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Rusk RSK686/RSK732 Streight Iron

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Rusk RSK686-RSK732Among all the models of hair straighteners, there are only a few coming with a lower temperature setting. You will rarely see irons that go lower than 300 degrees, which provides extra difficulties for people with sensitive hair. But it seems some brands still care about particular categories of users. The one we are touching in our review comes in two variations: Rusk RSK 686/RSK732. One should say this tendency gains even more popularity, considering the other brands production. Different types of hair require a different size of the device. Options are most welcome in this case.


Ceramic flat iron with gel coating

Using a so-called Sol-Gel Plate technology is a new move for the flat iron industry. No wonder, many users accept it with caution first. But you don’t have to be concerned, the gel coating has its advantages, as it makes hair organize better on the plates. It becomes much easier to pull the iron through your hair. The device flows smoothly without being stuck in your mane.

Fits for any hair texture

While the majority of products face the difficulties dealing with a thicker hair type, many African American people find it hard to obtain a straightener that will keep the hair straight and soft. This one offers a solution for the matter.

As was said at the beginning of the article, the appliance offers a temperature range of 280-450 degrees. It is pleasant news for those who need less heat, as most hair straighteners don’t have settings lower than 350 degrees. No doubt, people with a sensitive or brittle type of hair are going to appreciate this feature too.

Two size variations

Depending on the kind of straightening you prefer you may choose between 1-inch RSK686 and 1.25-inch RSK732. If you just need to do the curl or some other tricks with hair, you may take the smallest. The bigger one is more oriented on classic straightening or doing waves for example.

Don’t forget to turn it off!

The auto shut off function has always been a primary concern, as one cannot always rely on his/her memory. The fact is, RSK686/RSK732 don’t have this feature installed. It is none of a problem if you keep in mind everything you do. In other case, you should probably ask someone who you live Rusk RSK686-RSK732(1)with to remind you about the device being turned on.

Short hair looks elsewhere

Women with short locks might not be satisfied with the iron’s design. It is because they need to keep the device very close to their face, and it has the shape that can burn easier in comparison to other models. The only option is to find a more suitable hair straightener.