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Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron

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Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron

I believed that a flat iron is a simple appliance. In other words, it is two flat hot things pressed together to make my hair look on par with that of those fabulous girls from TV-shows. However, the truth is that the more I use and read about hair straighteners, the more I learn about various parts and quirks of the operation that require specially updated wiring and hardware. So, it is not just heat that makes you hair smooth and silky. Of course, heat is a significant factor but combined with negative ionic charges, those floating plates that help to grip your hair tighter and some special attachment to make you coffee.

Ok, that last point is made up, but the thing is that there are some components that help to get the job done, about which we do not have any idea.

Anyway, each time I think I know everything about what hair straightening irons can offer I find some new information to consider. And each time I wonder over and over again about how much better it would be to have that new model than the maxed out appliance I already have.


Why Is the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Straightener One of the Best Flat Irons?

This Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Straightener has another thing that is worth considering while rating it as one of the finest flat irons available on the market. I didn’t even know such thing existed.

This amazing thing is a “Dynamic Alignment System”. It ensures that the plates can get closer together and always work in the same place. Thanks to this technology, you are sure to get the right grip on the hair. Thus, you do not have to go over it several times (that is known to cause untold damage).

Ions Do the Job

The Solia Flat Iron works using negative ion technology that is extremely efficient in terms of hair straightening. Thanks to the combination of ions and the ceramic plates, this hair straightener keeps your hair moisturized and smooth the whole day. I have tried irons with and without negative ion technology, and I have seen a clear difference between them since I have the hair that is prone to frizzing. I can tell you that the irons that do not have negative ion technology or the proper amount of heat do not prevent my hair from frizzing. When I use an iron that does, I am free to stay as much time as I need in the humid environment, and I do not have any problems with hair frizzing.

Technology May Be Pretty

I am obsessed with bright colors. I can overpay for something if there is a possibility to get it in a pretty color. My husband does not support me with such practice, but I believe he has already gotten used to it.

Anyway, I am absolutely convinced that bright colors are much better than dull colors; that is why I consider this flat iron a fantastic choice since it comes in different colors. You can find it in bright purple, hot pink, black or bright blue. Every color is wonderful and makes an appliance a special one even though it doesn’t affect its functionality.

Professional and Long-Lasting Performance

The most remarkable thing that I have found out about this straightener is that there are many people, who have used it for five and more years, and it is still working well. You can hardly find an iron that lasts that long and works as well as the first day you use it. There is no doubt that if an appliance does not have heat or wiring problems after several years of usage, it is worth buying.

You Pay For What You Get

This straightener costs about $80, which is not a high price for a flat iron that serves you for years. Using one appliance for 5 years and more, basically, you only pay about $16 per year, which is not a big price for using a high-quality flat iron.

The hair straightener set includes appliances of two different sizes that you can use for the same or different purposes. There are a 1.25 and 1.75 inch flat irons. If you need to curl or style your hair, it is better to use the smaller size. If your hair is thick or long and takes more time to straighten, I advise you to use a larger size.

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