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SteamFast steam mop reviews

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SteamFast steam mopAt the end of the year 1999, SteamFast company introduced the first model line of steam mops. Years passed by, and the company has evolved into a powerful and progressive company that is delivering advanced cleaning products. People come back to natural antimicrobials, such as steam, because of the toxicity of modern disinfectants. To make your choice easier, SteamFast is ready to help! The company offers high-quality products at affordable prices!

What can you choose?

Models line of SteamFast steam cleaning products is bigger than ever:

  • Handheld
  • Canister style steam cleaners.
  • Garment steamers.
  • Steam mops for real cleaning professionals.

Now keeping you and your place sparkly clean is easier than ever! SteamFast product line ready to help you save time look and live good without using any of chemicals!

If you’re looking for a good steam mop you definitely should check out SteamFast products. It offers the most affordable and the best price-quality ratio on the market. Depending on options and features of a particular model, the price can range from $45 to $110 per one mop.

SteamFast Steam Mops

There are two basic styles of mops offered, so you have two different approaches and mechanisms. Let’s compare some SteamFast products of different categories in order to help you to decide, which one to choose.


SteamFast-140The SF-140 model is perfect for using at home. Simple and ergonomic traditional design will provide the pleasure of cleaning without failure. It’s equipped with a mop cloth with high absorptive properties. You can easily wash the cloth in a washing machine. In holds enough of water to produce powerful and strong steam for effective cleaning of your floor surface. It can work with all types of hard surface flooring, such as laminate, stone, ceramics.



SteamFast SF-292The SF-292 mop can offer you more features that will be useful for professional cleaning and disinfection. It also transforms into a garment or handheld steamer. A lot of features at the best price on the market. Do you need a perfect cleaner for not only floors but windows, walls, and even ceilings? Then this steam mop is your solution. It comes with all instructions and accessories for transforming it into the uber-tool for ultimate disinfecting.


1066409What are the benefits?

There are some fundamental benefits of owning the steam mop from SteamFast company:

  • Clean differently.
  • Don’t need to buy new traditional mop every couple mounts. No more heavy buckets and wet, dirty rags. Use only one device to make your floor shine like a diamond!
  • Forget about chemicals and unsafe disinfectants. Say NO to allergy!
  • Ability to clean not only floors but any other hard warm-resistant surface.
  • Transform the SteamFast mop for cleaning clothes and another home textile.

After purchasing the SteamFast product, you will forget about all this stuff and will spend more time with benefit. Don’t forget about cleaning the mop and it will serve you till robots change it.