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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3This commercially-grade machine is the number one choice for many serious home users. The powerful device is manufactured to clean carpeting effectively. Many customers keep talking about excellent cleaning results they get from using this machine.

Since the Rug Doctor has been being on the cleaning scene for a while, some customers now choose alternative cleaners from manufacturers like Hoover and Bissell. Nevertheless, the Rug Doctor maintains its position because of its hardwearing construction and high suction power.

Here, we tell you about the features and advantages of this model, how powerful it is, and how customers rate it against other popular cleaners. By the way, here we will talk about the blue colored Rug Doctor model.

To get a smaller model, check out the portable spot cleaner from this manufacturer.

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Features and Advantages

Vibrating Brush – The machine uses a patented vibrating brush that loosens and removes dirt from carpet fibers.

High 1.74 HP Horsepower – A powerful machine equipped with 28-PSI power pump cleans up your carpet effectively. However, there are consumer-grade models like the Hoover Steamvac with Clean Surge that have almost the same power as the Rug Doctor motor.

10.8-Inch Wide Cleaning Path – The machine has a pretty standard cleaning path.

Adjustable Handle – You can vary the height of the handle within the range of 32.5 inches to 36.5 inches. For secure storage, the user can fold the handle down.

Two Water Tanks – The cleaner comes with two separated water tanks. Those who use detergent appreciate such a tank system very much.

Hot Water Cleaning – To achieve excellent cleaning results, fill the water tank with hot liquid. Some customers call this machine a steam cleaner; however, it doesn’t use actual steam.

Flexible Hose and Attachment – The machine comes equipped with a twelve-inch flexible hose as well as an upholstery/stair attachment. Use the accessory for cleaning stairs, soft furniture, auto interiors, and other surfaces.

Five-Year Warranty – The manufacturer covers the machine by a five-year limited warranty.

Excellent Carpet Cleaning Results

Many customers celebrate the efficacy of this machine at removing dirt and set-in stains from carpets. Users state that with the help of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro they can maintain the original color of light colored carpets. Some of them are totally surprised at how easy the machine gets rid of nasty pet stains. This commercial-grade model works well at delivering very high-level cleaning results.

Compare the Rug Doctor Might Pro to Other Models

Those who have used both the Rug Doctor and other consumer-grade cleaners claim that the Rug Doctor leaves others behind. In comparison to the Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge, the Rug Doctor shows better results as well. Some customers, who have been using other cleaners before getting to use the Rug Doctor, said that they couldn’t imagine how dirty their carpets were.

However, if you compare it to other commercial-grade models like the Bissell 86T3, you will see that it is less efficient. Those who have tried both carpet cleaners claim that the Bissell one showed better cleaning results.

Solid Build

The reason many customers prefer the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is that it’s a commercial-grade one. It is build to serve decades. When it comes to consumer-grade cleaners, many people complain that they are unreliable. Some users say that these machines fail after few years of use. When purchasing the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro, be sure that you are getting a reliable cleaner that works just great at carpet cleaning. Remember that cheap consumer-grade cleaners are more expensive in the long view when you need a replacement.


To clean with the Rug Doctor machine with ease, learn the instructions first. What may cause some problems is filling a water tank. Once the container is filled, press the start button and pull the machine. The two-tank system makes the whole filling and emptying process much easier. Moreover, the device comes with a long 12-inch flexible hose and a hand tool that allow for cleaning soft furniture, auto interiors, and stairs with ease.

As for its usability, the only drawback of this model is the fact that you can’t fill such a big water tank from a tap. Fill it at the bath tub or use a bucket.

Drying Time

One drawback of using the Rug Doctor is too long time needed for the carpeting to dry after cleaning. The reason for this may be its suction power and the way it operates. The Rug Doctor doesn’t suck up water when you pull it forwards. It is less efficient than the models that continue suction on forward strokes. Moreover, the machine releases much water, which has an adverse impact on its water usage efficiency.

Except for the long drying time, there is one more drawback of the model. Some users claimed that the Rug Doctor works less well than some consumer-grade Hoover models.

Water Usage Efficiency

A few customers stated that the machine released more water for cleaning when compared to some devices produced by Hoover and Bissell. To deep clean carpets effectively, the Rug Doctor uses much water. If you are planning on purchasing this machine, remember that you will have to refill the tank frequently.

Disadvantages of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro

Heavy Weight

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedWith its weight of 39 lbs, the machine may be difficult to move up and down the stairs. However, if you use in on the floor only, then you won’t face any difficulties while using it as it comes equipped with ergonomically designed wheels. Some users think that the cleaning results that the device offers are not worth the effort needed to move a heavy machine and opt for different lightweight consumer-grade upright carpet cleaners.

What Comes in a Package?

In the package, there is a bottle of pet formula detergent and urine eliminator trigger spray. These solutions are enough for cleaning carpets for a while.

Moreover, users get a bottle of oxy stream pro and spot and stain remover.

Customer Reviews

“I am happy with the cleaning results that the machine offers. I’ve used it for a half a year already, and I like the way it cleans. Cleaners that I used before purchasing the Rug Doctor didn’t work well and served less than two or three years. Although this one costs twice as much as my previous cleaners, it is the best for the money. It cleans as well as those rental ones. I am so glad to have this carpet cleaner at hand”. Joe’s review on

“I have used many carpet cleaners, but none of them was as efficient and reliable as this one. I think I will never replace the Rug Doctor”. Jenny’s review on

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