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Hai Hot Tunes MP3 Styling Iron

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Pluses: Inbuilt mp3 player. High tech tourmaline infused nano ceramic plates give smooth and even gliding. Choose your temperature with a control button (170-400F). The device is lightweight, handy and ergonomic. You will not burn your fingers as it heats up fast but not in the ear where the fingers hold it. Great look and the best materials. One year warranty.

Minuses: Some customers report that mp3 player functions badly after some time. Its presence is not necessary, and if absent the price could become more affordable.

Hai Hot Tunes MP3 Nano Ceramic Styling Flat IronThis is one more review of Hai hair straightener models for you to decide which is the best one for you to tame your rebellious and make it stylish and smooth.

To see real quality and merits of hair straighteners, which are present at the market and shine, glisten and sparkle dazzling you with their quantity and remarkable features. I will do all hard work for you because my eyes of an expert filter all the extra tinsel.


Hai Hot Tunes MP3 Nano Ceramic Styling Flat Iron Review

Where my knowledge about hair irons comes from?

Customers have a right to get a trustful advice from a professional so let me explain before to start this review.

Being a hairstylist and ex-judge in hairstylist completions myself I have the necessary experience and enough knowledge about the subject. My ideas are not ones of an amateur, and I know what I am talking about if it goes about flat irons and all hair related topics. I share my experience in the reviews and articles for a continuous time, so rely on me, girls.

I base my reviews on customers feedbacks and analyze them using my considerable experience in the industry as well as a statistical model, which served me well for years. Before to write a review I collect a lot of information and perform hours of research, analyzing all this with my own real-life experience.

What will you find in this review?

Here I make you familiar with essence of this review and name sections, which will be illuminated later:

  1. We start from the product itself and its general description as Hai (manufacturer) gives it
  2. Then we compare promises of the Hai with real experience of its customers
  3. In the end I will be outspoken in my words about this product and its true value, I tell you what I think about it basing on all we’ve read
  4. This method is simple but nevertheless effective to get to the core of the problem and answer this important question “Is this flat iron what I need and should buy”?

Now some essential information about features of Hai flat irons and this one in particular

So, below you will read what manufactures “cooked” for us this time:

  • Use USB cable to drag-n-drop the songs you like
  • High tech elaborated nano ceramic plates are infused with tourmaline and form negative ions and infrared irradiation, which gently seals the cuticle and saves its color and moisture
  • Full adjustable heat control (170-400F), flash heating and quick recover time is provided by the highest Hai workmanship
  • Well balanced and light in weight, low EMF, TUV certified
  • One year warranty
  • There is no any further prominent specification if to compare with other Hai flat iron models. As a rule, I always examine features of the product which make it different from other similar models. Now it is time to read opinions of our customers, and there are many of them.

Positive remarks of our customers

Look study some basic merits, which were marked by the customers:

prosI can make my hair shiny and soft like with no other hair straightener while listening to music. It is fun, and I like it very much.

prosThis quick guy heats up so fast that it cannot be compared to other flat irons. My hair is not long so one glide, and everything is in order!

prosMy hair is weak, and it should be treated mildly. With the control function, I can regulate the temperature to avoid burning my delicate hair. Other straighteners did not allow me to control the temperature so accurate

prosIt is lightweight, doesn’t slip in my hand and I never feel that the holding part became hot. This handy device is a pleasant surprise and a considerable change to the irons I used before

prosI can get the temperature hot enough for my rebellious and thick hair to make it smooth and tamed. Time I need to bring order in the crazy hair mess I usually have diminishes considerably.

prosI like the feeling when the flat iron glides through my hair. I had this feeling only in the salon before. This can sound like a fairy tale, but I in no way feel my hair pulled or tangled. So listening to my favorite hits I can relax and enjoy the process of straightening.

prosCan you imagine, while designing my hair I can listen to audio books. So saying long of hair and short of brains is not about me anymore.:) They like to build mp3 player in everything, which works badly to sell it more expensive, but this is not this perfect hair iron, which does it basic work perfectly.

prosSupreme quality combined with a reasonable price. Customers usually wait for such novelty to appear at the market buy it instantly and then tenderly look and delight all its merits

Let’s move further and read some cons, which customers found in Hai Hot Tunes

So what caused disappointed or unpleasantly surprised them:

consI just don’t understand such flat irons with frills. I did not buy it, it is a present. It works well with my hair but, gosh, why they screwed an mp3 player to it? I don’t see any use for it, without it, the price would be lower

consI like it, but I don’t like the price; if it is cheaper I am happier

consThey sent me it with a non-working player, I received a replacement, so that’s ok…

consFor the money, I could buy a better flat iron. It doesn’t even my frizz, if it was sturdier…

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