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If you’re a professional in the clothing industry, you know that a great steam press machine can be an essential part of your business. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to buying one for yourself or for your company, this article is here to help! We’ll go over some common questions as well as reviews on the best products on the market today.

Steam press machine is a great investment for any professional clothing industry. This tool can make your clothes look like they were just bought from the store and it only takes minutes to use this device.

The steam press works by pressing out folds in garments using hot plates and high temperature steams that penetrates into materials making them smooth. The water particles evaporate immediately when you remove the garment from the plate after being pressed, leaving no residue on fabrics or clothes at all.

When you buy a steam press machine, make sure it has the ability to adjust steams and temperature settings in order for you to get rid of wrinkles and creases without destroying your fabrics. The best steam iron should give even pressure when eliminating wrinkles from fabric materials. It is very important that there are no bubbles or uneven lines on clothes after using this device because these could mean poor quality results. This will be difficult if you do not know how to use the equipment properly so read more information about best steam press machines before buying one!

How Do You Use A Steam Press?

When you press garments, be sure to start on the inner arm and work your way out since this is one of the first places where wrinkles tend to show up. If there are stubborn creases or folds in certain areas, simply hold down the steam button for a few seconds until it softens them so they can easily come out .

Do not iron silk materials with a steam press because these require special attention such as using only very low heat levels and moving over them at least two times more than normal fabrics.

To protect clothes from getting burned by too much heat exposure, make sure that there is enough distance between garments and plates before pressing anything. Also avoid touching hot metal parts whenever possible – even if they’re cool now after use!

Best Steam Press Machines Reviewed

Steamfast SF-623 Mid-Size Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings and Steam Burst Function Steam

Steamfast SF-623 Mid-Size Steam Press with Multiple Fabric Settings and Steam Burst Function Steam

An ironing board or table makes it easy to press fabrics while sitting down but steam presses are much more powerful! They’re built from different materials which allow them to produce better results in less time than standard irons do . Instead of spending hours on pressing your clothes you can use a device like this one and achieve the same effects in just minutes !

It features adjustable height settings so you won’t have any issues using it – both children and adults will be able to press their clothing without any problems. This model also comes with multiple fabric settings including cotton, linen , silk etc., so no matter what kind of garment you own you’ll be able to use this press on it.

It’s much more powerful than standard irons and can remove wrinkles in less time, but since it works with steam there is a possibility that the fabrics will shrink over time . This model comes with multiple fabric settings so you don’t have to worry about ruining your clothes while using it – simply select the setting which corresponds best to your garment materials! It’s incredibly easy to use , even if you’ve never used an ironing board before !

  • Powerful steam burst function.
  • Adjustable height settings for convenience of all users, including children and adults.
  • Multiple fabric settings for various types of clothing materials.
  • Can shrink clothes over time.
Speedypress Oversize Pressing Iron Steam Press Ultra XL Electronic Iron Press w 100LBs

Speedypress Oversize Pressing Iron Steam Press Ultra XL Electronic Iron Press w 100LBs

This is a professional-grade device which makes it perfect for commercial use but also great for people who just want to press their clothing at home . It works with powerful steam burst function and can remove wrinkles in mere minutes while saving you time, energy and effort. High quality materials used to make this model are rust-resistant so the product will last long even if not treated carefully! The unit comes equipped with an LCD display which allows easy control over all settings – simply select the desired options on the screen!

It’s incredibly versatile , offering multiple fabric settings including silk, cotton or linen etc., as well as adjustable height option that offers convenience of usage by children or adults. This model eliminates creases easily due to its high steam output and reduces the wrinkled area by up to 80%. There’s no need for ironing board or any other accessory – simply place the garment on top of this device.

The unit features an auto-stop function that turns off when you press down too hard so there will be no burns! It also comes with a steamer which allows you to refresh clothes immediately after pressing them, thus saving additional time in your busy day. The Speedypress Oversize can process large pieces of fabric at once due to its generous size but it works perfectly even if only one part is pressed since it presses both sides simultaneously .

  • Sturdy and durable;
  • Powerful steam burst function;
  • Large pressing surface for maximum convenience!
  • Not suitable for small children or frail people since it’s quite heavy.
SpeedyPress Digital Steam Press 100HD

SpeedyPress Digital Steam Press 100HD

This iron is a smart choice for those who want to upgrade their laundry routine and save time on pressing clothes. It’s equipped with multiple options including steam burst function as well as adjustable temperature settings which allow you to choose the perfect setting according to your fabric type! The high-quality materials used for this model ensure durability so it will last long even if not treated carefully .

The Speedypress Digital Steam Press comes in two colors: black or red and features an extra large platform that guarantees quick and easy clothing transformation ! You won’t need any other accessories such as ironing boards since this machine does everything at once – it removes wrinkles, reduces size of pressed area by up to 80% and refreshes garments immediately! This iron is a great choice for those who want to save time and money on dry cleaning .

This product includes instructions, two pressing plates (one smooth and one grooved) as well as upholstery brush which help you get rid of pet hair or other small particles that might be still present even after the garment has been pressed. The steam press also features measuring cup / water indicator that warns when it’s time to refill water tank!

  • High heating capacity
  • Easy to use and carry around thanks to the handle
  • Multiple temperature settings depending on fabric type
  • Shorter cord compared to similar products
Reliable Aria 350SP Steam Press - XL 32 x 11 Digital Steam Press with Auto Steam

Reliable Aria 350SP Steam Press - XL 32 x 11 Digital Steam Press with Auto Steam

This is a perfect choice for those who want to professionally steam their clothes and other fabrics in order to remove wrinkles without spending too much time on it. The machine comes with several useful features such as auto steam option which allows you to set the required temperature and wait until your fabric can be pressed with no efforts . Also, this model includes an adjustable pressure control so that every user will manage how much power should be used depending on material type

The Aria 350SP Steam Press has one of the widest platforms (32″ x 11″) among similar products currently available on the market! This means that even if you’re tall or big sized person, you’ll comfortably press all types of garments including skirts, pants, suits and other larger items. This is possible due to the large area of heavy duty Teflon coated non-stick soleplate which ensures that pressed clothes won’t stick onto it or move around .

  • Automatic steam option;
  • Pressure control;
  • Steam regulator.
  • There’s no on/off button, you have to plug it in or unplug it accordingly.
Speedypress Digital Steam Press 80HD

Speedypress Digital Steam Press 80HD

The Speedypress Digital Steam Press is a good choice for those who are looking for the best steam press machine with all functions needed to make sure that clothes can be pressed easily and quickly. For example, this model includes an auto shut-off function which allows you to set any temperature between 100°C and 210°C (212°F – 410°F) and after that just forget about it until your fabric gets ready .

Also, the Speedypress comes with one of the widest platforms on the market now – 33 inches wide platform! This means no more troubles pressing pants or other larger items due to their size as well as garments such as skirts or dresses if they’re not fitting onto platform. You’ll simply place them sideways onto the machine. The press bar is also very wide – it’s 20 inches long which helps you to iron even larger items without any extra problems or difficulties, just like with pressing pants and shirts on smaller steam presses .

However, this model has another great feature that makes it one of the best choices for those who need a clothes steamer in addition to their new clothes steamer – an ultra-wide telescopic pole! This means no more struggles reaching high places such as ceilings while working at your sewing table because now you’ll only have to take off your garment from platform, bring it up close to ceiling and use special hanger clips that are attached onto the end part of pole.

  • The fastest steam press machine with great steaming time and large platform
  • The widest telescopic pole among all steam press machines on the market now
  • No water tank, you’ll have to refill it after each pressing session.
SINGER Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Portable with A Large Pressing Surface

SINGER Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Portable with A Large Pressing Surface

If you’re looking for a good quality steam press machine that will help to make your life much easier, then this model is definitely worth considering. It has great features and functions as well as amazing design.

In the first place, it’s one of those few models now on the market which have been created especially for those who love sewing or crafting because it comes with special ironing board holder made from metal so no more worries about pressing small items such as buttons or other tiny parts while working at your craft table! It also includes an extra-large heating surface measuring 24 by 11 inches (61cm x 28 cm) .

The manufacturer has added some additional safety measures into its structure due to many reports of getting burned during normal use of a steam press machine. The auto shut-off function was added because the device can produce a lot of heat and it’s pretty hot when in use, so this feature is definitely something you should take into consideration if you’re looking to purchase such a device for your home or office. Another thing which makes this product stand out from its competitors is the built-in alarm system which will let you know when it reaches high temperature so no more worries about burning yourself during normal usage!

  • It has a large pressing surface (24 by 11 inches)
  • It can reach high temperatures really fast and it beeps when the temperature is too high which makes using this steam press machine much safer.
  • Not suitable for small craft projects because of its bulky size.

How To Choose The Best Steam Press: A Buying Guide

  • A steam press is a device that removes wrinkles from clothing and fabrics by pressing them with hot water.
  • There are many different models available on the market, but they can be divided into two main types: household presses and industrial ones .
  • Household presses have smaller dimensions and lower weights which make it easier for you to move around your house or workplace! These usually come with less than three heated plates so their performance isn’t as high as in larger devices. However if you need one for home use these products will do just fine!
  • Industrial units on the other hand weigh more since they’re built from better materials – this means that they aren’t flexible at all when pressed against certain parts of garments because of their weight making ironing much harder.
  • The best steam press is one which has heating speeds over 60 seconds so use devices which have shorter times instead – these usually cost more though since they’re made from better materials and come with extra options like automatic shut off ! You should pay attention to the steaming time as well because this indicates how long it takes for your device to heat up.
  • Usually two or more heated plates are present in a steam press, but some products can even feature three! This way both sides of fabrics that are pressed inside will be hot just like when using an iron . Two plate models usually cost less than three so look out for these first.
  • When buying a steam press you should also make sure it comes with large plate area because this will reduce the overall time spent on pressing and also reduces your risk of burning your fingers!
Steam press types
  • Mini steam press machines

The first type of steam press machine is the mini size which only has a single plate. It can be used for pressing collars, sleeves and cuffs but it cannot fit larger garments or even pants easily because its plates are too small .

This means you will need to use this tool on smaller items such as shirts , dresses , blouses, table cloths and curtains. For bigger pieces of clothing like coats, suits and skirts that have large areas with creases – consider buying a full-sized steamer instead!

These types of presses also usually take longer to heat up since they’re powered by electricity instead of gas so make sure your device comes with an automatic shut off feature in case something goes wrong during operation .

  • Garment steam press machines

This type of press comes with two or more heated plates so it can be used on larger pieces of clothing like pants, skirts and other garments that cannot fit in a mini size.

The best thing about this device is that both sides are hot which means you will get the most out of one single pass . This reduces your overall time spent on removing wrinkles from clothes but it also has some downsides such as increased weight due to bigger plates and higher power consumption than smaller presses.

Steam iron machines come equipped with different options for heat levels depending on fabric types – usually these stand at very high , high, medium and low settings . For delicate fabrics use lower temperatures because pressing them too hard could ruin their texture permanently!

  • Heavy duty ironing press machine for home use

The third type of steam press is the heavy duty machine which has a very large plate area compared to other types. This means it can be used for almost anything from tablecloths, curtains and bed sheets over coats, suits and pants to even larger items such as carpets!

This kind of device comes with many additional features that are not present in smaller models – usually these include automatic shut off , built-in thermostat controls , adjustable height options and more . The best thing about this model is that you will have better control when pressing fabrics because its weight makes it easier for you to move around different parts of garments easily.

Steam press features
  • Automatic shut off

The best feature of a steam press is the automatic shut off option which turns it off automatically if not used for 30 minutes! This prevents overheating and saves energy but also increases safety by preventing any accidents with kids or pets.

A device with this feature can be left unattended since you don’t have to worry about burning clothes, fabrics or even yourself accidentally . Just make sure that all water tanks are full before turning your steamer on – this way you avoid running out of hot liquid during pressing sessions!

  • Adjustable height and steaming time

Since some fabrics are thicker than others, you can also buy a press that comes with adjustable height settings . This way different types of clothing will fit easily inside!

You should pay attention to the steaming time as well because this indicates how long it takes for your device to heat up. The best product is one which has heating speeds over 60 seconds so use devices which have shorter times instead – these usually cost more though since they’re made from better materials and come with extra options like automatic shut off !

  • Two or more heated plates

When buying a steam press, you should pay attention to how many heated plates it has . Usually this number stands at two or more and such devices can be used for different types of clothing. This is beneficial because the large plate area means that both sides are hot – just like when using an iron!

This results in faster pressing times since you won’t have to put clothes inside and flip them over again but also reduces the risk of burning your fingers on edges which remain cold if not pressed twice! Two-plate models usually cost less than three so look out for these products first.

  • Very large plate area

If you need to press many clothes in one session, then it’s best if your device has an extremely large plate area. This allows you to fit more clothing inside which reduces the overall time spent on pressing!

For example, a full-size steam press can hold up to 12 garments at once or even more – this way all of them will be pressed within minutes and ready for wear again . If you buy such a machine though keep in mind that its power consumption is much higher than smaller models so make sure that your electricity bill won’t skyrocket because of it!

  • Comes with many additional features

Last but not least it’s best to buy a device that comes with many additional features. These will make your life easier and allow you to press all types of fabrics.

Some examples include built-in thermostat controls , automatic shut off options, adjustable height settings etc.

  • Heavier and bulkier than other types of steam presses

The best steam press is one that comes with many additional features like built-in thermostat controls , adjustable height settings, large plate area etc. However if you need to remove wrinkles from a larger surface these models might be too heavy and bulky for your needs!

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a steam press machine for all types of fabrics?

It depends on the model and type you’re looking to purchase. Some models are suitable for almost any fabric, but some (like those with high temperature) can be quite damaging if used on certain materials such as silk or satin because they become ruined when exposed to extreme temperatures. Make sure you read reviews about your preferred model before committing yourself to purchasing it!

What is the best way to remove wrinkles from clothes using a steam press machine?

The most common mistake people tend to make while ironing their clothing material is just moving over one spot repeatedly over and over again which creates permanent creases in that area. That’s why we recommend you to find a good technique in order not to ruin your precious clothing! It’s best you start off with an ironing board, then lay the garment flat on it and cover it with a thin towel. You should press down firmly but gently until all wrinkles are gone before moving onto another area of the same piece of cloth which is what will help you save time instead of just going over one spot again and again.

Can I use my steam press machine for dry cleaning?

No, using this kind of equipment for any activities other than fabric pressing can damage its structure so keep that in mind when thinking about purchasing such a device for your home or office needs! If there are only small stains they’ll disappear after being exposed to the steam and some clothing material will also wear down over time because of regular usage.


A steam press machine is a type of iron that uses high-pressure steam to remove wrinkles and creases. There are three main types of presses: the team, the lily and the professional. The different features for each model will vary in price and functionality so it’s important to consider what you need your press for before making a purchase. It’s also worth noting that there are many other factors outside of just choosing which type of press you want, such as how often do you plan on using your new appliance? How big is your family? What kind of clothes do they wear most frequently? These questions may be difficult to answer alone but our buying guide can help make some sense out all this information by providing helpful tips for purchasing