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Waste King 3200 Garbage Disposer

Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposer

The presence of a really good and high-quality garbage disposal is a must in every family. First of all it helps you and your family to deal with all possible leftovers and food wastes in the kitchen. Secondly you will not have to go out and throw it as usual garbage which means that you are helping and saving the environment. Thirdly, no bad elements or bacteria will have a chance to build up while you are working in the kitchen, plus space the wastes might take can serve for something healthier. Therefore having the right disposer will help you in all the above-mentioned aspects and many others. It is your way to have an absolutely new comfortable life.

Having reviewed many garbage disposers, we may come into conclusion that one of the best is the Waste King L-3200. Having checked the feedbacks and ratings at Amazon, it got 4.5 stars out of 5 (more than 170 trusted customers rated it).

It is solid, modern, stylish, qualitative, easy to use and maintain, durable and with a few accessories included. It also offers a continuous feed operation which gives an opportunity to grind the wastes without any breaks and stops as long as you wish. The speed is 2700 RPM. ¾ horsepower is more than enough to grind almost any kind of food wastes. The removable splash guard accessory will save you from splashes and from getting wet when the unit is used. Thanks to this accessory the water will not splash everywhere and the kitchen equipment and appliances will not be rusted. One more its feature is to reduce the sound in case if you have a deep sink.

The Waste King L-3200 is of a compact size. Its weight is 11 pounds, length is 9.75 inches and width is 9.75 too. The height of the appliance is 15.44 inches – these dimensions are just perfect for the under-sink garbage disposal.


1066409Before buying any kind of kitchen appliance, and garbage disposals are not an exception, all potential customers are trying to find its positive and negative sides to make sure that it is the right unit for their kitchen in terms of size, perfect and easy at work and installation ( to install it without a plumber) and of course the one that will be showing great performance for many years. Speaking about the Waste King L-3200 – it is very powerful (has ¾ horsepower motor), its size is suitable for almost all kinds of sinks, very easy at use – you will not need a plumber or installer even if you have little experience with such devices. Looking carefully at the manual and following all the instruction you will be able to install the L-3200 in less than 6-7 minutes.

1066409Durability is one of the most significant factors buyers pay attention to. In case with the Waste King L-3200, it is extremely durable and will serve you a lifetime. It is warranty is the longest in the whole industry comparing with other brands and of course models. Therefore you wastes will be grinded for many years without any difficulties and complications.

1066409Coming to its disadvantages, there aren’t many and plus they are minor ones. But nevertheless to have a clear picture before purchasing it, you should know them. The amount of wastes you want to grind should be limited as the Waste King L-3200 will not cope with them at once, though it is of an average size. As a way out you can fill the chamber twice and the problem will be solved.

1066409Another little con is about installation – even if it is simple to do, you will still need some at least basic skills to cope with it and make sure that the water will not be leaking etc. And finally one more factor – be sure you have enough space under your sink to put together the Waste King L-3200. Its size isn’t big and I’m absolutely sure it will suit and fit perfect under almost any sink.

1066409Apart from all the mentioned pros and cons, one more thing you can do to make sure that it is an excellent disposer is to go at Amazon and check the users’ comments, feedbacks, and ratings. Many people share their experience gladly and it might help you to make a decision too. According to Amazon, the L-3200 has got 4.5 out of 5 stars and it is a really good result. People, who bought it, shared the opinions immediately saying that no longer as they assembled it, it started working almost without any sound as it has an insulation feature. Also, it is very durable as made of stainless steel grinding components. There were a few negative feedbacks about the little mouth/chamber, but even this minor con didn’t influence on its amazing performance and consequently rating.