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The Best Cordless Steam Mops

I have tried lots of steam mops that work well at cleaning tiles, wood floors, terra-cotta, ceramic and other surfaces. The results of my experiments quickened interest in my readers. Some of them asked me to test cordless steam mops to determine the best one while others requested me to explain the way they work.

Under a steam jet, there is a microfiber pad that removes dirt from a surface. Steam mops usually come with one or two water tanks to release dry steam.

The temperature of the heated water is about 120-200°C. To moisten a cloth with steam, you have to push a trigger. Unlike regular mops, a steam one doesn’t leave any residue.

The hot heat released by mops kills up to 99% of germs. Except for disinfecting floors, the devices maintain the cleanliness of floors removing stains and dust.

There are some models that will even leave two-sided ones behind. They come with a flip head that allows for cleaning two times more before you have to replace a pad or cloth. For hard floors such as laminates and wood floors, use soft pads. To remove stuck-on dirt, apply a pad with inbuilt scrubbing strips.

Although steam cleaners deliver perfect cleaning results, be careful when using them as they involve electricity and hot steam.

By the readers’ request, I did a small investigation to determine which cordless steam mops are worth their attention. I’d tested a few brands and found several models that can be considered to be the best ones.  Below there are three steam mops. Although they come in different designs, they work equally well at cleaning different surfaces.

Shark SK410 Steam and Spray Mop

Shark SK410 Steam and Spray MopThe device comes with a removable cord that contributes to easy handling. The spray works on a battery so you can use the mop without a cord. It works well at removing stuck-on dirt. The steam and spray mode delivers perfect cleaning and sanitizing results leaving no residue. To me, it does an excellent job at deep-cleaning wood floors.



Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam MopI find this one to be an excellent cordless steam model. Except for cleaning, it leaves fresh and alluring scent. Equipped with spring breeze fragrance discs it serves as an air freshener as well. It works well at removing sticky messes. Buy it for cleaning kitchen tiles and floors.



SteamFast SF-292 Multi-Purpose Floor Mop and Handheld Steam Cleaner

SteamFast SF-292It features a very attractive design. Moreover, it is easy to fill and use. It heats up in no time and does an excellent job when removing mold, grease, and other dirt. The manufacturer covers it by a one-year warranty.