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Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner ZZ550

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Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner ZZ550The cleaner works well at scrubbing and sucking up dirt from carpeting and wood floors as well. First, the device gets rid of visible dirt, and then it applies a low-moisture solution to loosen dry, set-in stains. One can also use this machine to polish hardwood floors.

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Features & Advantages

Rapid Scrubbing Action – An innovative technology implemented into the device allows for removing set-in stains effectively. With this cleaning system, you will forget about accumulated dirt and bad smell in your house. A cleaning solution in combination with a rapid scrubbing action allows for getting rid of old stains with ease. The unit scrubs the carpet sixteen times per a second.

Lightweight and Slim – With its weight of 18 pounds, the machine weighs two times more than a regular upright model. Moreover, it weighs lees than a usual lightweight carpet cleaner. When operating the machine, you won’t have to carry a heavy full water tank around the house. A slim unit is 46.5″ high, 9.5″ wide, and 11.5″ long. It is easy to store and use.

Removes Dirt from Rugs and Hard Floors Quickly and Effectively – The machine works equally well on carpets, rugs, and hard floors. Do not use the unit on floors with oil or wax finishes or highly worn ones.

Designed Primarily for Daily Use – To prevent the accumulation of dirt on your floors and get rid of allergens and bad smell in your house, use the machine frequently. Moreover, you can use the device for removing pet stains as well.

Low-Moisture Cleaning Technique – With the Shark Sonic, you won’t have to wait hours for the carpet to dry after cleaning. The rapid scrubbing technology in combination with an effective solution allows for getting rid of stuck-on dirt almost in no time. Both dirt and solution are then sucked up.

AirGlide Maneuverability – Microfiber cleaning pads allow for scrubbing floors with only two fingers. The cleaning pads, cleaning solution and enough suction power are all you need to loosen set-in stains and suck the dirt up. Equipped with a swivel steering feature the machine is easy to maneuver.

Lighting – To clean in gloomy areas effectively, the unit comes with headlights.

Nondisposable Cleaning Pads – While many carpet cleaners come with disposable pads, this machine uses reusable ones. The Shark Sonic Duo will let you save time and money on replacing cleaning pads regularly. There are four large color-coded cleaning pads, and each of them is suitable for cleaning on a particular surface.

Color-Coded System – Cleaning pads, solutions and different parts of the machine are color-coded. The cleaning pads used for cleaning hard floors feature a green trim. For cleaning carpets, one should use those with a purple one. The color-coded parts of the machine make it possible to configure the unit to fit the given task quickly.

Long 22-Ft Cord – You won’t have to plug in and plug out the cleaner frequently as there is a long cable.

General Review

Works Well at Deep Cleaning Carpets

The Shark Sonic Duo carpet cleaner freshens up carpets and maintains their cleanliness getting rid of set-in stains and pet litter. Few customers were astonished at how well the machine deals with old, stuck-on dirt. The cleaner works well on both Berber and plush carpets.

At a casual glance, you may think that the Shark Sonic is less efficient at carpet cleaning than other upright deep cleaners equipped with water tanks. Of course, those machines, which come with water tanks, first scrub and treat carpets with shampoo, and then suck up water with the dirt that has been absorbed by the carpet fibers.

Although the Shark Sonic doesn’t clean as thoroughly as upright deep cleaners, it does an excellent job. The machine is popular with pet owners as it works well at removing set-in pet stains. The manufacturer claims that this machine removes four times more stuck-on dirt than vacuum cleaners.

How Does It Clean?

This machine works in a different way than a regular home carpet cleaner. Unlike traditional home carpet cleaners, the Shark Sonic doesn’t use any water to remove dirt from the carpet. It uses a low-moisture cleaning solution to loosen set-in stains and sucks them up into the pad.

The cleaning solution penetrates the carpet fibers and attaches to the dust. Once the solution is dry, the dirt falls off.

That’s why it is advisable to vacuum the carpet at the end of the cleaning process to get rid of the stuck-on dirt that has been treated. Many users are completely satisfied with the results they get after vacuuming their carpets. So, we can say that the Shark Sonic works just great when it comes to deep cleaning.

Lightweight & User-friendly

In the virtue of its AirGlide feature and swivel steering capability, the machine is much easier to operate than most standard carpet cleaners and upright vacuum ones.

When cleaning, many users are wondering if it does any work at all. Of course, it does. It works just great! Being lightweight, it doesn’t exhaust the user in the process.

It is Necessary to Vacuum at the End of the Cleaning Process

The machine treats carpeting more like a rug shampoo cleaner than a steam one. Once the stuck-on dirt is loosened, it is necessary to suck it up. To get the best deep cleaning results, remember to vacuum the carpet afterward. If the carpeting is not very dirty, then there is no need for additional treatment.

Choose It if You Have ‘Furry Friends’

An innovative technology rapid scrubbing technology allows for removing set-in pet stains with ease. Moreover, the machine will also work well at getting rid of odors left by your furry friends. A lightweight unit is easy to move and carry. It will not take much time and effort for you to clean pet litter with the Shark Sonic what may be quite challenging if you use a regular upright carpet machine.

Reasonably Priced Unit

You may have seen this machine advertised on TV. Take note that the price offered on TV may differ significantly from its actual one. However, on TV they may also include different solutions for you to make the machine more attractive. Most users claim that the Shark Sonic comes at the best price on Amazon. However, if you decide on buying this machine on Amazon, you may have the luck to get cleaning pads and different cleaning solutions that come with it.

Solutions for Better Cleaning Results

Using the Shark cleaning solutions will help you achieve optimum cleaning results. Note that it is pretty hard to find these solutions in some locations. To polish hard floors properly, a particular solution combined with microfiber pads will do an excellent job. To get the best cleaning results, do not forget to purchase a low-moisture solution. Most often these cleaning solutions come with the cleaner; however, it may be difficult to find them.

When it comes to the hard floor, the Shark Sonic does an excellent job, no matter what type of floor surfaces you are cleaning. However, if there is grout on the floor, be ready to scrub it manually.

A low profile machine doesn’t work well at cleaning under furniture. In terms of reachability, the machine is no way different from a traditional vacuum cleaner.

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