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Are you tired of spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing away at stubborn stains in the carpet with a bucket of detergent, vinegar, and hot water? Carpet is tough to clean because it absorbs dirt like a sponge. Fortunately, there are many steam cleaners available that can make this chore much easier for you. In this article we will review different top rated steam cleaners that are perfect for cleaning carpets.

A steam cleaner is an appliance that uses hot water vapor to clean various surfaces around the house. Carpets are one of their top targets because they can deodorize them, kill dust mites and other allergens, remove stains, and eliminate bacteria in just a few minutes. They also come with many attachments so you can use it on bathroom tiles or kitchen countertops as well.

Best Carpet Steam Cleaners Reviewed

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro 1986

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro 1986

This device is specifically designed for cleaning pet stains on carpets so if you own a furry friend at home then it might be the best choice when looking to buy something really efficient in this particular category. The ProHeat comes with two counter-rotating brushes which are being powered by an electric motor that spins them much faster than usual, thus allowing the machine to lift embedded dirt particles out of your carpet fibers without any problems. Additionally, its tank can carry up to 20 ounces (around 570 ml) of water and has a decent run time of around 15 minutes before needing refilling.

When compared to similar devices from competitors, Bissell’s offering costs less money while still providing great performance especially considering its price range where there are lots of mediocre products available these days. The device is being shipped with a carpet glider for even better results, although you shouldn’t expect miracles from it – this attachment will remove pet hair and other debris but won’t be able to eliminate very deep stains which might need some extra effort on your part before they’re removed completely.

The ProHeat weighs around eight pounds (almost four kilograms) so it’s quite easy to carry around while cleaning spots or doing regular maintenance of carpets in large rooms where the entire surface needs to be treated properly. Keep in mind that similar products are usually much heavier than Bissell’s machine so if you have back problems then this model can definitely bring relief after each use.

  • Comes with a carpet glider
  • Has two counter-rotating brushes
  • Easy to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles due to its weight of eight pounds (almost four kilograms)
  • None
Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner

Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner

The Dupray ONE is a great device that comes with one of the largest tanks available on today’s market – it has around 80 ounces (over three liters) and offers as much as 40 minutes of continuous steam before needing refilling. The steamer also includes an extension wand, two extra nozzles for carpets and upholstery, a carpet glider attachment, small brushes for cleaning tiles or grout lines found in bathrooms and kitchens plus several other useful features which you’ll find out about from its manual included upon purchase.

While being larger than Bissell ProHeat’s tank capacity by almost half a liter volume, this model still isn’t very heavy weighing just 13 pounds (around six kilograms). In order to provide full power in any circumstances, the device has three working modes including one for continuous work with highest temperatures possible, another preset for quick drying between cleaning sessions and a third setting which helps protect sensitive surfaces by regulating steam levels.

The Dupray ONE also comes with an eco mode to save energy while doing everyday chores around your home or office; this allows you to reduce its power usage by up to 70 percent when it’s not needed in order to prevent scorching carpets or damaging delicate fabrics like silk. This is especially useful if you’re using the steamer on smaller items like pillows, sheets or blankets so that you’ll be able only to use low-temperature sprays but won’t have their colors faded materials burned.

  • One of the largest tanks on today’s market
  • Eco mode for energy savings when not used
  • Has three modes to provide full power usage in different circumstances
  • Cord is shorter than other models’ cords by around six feet (two meters)
Bissell ProHeat 2X Lift Off Pet Carpet Cleaner

Bissell ProHeat 2X Lift Off Pet Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell ProHeat is a fantastic device that comes with two tanks to separate clean and dirty water; this allows you to fill both containers in advance so that all you’ll have to do before starting any job at home or office will be plugging the steamer into an electric outlet.

This model has one of the best tank capacities on today’s market – it holds up to 24 ounces (almost 700 mL) while also being easily detachable for quick refills if needed. In addition, since its lower compartment contains around 12 liters of hot tap water when fully filled, this unit can generate enough steam during normal use to last from 15 minutes up until almost half an hour depending on what functions you’re running, while heating up in less than half of that time.

The ProHeat by Bissell is also very easy to use; you can choose between using the built-in hose and attachments or simply fill its lower tank with your own cleaning solution (such as soap) for deep cleansing tasks like removing oil stains from garage floors or even heavily soiled carpets after pets have had accidents on them. Once the water heats up, all you’ll need to do is attach one of its many nozzle tools onto it before switching it on! We recommend this model because: Designed specially for pet owners who want an efficient carpet cleaner capable of lifting off stubborn dirt particles without having to soak entire carpets first – a feature most other machines lack due to their small water tanks.

  • Has a long power cord measuring around 25 feet in length.
  • Has an easy to remove and refill water tank that can hold up to 24 ounces of tap water at once before refilling is needed again after 15 minutes or so of continuous use on normal settings.
  • Some users mention it may take you a few tries before learning how to properly attach the unit’s hose onto its accessories for best results when cleaning carpets, curtains etc..
McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System

This is one of the most versatile steam cleaners on today’s market, being able to function as a handheld device or be transformed into a full-sized model that you can carry around with its included shoulder strap. Made by McCulloch and featuring their patented Smart Start system (the company’s way of saying it has an easy switch button) this steamer comes with two nozzle attachments: one for floors and stairs while the other will let you clean your carpets better without having to soak them first; we recommend using distilled water instead of tap water when filling up its tank because doing so usually makes steam cleaning more effective overall due to less mineral buildups inside nozzles!

The MC1385 also features all metal body components which means durability was not compromised for affordability. For those that like to make sure everything is perfect before handing over their money, we do not think you will be disappointed with this steamer and can confirm it lives up to McCulloch’s reputation as one of the best manufacturers in its market; we also want to remind users that there are other attachments available (such as a steam mop head) which should help increase your cleaning abilities because no home ever has just carpeted floors!

  • Very versatile, being able to transform into a handheld or full-sized model.
  • Comes with two nozzles for different kinds of surfaces and applications.
  • All metal components which makes this steamer very durable even when used frequently in heavy duty scenarios.
  • None
PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner

PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner

For those that want to steam clean their carpets without having to pay a professional and do not mind spending some extra money for this luxury, we recommend the PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner which is an industrial strength steamer that can be used on your floors or even upholstery.

This model’s most famous feature is its retractable handle (where you will find more nozzles such as ones suitable for cleaning grout) but it also comes with interchangeable heads like any other high-end carpet cleaner; another aspect worth mentioning about this product is how fast it heats up water inside of its tank: in less than five minutes there should already be enough hot water available for approximately 20 minutes of continuous use! It might seem like a long time but considering how hot the water gets, it is a great feature as you do not have to worry about constantly refilling the tank.

The nozzles included in this package allow you to clean your floors and upholstery with ease: for starters there are two different sizes of brushes that will fit into any gap or surface because they can rotate a full 360 degrees! You also get a special nozzle that allows you to target dirt on walls so if you want an almost professional result from using your carpet steamer, we strongly recommend investing some extra money in getting these useful accessories. In our opinion this product does pay off once all its features are combined together which makes it one of the best steam cleaners around .

  • Very long lasting (20 minutes of continuous use)
  • Comes with a retractable handle and interchangeable heads for multiple uses; has special nozzle that cleans walls.
  • Might be too heavy to carry around if you are using it on your upholstery or other surfaces.
Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine

This steam cleaner for carpets comes with several useful features that make it stand out in its category. For starters, it has a special attachment which allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas such as between seat cushions or tough places like stairs; what’s great about this feature is how flexible and long its hose is so if your car interior does not have low clearance then there should be no problem reaching every corner of your vehicle! It also includes an extra large water tank (which can hold approximately two gallons of water) along with plenty of other interesting accessories: all these are included at a very reasonable price making it one of the best deals around when it comes to steam cleaners.

Another great thing about this model is its no-rinse feature which allows you to deep clean your carpets without having to make a stop at the nearest sink; add its very low price and huge water tank into the mix making it an excellent choice for people who don’t have that much time in their hands or many sinks in their homes! This product has received mostly positive reviews from verified customers with most of them praising how quickly they were able to get rid of all dirt, stains and odors out of their car seats while also pointing out how easy it was using this carpet cleaner on stairs.

  • Very low price
  • Flexible hose for hard to reach areas
  • No rinse feature allows you to save time and water
  • Since it is so lightweight, the tools tend to fall down if not properly attached.
Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine

This is another high-performance steam cleaner machine which has received mostly good reviews from verified customers; the three most common themes in these reviews are: convenience, performance and price. Many people have highlighted how easy it was to assemble this model (which requires no tools) making it a great choice for those with limited time or not much experience when it comes to assembling complicated pieces of equipment.

Another thing that makes Bissell Big Green stand out among its competitors is its ability to suck up almost all types of dirt found on your carpets including pet stains and odors; also, many users preferred using this product over their regular vacuum cleaners because they can use it multiple times without having to buy new cleaning agents since you only need water! This means that the machine is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly.

It’s a great piece of equipment for those who don’t want to spend too much money on cleaning their carpets; it works perfectly well with any type of carpet (provided they’re made from natural fibers), has multiple functions including deep steam clean, deodorize and brush roll ON/OFF options which makes this model suitable even if you have delicate rugs or furniture around your house!

  • It works great with any type of carpet
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • No additional cleaning agents needed – just water!
  • Not suitable for long pile carpets or rugs.
McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner is the best option for those who want to go green, without sacrificing performance. The McCulloch MC1275 can clean 99.99% of bacteria and fungi from your floors with its variable Steam Control feature which allows you to choose between dry vapor or wet steam cleaning according to what you need.

It’s one of Amazon’s top-rated carpet cleaners because it has a long 25 foot power cord which means that there are no restrictions when using this model; also, many users have noted how easy it was to use – all they had to do was fill up the tank with water, plug in the machine and push down on the handle (no buttons required) and the machine did all the work for them.

This model is among best rated carpet cleaners because of its many useful features and capabilities: it has a long 25 foot power cord, variable Steam Control feature that allows users to choose between dry vapor or wet steam cleaning, an attached 12-foot hose with on/off switch which makes maneuvering easier than ever before while using this cleaner on carpets or upholstery; also, thanks to the attachments included in purchasing this product (crevice tool and jet nozzle) you can use your McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner not only to clean your floors but also – car seats, stairs, furniture etc.

  • Variable Steam Control feature: dry vapor or wet steam cleaning
  • Long 25 foot power cord, attached 12′ hose with on/off switch
  • Comes included with crevice tool and jet nozzle attachments
  • There are no cons associated to this product since it has been praised for its ease of use by multiple users.
Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack Carpet Cleaner

This machine is the best steam cleaner for pet stains on carpets, upholstery or stairs. The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X has a motorized brush which allows users to get into even the most difficult of spaces when cleaning their floors and other surfaces; besides being extremely efficient it also comes at an affordable price considering all its features.

This product’s biggest advantage over others in this category is that not only does it have so many useful attachments, but they are very easy to use as well since there isn’t any assembling required – just snap them onto your unit before starting work! With two tanks (one tank holds clean water while another one collects dirty water) you can easily see how much dirt has been collected during each session meaning that you can see how well you’re doing while cleaning and when the carpets or upholstery will be perfectly clean afterwards.

One of the features which we really like about this product is that it has a hose with on/off switch meaning that users don’t have to bend over every time they want to turn their machine off, especially if they are working on stairs since there’s no need for bending down in order to stop the machine from running. And last but not least, another feature worth mentioning is its ultra-light design; weighing only 16 lbs (only 12 lbs without water!) makes it extremely easy and comfortable even for older people – perfect for carpet steam cleaners!

  • On/Off switch on the hose;
  • Two tanks (one for clean and one for dirty water);
  • Very affordable price compared to other products in this category.
  • None.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Steam Cleaner for Carpet

Types of Carpet Steam Cleaners
  • Steam Extractors

The steam extractors are the most popular and common type of carpet cleaners. They can be used both for commercial purposes and at home, just like other steam cleaner models. The best thing about them is that they come in a compact design which allows you to move it around easily from one room to another without any problems. In general, these devices have two tanks – one for clean water and the other one where dirty water goes after being pumped through your carpets or upholstery when using attachments such as brushes or foam sprayers. These machines also allow users to adjust their heat setting in order not to damage delicate fabrics with high temperatures coming out of nozzles while cleaning certain areas on rugs or mats that need more attention than others. Additionally, they are very efficient when it comes to cleaning tough stains on carpet. However, some of these steam cleaners might not be the best option for carpets which aren’t thick enough since their power is based mostly on heat and pressure so if your rug or carpet isn’t that durable you will need something more powerful than this type of machine.

  • Dry Vapor Cleaners

These are the most powerful types of steam cleaners. They use hot water, but they also have a fan inside which evaporates it fast and emits dry vapor instead of soaking your rugs or upholstery with liquid sprays containing detergents. In general, these devices come with attachments such as brushes which can be used both on carpeted surfaces and hardwood floors to pick up dirt particles from fibers leaving them clean and healthy after being treated by high temperatures coming out through nozzles. Additionally, you don’t need any chemicals when using this type of machine – all that is required for successful results is just regular tap water mixed with some vinegar if you want to avoid deposits left behind from mineral elements present in tap water itself. This combination is also very efficient against pet hair and dander which might be problematic for people with allergies. Just like other steam cleaners, these machines can’t reach places where dirt gets stuck deep inside fibers so you will need to use brushes again in order to pick it up whenever possible.

  • Wired vs. Wireless

There aren’t any significant differences between these two types of steam cleaners. However, there are some benefits associated with wireless models such as the fact that they require less time to charge and can be used for longer periods which makes them more efficient when it comes down to cleaning large surfaces on a single battery charge. Additionally, most wireless devices in this category come with swivel heads allowing you to clean hard-to-reach places much easier than before.

However, wired machines tend to have stronger power output so if you’re looking for something really powerful then choosing one of these might be right for your needs. Also keep in mind that not all rechargeable steam cleaner models are using lithium batteries – also check type is being used inside each device before making a purchase to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Size and Weight

When it comes to the size and weight of carpet steam cleaners, you should choose something that is easy to carry around for longer periods while using. Thus, smaller units are usually more efficient since they can be moved from one place to another without any problems which makes them perfect if you’re cleaning spots on stairs or in other hard-to-reach places where ropes simply won’t do the job properly. Even though there aren’t too many heavy machines available on today’s market, some models still weigh up to 20 pounds (around 18 kilograms) so keep this factor in mind whenever choosing a particular machine

Smaller devices tend to use less water per session which means that refills will have less negative impact on your electricity bill at home over time.

Steam Settings

Today’s market offers a wide range of steam cleaners with different output levels. Most of them have adjustable power settings which is great if you’re willing to use lower temperatures for cleaning delicate surfaces such as upholstery or carpets in general. Keep in mind that some models can’t be switched between low and high outputs which might limit your options when it comes down to choosing the most suitable device for your needs.

In order to prevent any problems, always check what type of attachments are included before making a purchase – not all machines come with extension wands so this factor will need to be considered whenever buying one from online store or other retail locations where these devices are being sold.

Tank Capacity

As far as the tank capacity is concerned, we recommend choosing a device that offers around 50 ounces (around one and a half liters) – this volume will be enough to provide you with up to 25 minutes of continuous steam which should be more than enough for cleaning larger surfaces such as carpets. Also check how quickly the water heats up before making any purchase since some models can take five or even ten minutes until they’re ready for use while others will need only two or three minutes before reaching boiling point.


Can a steam cleaner kill bed bugs?

Yes, steam cleaners can kill bed bugs and their eggs. If you have a machine with adjustable-temperature settings, set it at the highest level in order to kill all living stages of these parasites.

Does steam cleaning kill bacteria?

Yes, steam cleaners can kill bacteria. The high temperature of the water inside a machine will help to eliminate all kinds of microorganisms from your floor or other surfaces – just make sure that you’re using plain tap water and not distilled since it doesn’t contain any minerals which could build up on your floors as time goes by.

Does steam cleaning kill mold spores?

Yes, steam cleaners can kill mold spores. The high temperature of the water inside a machine will help to prevent or eliminate all kinds of microorganisms from your floor or other surfaces – just make sure that you’re using plain tap water and not distilled since it doesn’t contain any minerals which could build up on your floors as time goes by.

Do you put hot or cold water in a steam cleaner?

You always put hot water in a steam cleaner. The only exception is the Shark handheld portable steamer which uses tap water and can be used for cleaning with cold water.


If you want to keep your carpets looking their best, then it’s time for a steam cleaner. The best carpet cleaners are designed with different features that will work well in various settings and have varying degrees of power so they can be used on any type of carpeting material. So what exactly is the difference between all these types? Here are three things to consider before making your purchase decision: how often you need to use this machine, if there are pets or young children around who may get hurt by hot water, and whether you live in an apartment building where the tenants share units.