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Revlon Rvst2043 Ceramic Straightener

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Revlon Rvst2043

Thumbs-UpDuring the heat up process, the handles and the unit itself don’t get hot, only the plates

Thumbs-UpThe plates are made of ceramic, therefore, will treat your hair with great care and in the softest way

Thumbs-UpThe heat is spread equally along the plates, consequently the hair will look like one smooth shiny glide.

Thumbs-UpVery comfortable design that includes: lightweight, ease of use, comfort to hold (+ silicone finger grips), compact size (availability to take with you everywhere) etc.

Thumbs-UpThe unit heats up in 30 seconds only due to it is amazing turbo heat feature.

Thumbs-UpHeat sensor technology, which means you have an opportunity to choose the temperature.

Thumbs-UpWith Revlon, you can both straighten and curl the hair. It is 2 in 1 feature.

Thumbs-UpShipping is very fast.


consdoesn’t offer an automatic shut-off feature.

consdoesn’t have a dial switch.

With every day, it becomes harder and harder to choose the right and suitable flat iron. There are so many on the market and many of them seem to be so good. But you should always remember that sometimes these are tricks by marketing companies or simply an advertisement.

I have been working in a beauty sphere as a hair stylist for more than 8 years and I have seen, used and tested lots of hair straighteners. It is clear that I also always ask my colleagues about their experience in using this or that device. Finally when selecting one, you should be very careful and understand its pros and cons which you can read from different reviews. So that in the end you have the best and high-quality hair straightener for the best price.


prosThe heating up process lasts only 30 seconds

prosThe heat is spread equally along the hair and on every section

prosTo protect your fingers and for more comfort – special silicone finger grips are provided

prosWhile the process, the heat penetrates inside out

prosThe unit can be used without additional conditioners or moistures

prosIts compact size and lightweight allow you to take it everywhere

prosThe aim of the heat sensor feature is to control the temperature and restore the heat if needed.

Positive comments, feedbacks, and reviews:

prosIt is the best hair straightener I have ever had and I had more than 5 and all from different brands

prosThe size is just perfect though it is not a regular hair straightener. It does all the possible maneuvers and I am not afraid to use it every day as I know it will not damage my hair. On the contrary will make it shiny and glossy.

prosI’m a hair stylist and use this unit at work. My clients are extremely happy and glad about the results they get.

prosThe shipping was so fast that I even didn’t expect it.

prosI just love it because it does two kinds of job at the same time. If I want I can straighten my hair but I can make curls too. It takes me only about 15 minutes whereas before I had to get at 5 am in a hope to do something nice with the hair.

prosHeats up in just 30 seconds, sometimes I start using it after 20 and it is still great. It takes me 10 minutes to get rid of my frizz and the whole day it keeps my hair straight.

prosI even don’t know what to say as I can’t find even one con about it. The only thing I can say is “thank you” for such an amazing B’day gift.

prosI love the ability to take it with me everywhere as I have business trips almost every week. It really helps to stay elegant in any situation and conditions, whether you are in a dry or wet climate.

prosI always thought that compact sized  hair straighteners are worse than regular ones, but it was a huge mistake. It works as perfect as any regular one. Moreover, it is light, stylish, modern and durable

prosThe price is just amazing. As soon as I saw it I bought it. Only later I started reading reviews and comments and I was right having made such a great purchase. Now it takes me only 7-8 minutes to style my hair for the whole day.

prosNaturally I have straight hair and of course I have a desire to have beautiful curls on some occasions. And in this situation I trust the Revlon 2043. It makes my hair shiny and curly in minutes.

prosI have been using it for a few months already and my friends started asking me how I make such a nice styling. As a result now almost all of them have this particular model.

prosEven heat spreads all over the section and glides very smoothly without snagging and pulling my hair. It straightens the hair on just one stroke, so you can imagine how fast you can be done with the whole process.

prosAfter being used it cools down very fast and it as a big advantage for me as I might grab it accidentally.

prosSilicon finger grips protect your fingers from getting burnt and when I used my old hair straighteners it was an everyday issue.

prosIt is one of the best hair straighteners in the whole industry. By the way the best price I found on Amazon.

Negative comments, feedbacks, and reviews:

consUnfortunately, it doesn’t offer such feature as an automatic shut-off

consI don’t know why but looking at its size I always think that it is easy to break it or damage that is why I’m afraid to take it with me while travelling

consHaving got my parcel with Revlon, it was all broken and beaten up. Of course, I returned it, and in a few days got a perfect Revlon 2043 hair straightener. The customer service turned out to be very friendly and attentive and also apologized for the condition of the first unit.

consI don’t like turn on/off button, I prefer dial switch feature.