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Kohler San Raphael toilet

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Kohler K-3597-7 San Raphael toilet review

You prefer a modern fashionable design without any extra details in your bathroom? This low profile toilet is stored a lot of water for every flash and cleans everything neatly each time with a strong water flow. It looks just super with distinct finishes. The Kohler San Raphael is slim and will not take a lot of space in your bathroom, but it is strong and can manage difficult tasks. If you make your purchase at Amazon you also economize. Can you imagine, about $400!



The Kohler San Raphael Comfort Height Toilet Review

What the Kohler San Raphael can boast about?

Less water is used in the fixture because the technology of Pressure Lite flushing that economizes water consumption. Water expenditure is only one gallon of water per flush. So the circular rate is very good. The water use is not high, nevertheless a majority of consumers feel comfortable using it, as for the seat height, also meets ADA specifications.

Particular traits of the Kohler San Raphael include:

To install the fixture with the 12-inch rough-in is easy because it is just a one-piece configuration;

The toilet economizes water and consequently you save money paying for water consumption during the year;

The smart toilet lid has a system for automatic closing and you will not be annoyed like it happens with other fixtures when the toilet lid slams down with noise. A wad of paper can become a bit complicated task for this toilet because saving on the water consumption its flushing strength becomes weaker. There is a way to accustom to it, for example, if to use wiping, a bidet, etc. Anyway you save on water consumption and this is a great plus.

What are benefits of using the Kohler San Raphael?

First of all merits of this toilet is its easy installation. This toilet is higher than others, so to reach all curves it is much easier. It will take a longer time to clean dust a bit longer from the elongated surface, but if you want to save money on water then the Kohler san Raphael is what you need. The savings can be considerable for those who don’t like to pay extra where it is possible to pay much less.

If you accustomed to using big amounts of water flushing your toilet then to adopt to this system with low water consumption can be challenging for you. You can have problems to wash big amounts of paper off. Also, it replenishes its tank rather noisily and in some houses this can be uncomfortable. For this price, designers could make it not so loud…

We can recommend this toilet because of its economizing water consumption system and according monetary savings. Some people can need it.