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Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

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Rug Doctor Deep Carpet CleanerRug Doctor is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of upmarket carpet cleaning machines. What let them go over their competitors is the high quality of their commercial-grade rental cleaners. In 2014, they released the Deep Carpet Cleaner, which shows professional cleaning results while being cheaper than the commercial-grade machine.

This machine is perfect for cleaning carpeting regularly. One may also use it in between professional cleanings.

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Features & Advantages

Dual-Cross Action Brushes

The device comes with powerful rotating and vibrating brushes that remove dirt from carpeting fibers and deep clean them.

High Power Amperage

This model does an excellent cleaning job with an 11-amp motor. As for suction power, the Rug Doctor leaves other upright home cleaners behind, outperforming them by 75%.

12-Inch Wide Cleaning Path

Like many other home upright cleaners, this machine has a 12-inch wide cleaning path. This width is more than enough for the whole house carpeting cleaning.

Two Separate Water Tanks

The device comes with two containers: one for clean water and detergent, another for waste water.


The device comes equipped with a seven ¾-feet hose and a handheld brush attachment for cleaning soft furniture, upholstery, auto interiors, and stairs. You can store them is a detachable tool caddy.

28-feet Cable Length

A cord is 28-feet long. It allows for cleaning without the need of plugging and unplugging the machine frequently.

Two-Year Warranty

The manufacturer covers the machine with a two-year limited warranty.

Best Choice for Those who Have Pets

According to many customer reviews, the Rug Doctor provides exceptional cleaning power. This machine helps pet owners get rid of per hair. A few dog owners were surprised at the fact that the machine cleans out dog stains of all sorts (poop and vomit) from carpeting with ease. Many users didn’t face any difficulties when cleaning out a dried vomit stains. With the dual cross action brush system that has twelve rows of bristles, set-in stains and pet litter are not a problem anymore.

If Compare To Other Cleaning Machine Models

A few customers stated that the machine offers excellent cleaning results that are similar to those they got when used professional cleaning services. Many users said that the Rug Doctor model did a better cleaning job than Hoover and Bissell ones. One customer was surprised at how much water it was able to suck up. Another user liked its brushing mechanism better than the Hoover one and stated that the Rug Doctor model was easier to use. There are still some customers who keep telling that they put their old Hoover and Bissell machines over this one, but they are in a minority.

As for suction power and cleaning abilities, the Rug Doctor Deep Cleaner leaves low-end carpet cleaners that cost less than $200 behind. Although many customers consider this machine to be a top-shelf one, it is not a professional-grade cleaner. Few customers told about the problems they faced when using the Rug Doctor machine, but something similar happens with regular low-budget cleaners sometimes.

High Suction Power for Deep Cleaning

The reason this machine offers fantastic cleaning results is its suction power. An 11-amp motor does a good cleaning job. By way of comparison, Hoover cleaners typically feature ten to twelve amps of power, while Bissell ones have not more than six amps.

According to Rug Doctor, the machine has 75% more suction power than other home upright models. Thanks to its high suction power, the Rug Doctor can extract much dirt out of the carpet to make it clean. Moreover, high suction power shortens the time needed for carpeting to get dried.

Super Boost Spray

To deep clean areas with dried stains, use the Super Boost Spray function. There is a dial on the body of the machine. Use it to get more detergent on the surface. The spray sits on the back of the body, right on the path of cleaning. To achieve better cleaning results, remember to pre-treat soiled areas separately before using the machine.

Dry Time

As mentioned above, its suction power minimizes the time need for the carpeting to get dried. If the treated area is well-ventilated, it will take less than a half an hour for the carpets to dry.


One faces no difficulties when using the cleaner. You receive a fully assembled machine so you could put it in action in no time. On the back of it, there is a removable tool caddy. You can keep it on or off. If you mostly clean carpets, then it’s better for you to keep the tool caddy off to not to lug it around.

What most users like about the Rug Doctor is that all of its essential parts are labeled. It is clear where the clean and dirty water tanks are. Before plugging in, fill the first tank with hot liquid, and then add one measuring cup of detergent. To get started, press the Soap & Scrub button. To continue, pull the cleaner back.

Upholstery and Auto Interiors Cleaning

The machine features a seven ¾-inch hose and a handheld brush tool that works well for cleaning furniture, car interiors, and hard-to-reach spots. You can use the tool for deep cleaning stairs as well. Since the machine is about 13 inches wide, you may want to buy smaller rug cleaner to clean auto interiors and upholstery. Nevertheless, the Rug Doctor is built for cleaning auto interiors and upholstery.

Keep in mind that the brush tool is non-motorized, meaning that the scrubbing is all manual. Although it may seem to be less efficient, the cleaning results are excellent. The high suction power of the machine allows for removing much of the dirt.


Unlike many home carpet cleaners, the Rug Doctor machine received the CRI’s award that gave it more credibility. Even though this machine is a consumer-grade one, it meets the CRI’s Gold Seal standards.

Hardwearing Construction

Unlike those home upright cleaners that aren’t very reliable, the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is a hardwearing and sturdy model. On Amazon, one reviewer assumed that the machine is likely to outlive the carpets it cleans.

Although this machine costs twice as much as an average home upright model, it is built to serve many years. Not only is the device reliable, but it also looks great. Nottingham Spirk is the one who created its design.

Size and Weight

With its weight of 25 pounds, the machine is among massive home upright carpet cleaner models. With a full water tank, it is a pretty heavy load. Nevertheless, thanks to ergonomically designed wheels it is very easy to move.

At first, many users consider the device to be very uncomfortable to use, but later they find it to be very easy to pull and maneuver. Moreover, the adjustable handle of the machine is comfortable to grip.

The machine is 12.5 inches wide, 43.5 inches high and 24 inches deep. For secure storage, fold the handle, but note that if do so the depth measurement will be increased to approximately 26 inches.

Price Tag

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is available at around $280. If compared to other modern home carpet extractor models, it is a relatively expensive one. As a higher-end machine, it is priced just right. It costs more than an average home carpet cleaner, but less than a professional-grade one.

The device cleans better and serves longer than other models in its grade. As for its durability, most customers stated that it seems to be built very well. Those who have owned Bissell and Hoover cleaners earlier said that it felt like the Rug Doctor was better built. Since it is a newly-released product, it hasn’t gained many reviews yet.

Upright home carpet cleaners are likely to fail and are just not as reliable as the professional-grade models. A few users stated that the spray mechanism of the machine had some issues. Much more likely, that the Rug Doctor consumer-grade model is not built as well as the professional grade one made for heavy duty purposes.

In addition to that, this machine comes with a smaller price tag than the professional-grade Rug Doctor. If you appreciate practical designs and need a powerful, user-friendly cleaner for your household, then this model is perfect for you.

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