. Penetrating and lifting off soils traditional mops can live behind. That’s because it combines the cleaning power in specially designed steam pads with the strength of Bissell steam. This kind of solution provides extra cleaning: quickly penetrating ad breaking down dirt. The dirt just traps to the pad and the pad itself locks it.. Then you should simply take it off and throw to the trash, so it doesn’t go on your floor.  Trading your traditional market basket for the new sleep receivers powered by Bissell for the whole new level of cleaning the floors.


Despite all these pros, there is some misunderstanding walking around this steam mop as many people claim that they can’t easily sanitize the floors. But actually, sanitizing is not what the Swiffer Bissell Steamboost does. Even the manufacturers mention it, write it in the manuals, show it in their demo videos and write about it on their sites. This steam mop IS NOT for sanitizing purposes and wasn’t designed for that kind of job. Its main idea is to clean the grout and dirt from the floors. And the steam in this situation plays a role of heating up and activating the cleaning solution (this process takes about 30 seconds.)

Starting the cleaning process, we always start thinking about cleaning solutions or pads. When you are looking at this model on the Swiffer’s site, it directs you to the WetJet, in order to have a look at their cleaning solution (liquid). It is 100 percent needed as it kills bacteria and other harmful elements. You cant’t find the same liquid solution on the Swiffer’s site.

But one more feature that belongs to the Bissell Steamboost (apart from cleaning grout and dirt) is to pay money for buying special, expensive cleaning pads and moreover you should do it on a  regular basis as after each cleaning you will have to change it into new one. These cleaning pads can’t be used twice or three times, they are disposable.

Knowing these facts (cleaning solution and pads), everybody starts thinking that it is quite expensive steam mop which requires constant investment. And actually it is true. Buying these cleaning solutions and pads all the time, will cost you a lot. But there are some models which don’t requite cleaning solutions at all, though demonstrate great performance too.

And I’m not trying to say that purchasing the Swiffer will be a mistake, just that it will be more expensive device (including all the regular costs) than others. Personally I love these cleaning pads and solutions from Swiffer Bissell and I have been using it for years. But 3 years ago I stopped because of the price first of all and second – even though it is expensive, the cleaning solution left my floors sticky.

Consequently I started thinking about some less expensive alternatives, but some of the Swiffer’s features should be still mentioned.

This particular steam mop is electric and works due to steam that activates the cleaning solution and in this way makes the pads work (all this process takes from 25 to 30 seconds). This machine is designed to clean the floors only, though different types. BUT in NO WAY should it be used to clean the walls, windows etc (vertical surfaces).

No longer as you get your purchase, in the box you will find the following:

  1. mop head
  2. one piece handle
  3. 2 disposable mop pads – they have different smells: Lavendar Vanilla and Open Window

As for the handle, simply take it and push the handle into the body until you hear it clicked. It is one of the easiest mop steams in terms of putting the parts together.

Types of floors that an be cleaned due to the swiffer bissell

Attention: only sealed types of floors can be mopped with this device:

  • stone
  • laminate
  • tiles
  • wood
  • linoleum
  • marble
  • vinyl

Nevertheless, always before choosing any steam mop, have a little consultation with the manufacturer or read the instructions and manual very carefully. Though the best way would be to try and use the chosen steam mop on a separate pattern before doing the cleaning on a real floor. Do it for the care of your floors.

Type of the mop head and pads

Swiffer-Bissell-Steamboost-Mop-Head-and-PadDifferent manufacturers create different mop head shapes but as we are discussing the Swiffer Bissell Steamboost it has a rectangular one. Therefore, it has an opportunity to turn to any side with the help of your hand moving the handle. This way it can reach all the needed but hard places, like corners, behind the toilets, furniture etc.

There exist a unique front lip that is placed on the mop and as it is not big, it gives a possibility to clean under the cabinets or under the furniture but on the other hand in the middle of the head, the heating is located and it is taller. Consequently will not let you go all the way under the cabinets.

Moving from the cabinets to the corners, we see a very pleasant situation – the mop pad is pretty thin and that’s why can get easily into every corner. When you are going to remove the grout, you will have to put a little bit of effort as it will not be as easy as, for instance, with corners. As soon as you are near the grout, push a bit harder or hold the steam a little longer. After this maneuver, all the grout, dirt and dust will be cleaned.

When using the steam mop, you have to replace the pads after each clean. And the manufacturers advise buying only this kind of pads as they are specially designed for the Swiffer. They come in packs (20 pads in each) and also they have different scents: Lavender Vanilla and Open Fresh Window.

The process of assembling the pads to the mop head isn’t hard but still a bit more complicated comparing with other models. You should get on the floor, take a pad from the pack and attach it to all four sides of the head, where special clips are located. The mop pads already contain some solution, therefore no additional chemicals should be used. After you plug the cord in, the heating unit starts its work and activates the cleaning solution thanks to which all the dirt, dust, and grout are cleaned as well as sticky stuff, spilled drinks, pets’ paws etc. Wait for about 30 seconds and then get ready to start the job.

Purchasing these mop pads might turn out as the whole adventure. You see, the steam mop is pretty new and therefore it is not so easy to find pads in every single store especially if you live far from big malls. But nevertheless you always have the option of buying them through though the problem is that they are very expensive there. The way out I have found is very simple – Walmart. In this store, you can get one pad for 0.50 cents.

After each clean you have to replace the pad, but sometimes if the floor is too dirty or sticky you will have to change from 3 to 5 pads. All in all, it makes about 5 dollars per month for refilling pads (much cheaper than on Amazon). But if you own a big house, count for a bigger number of pads (1000 square feet – 20 pads) and that will already cost 9-10 dollars, but still it is the cheapest variant.

Having read many reviews and feedbacks I have found out that some users were trying to attach other kinds of pads, microfiber cloth or even towels. But the issue is that the steam mop is made to work with a particular mop pads. And if some other types of pads are used, then it can influence on the steam vents and as you understand, influence not in a good way. The vents might just stop working and get blocked because of it. That’s why it is always better to work with checked material and the one that is advised by the manufacturers and written in the manual.

When you clean the floors, they automatically become wet because of the steam but no worries, all the wetness will dry in a few minutes.

Note* – the cleaning solution that is contained in the mop pads is dangerous for children and pets if they put it in their mouth. That’s why you should always be careful if your home is full of children or pets. Or you may look for a steam mop that doesn’t require any cleaning solution.

The size of the water tank

Swiffer-Bissell-Steamboost-Starter-Kit-In-The-Box-300x300The Swiffer’s water tank is very compact though contains 10 ounces of water. Also, it is able to heat the water up in just 30 seconds and that’s pretty fast, as its competitors do it in 40-45 seconds.

Together with the machine, you will get a measuring cup, but unfortunately you will have to pay for it additionally as it is not included in the cost. Thanks to this cup, you will be able to fill the tank, as it is not removable, consequently you can’t fill it right under the tap. Also, the water tank is visible and you can see how much water you exactly need to pour.

When you finish the job, it is preferable to drain the water from the tank as in some time, bad elements might appear and that can influence on the general performance of the machine.

For draining the water, you will have to lift the whole unit up over the sink and perhaps that is why I like removable steam mops more.

If you want the best for your steam mop – use distilled water, it will not only make the life of your “helper” longer but also will not let any harmful elements built up. Using hard water isn’t advised. It is power is 1000 watts, of course, it is not the best and because of this operating power can’t have a sanitizing feature, it was designed for absolutely different purposes. Some people state, that 1000 watts isn’t enough and perhaps they are right. As many steam mops with the same features but with higher operating power can be found on the market.


When starting the cleaning with the steam mop, people used to switch or push the button, but it is not the case with the Steamboost. You simply have to plug the cord in and in this way it starts being active. Also in order to not count 30 seconds, the device will show you the blue light when it is ready to start getting rid of dirt.

Though there is a trigger thanks to which you manipulate the handle. And in the situation when the house is big and the cleaning area consequently, you hand might have some little pain as you have to press the trigger down all the time. But if you divide the job and do some breaks, I’m sure there will not be any problems and aches. Also as a way out you can tie something right on the handle, so it is more comfortable for you and doesn’t cause any even slight pain. Just do it once, and you will not have to do it again. This is the only button that is present in this steam mop model.

If you still have any issue with how to use this machine properly, I do recommend you to watch special videos on YouTube, but choose the one, where a usual person shows it, not a professional. That will give you some help and perhaps you will know some interesting advices, which were not mentioned here.

Accessories and attachments

There are no accessories or attachments that you can purchase to use while cleaning. Perhaps the only thing, though it is not considered as attachments is the measuring cup.

Cleaning solution options

The main criteria for me in any steam mop is the ability to clean without chemicals/ cleaning solution and second is the speed of cleaning itself. In the first point, the Swiffer isn’t good for me and for those, who have allergies for chemicals (under NO circumstances put your own trusted cleaning solution into the water tank as it will simply ruin it and harm the whole unit in general – mop pads already have the needed amount of solution). But the second point (speed) is a plus because the Swiffer Bissell does its job just great.

Remember**, this model wasn’t designed to sanitize the floors, its aim is to clean the grout and dirt. For sanitizing wish, you would better opt for the WetJet as it is capable of heating the water for more than 220 degrees and, therefore, kill all the germs.


Height: Approx 45 inches

Width: 10.25 inches

Depth: Approx 6 inches

Weight: 3 pounds

Power cord: 20 feet long

The good thing about this steam mop is that it doesn’t take a lot of place and can easily be stored in a laundry room or storage or maybe even garage. Plus the cord is of a good length and it can be wrapped in hooks. But the minus is the absence of the resting pad. Therefore when the mop head is heating up or cooling down, try to find something to put under, in order to protect the floors.


  • light weight
  • good warranty, plus a guarantee of giving the steam mop back in 30 calendar days
  • mop pads come with the cleaning solution already
  • easy to put together and use
  • heats up in 30 seconds only


  • can’t be used for sanitizing, as can’t produce enough steam for that
  • the water tank holds only 10 ounces of water
  • the mop pads should be purchased very often
  • mop pads aren’t easy to attach comparing with other models
  • the presence of only 1 button
  • the trigger hurts the hand when using for a long time
  • the handle isn’t very strong and can be broken, even manufacturers warm about not making to much pressure on it
  • no attachments and accessories


Having compared the Swiffer Bissell Steamboost with some other models with the same functions and features, I have found out that the Swiffer’s price is more expensive though it doesn’t sanitize the floors.

The alternative, which are worth considering and looking at is: Sienna Vibe steam mop (does sanitizing, has rewashable mop pads, no cleaning solution is required and can be used not only as the floor cleaner but it is capable of dealing with showers, bathtubs etc).

Reviews, comments and ratings

As the product is relatively new, it, of course, has lots and lots of reviews from Amazon professionals who write reviews for the device and also some comments and ratings from consumers. Having summarized all the data and information it became clear that all the pros and cons that are written above are true and real.