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Peerless kitchen faucets

The Peerless faucets work smoothly, have unique design and offer high level of conservation. The taps operate so effectively that you will not even notice that you are saving water when use. The manufacturer equipped its kitchen faucets with a range of useful options which turn dishwashing routine into a pleasant task. What is great, Peerless brand provides a lifetime warranty for their plumbing. Also Peerless have become a Partner of the Year 2013 of WaterSense Company.

We have selected 10 most popular faucet models from Peerless. This review will help you to compare taps in a right way and choose the best variant for your kitchen.

Top 10 Peerless Kitchen Faucets

Peerless Kitchen Faucet P299578LF Choice With Two Handle And Chrome Finish

Peerless kitchen faucet P299578LF Choice with two handle

The Peerless P299578LF faucet has a clean modern design. Its high spout is settled between the handles arcing over the sink. It rotates easily to fill large pots. The handles are ergonomic and attractive to look at. The side spray makes rinsing around the basin very comfortable.

A pleasant price is not the only surprise that the faucet packs. Another great feature of this water tap is how “green” it is. The manufacturer designed Peerless P299578LF according to the water efficiency standards, determined by NCSL. This model is also ADA compliant.

Numerous reviewers report that installation of the Peerless P299578LF is quite simple and does not require plumber’s help.


Wall Mounted Two Handle Peerless Choice P299305LF Kitchen Faucet

Peerless two handle kitchen faucet Choice P299305LF

Your kitchen is perfectly upgraded in accordance to modern tendencies uniting super performance and contemporary design with this wall mount faucet.

The Peerless Choice P299305LF is handy, its installation is not complicated, while finish allows easy cleaning and has been under a prolonged warranty. Limiting water flow to 1.8 gallons per minute this faucet economizes up to 20% of water consumption. The Peerless P299305LF Choice weights just 4.8 pounds. You can install it anywhere along the wall. This fixture is compact and works properly as your faucet number one or number two.


Peerless Bar-Prep Faucet P288LF-SS Choice With Two Handle And Stainless Finish

Peerless Choice P288LF-SS two handle faucet

The majority of low-priced taps have plastic details meantime Peerless P288LF-SS Choice is a rare exception. The faucet is made of first-grade steel with brass valves.

The Peerless P288LF-SS faucet is lead-free and rust-proof, it matches 2-3 hole sinks. The high spout allows much place for cleaning large containers. The temperature and pressure control is easy due to two handles which are also made of steel.

The Peerless Choice P288LF-SS is eco-friendly and corresponds to CALGreen restrictions. It is also ADA-certified and meets all the lead standards in the USA.

What is special, it looks a bit industrial and will not fit to province or Victorian-styled kitchens.

Overall, it is a universal pick for both kitchens and home bars.


Oil Bronze Peerless Water Faucet Apex P299575LF-OB With Two Handle And Spray For Kitchen Sink

Two handle Peerless Apex P299575LF-OB kitchen faucet with side spray

The aerator is the peculiar trait of Peerless Apex P299575LF-OB faucet. This kitchen tap is able to economize about 20% of water getting a great PSI at the same time. The water flow is limited to 1.8 gallons per minute, it corresponds to the new law about lead levels. No matter how thoroughly to seek for, it is difficult to find flaws in it.

By the way Apex faucet from Peerless requires four point installation and you are better to call a plumber to make everything correctly.


Peerless Sink Faucet WAS01XNS With Two Handle and Sidespray, Satin Nickel

Two handle kitchen faucet Peerless WAS01XNS with spray

The Peerless faucet WAS01XNS for washbasin is a nice choice for those who prefer excellent performance and never compromise on quality. The item is equipped with a sidespray and two temperature handles. It requires 4 point installation and has a nickel finish. The 14-inch spout is made of brass and rotates through 180 degrees for superior accessibility. The tap is rather powerful. Its flow rate is 2,2 gpm. The buyers note that this faucet model is very simple to install and use.


High Arc Peerless Water Faucet Choice P99578LF-SS-D With Two Handle And Spray

Peerless faucet P99578LF-SS-D Choice with two handle and sprayer

The Peerless P99578LF-SS-D faucet is ideal for deep sinks. The high arch spout is sandwiched between two elegant handles. In spite of the fact that the tap is made from steel it weighs only 3,6 pounds and demonstrates incredible performance of 1,8 gpm. The water is spouted at wide angle, therefore allowing comfort while dishwashing.

The faucet’s finish is extremely durable. It resists corrosion, abrasion and remains smooth for decades.


Classic Two Handle P226LF Faucet By Peerless

Classic Peerless faucet for kitchen P226LF with two handle and side spray

This is a real masterpiece from Peerless, which delivers both convenience and speed. The design of this faucet is unique. A spout is placed between two handles, which are small but easy to use. The silver finish gives a touch of elegance and style. It is very easy to install on a standard kitchen sink.

Concerning the performance, the faucet delivers 1,8 gpm flow rate and swivels up to 180°. It weighs only 3 pounds which makes it one of the lightest kitchen faucets in the market today.

The Peerless Classic P226LF model is ADA approved and meets California and Vermont low-lead legislation and CALGreen standards.


Peerless Single Handle Kitchen Faucet P188200LF-SS Choice

Single handle Peerless faucet P188200LF-SS Choice

This is a compact ergonomic faucet which boasts high functionality. The spout swivels side-by-side up to 180° covering the whole basin. It must be stressed that it is a water conserving device since its stream power is 1,8 gpm.

The Peerless Choice P188200LF-SS faucet has a contemporary design and perfectly matches modern kitchens. Unfortunately it is available in stainless steel finish only. Also there is no sprayer and other attachments.

It is important! This Peerless tap is compliant with national building codes, including laws concerning low-lead levels. It is also ADA-compliant when installed according to all specifications. The faucet requires three-hole drilling.


Peerless Apex P188102LF-SSSD-W Kitchen Tap With Single Handle And Pull Down Spay Head

Single handle pull down Peerless Apex P188102LF-SSSD-W faucet for kitchen sink

The Peerless Apex P188102LF-SSSD-W is a great addition to your kitchen. The manufacturer designed it in the classic manner with a slightly wider nozzle. The faucet is accompanied with a single handle resembling a feather and a built-in soap dispenser. The tap is made of brass in stainless steel colour and its slight curves look very attractive. The spout is 16 inch height and 8 inch reach. The water consumption reaches 1,8 gpm, in that way it can be classified as water efficient. The Apex P188102LF-SSSD-W faucet can be used by people with disabilities.


Classic Peerless P15 Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Classic Peerless P15 single handle kitchen tap

The Peerless Classic P15 is a dream of any kitchen owner. It offers a modern design with touch of elegance due to its chrome finish. Being made of steel and brass it is highly resistant to bacteria and rust.

The spout rotates at 360°, reaches 8 inch of your sink and is high enough to clean and fill large pots. The faucet allows 1,8 gallons per minute, thus it conserves water sufficiently.

The consumers emphasize on the installation and operation ease of this tap model.


Why Choose Peerless

Peerless has a great advantage over the rival kitchen faucets. Peerless manufacturer makes an accent on hassle-free and user-friendliness of their products. Every tap is distinguished with its simplicity and every kitchen owner gets easy instructions for every model. Only the high quality materials are used in the process of production, while the manufacturer has a strategic goal to save on costs. For example, some items have a hollow metal base instead of a solid one to make the Peerless sink faucets affordable to everyone.

It would be great to highlight that Peerless company do their best to make its plumbing accessible to everyone. That is why the most of their faucets can be used by disabled people.

Besides, water faucet from Peerless meet all the laws of water conservation and CALGreen instructions. Low-lead standards are also followed in the process of manufacturing.


What Makes Peerless Faucets Different

Peerless offers special “Ask a Coach” program, which gives an opportunity to any customer to consult a company’s representative. The specialists can help you determine with your individual requirements and chose a fixture for your needs.

There is also online planning guide for the customer support. This interactive planner will take you through every step of faucet installation. It helps a consumer to create a list of tools required for the installation. The reviews show that almost everyone can cope without a plumber specialist.



In general, Peerless faucets are not considered to be expensive, however they definitely offer quality plumbing that lasts for years without showing even the slightest sign of wear and tear. The most brand’s faucet models cost less than $100. If you are shopping on Amazon, you can probably find a good faucet at price of $50-80.


Advantages & Drawbacks


  • Exclusive design;
  • Efficient water delivery;
  • Wide range of single and double handle models;
  • Accessible for disabled people;
  • Affordable price.


  • Most of the models are short and are not good for deep sinks;
  • Some models have small swivel angles.



With Peerless faucets you get the features you wish for the price you can afford and the reliability you deserve. Peerless plumbing is a perfect investment to your kitchen upgrade without paying too much money. Of course, it will be not so durable as a 8 pound tool made of solid brass, but most people don’t need it. The numerous positive reviews prove exceptional quality and reliability of Peerless kitchen faucets as well.