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Remington S9500pp Pearl Pro

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remington S9500 pearl proI’m the professional hairstylist with a big bag of experience in hairstyling products. I just like to share my experience with you to help you in choosing the best hair iron on the market according to your needs and budget. I know a lot about hairstyling devices and now, I’m ready to share my knowledge with you!

There is no need to surf the internet. All information is fully packed especially for you. If you look for a reliable customer review and unable to detect fraud – this is the place for you! Don’t be crazy about some useless comments. In my reviews, you will be able to read constructive opinions of end users. I can edit a comment a little bit in order to help you with understanding customer’s opinion.


Professional ceramic plates infused with real pearls for easy and comfortable styling. The iron plates are one-inch wide, which allows to style faster and more efficient. It can heat up to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to good thermal conductivity. Advanced digital temperature control is perfect for customization and creating your own presets. It has temperature control lock to get rid of hot spots. The safety switch is also on board – it will turn off after 60 minutes.


  • On/off trigger is uncomfortably small and seems unreliable.
  • One-inch wide could be not enough for terribly unruly hair.

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Remington S9500pp Pearl Pro specifications from the manufacturer:

  • One-inch plates made from ceramic and infused with real pearls.
  • Floating plates feature.
  • Fast heating up technology – 30 seconds.
  • The maximum temperature is 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A digital control allows to use this device in a variety of ways.
  • Advanced Turbo technology can help with reaching the highest temperature possible in seconds.
  • Temperature control lock provide unplugging of the hair straightener after 60-minute use.
  • Three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

We can see, that the Remington device has pretty interesting features. It’s reliable and safe to use. Thanks to innovative options like infusing with pearls and floating plates this hair iron is one of the best of the market today.

However, let’s not be so quick. We need to check out pros and cons from end users to make our final verdict!

Positive end users reviews of the Remington S9500pp Pearl Pro Hair Iron:

prosThis device is amazing. It offers even more than a professional salon hair iron on such a low price! It leaves my hair all silky and smooth!

prosRemington hair irons are the best. It is really cheap and professional! The best iron I ever had! The delivery is fast, and service is good. I will recommend it to you, even if you used to very expensive models.

prosI do wonder with my coarse wavy hair! Heat up time is amazingly short. Digital control allows to choose my own preset and have fun making a hairstyle!

prosIt’s just 1-inch wide, and this helps me to style in different ways! Plates are long, with rounded edges, which is cool for advanced styling.

prosMy hair is too dry and frizzy, but this little pal helps me to stay shiny all day long! I’m so satisfied by working with this Remington iron…

prosI can finish styling of my half-meter long curls in less than 10 minutes. Heats up in seconds and cools down in no time. I can take it anywhere to make my life easier. If you want to save your time – this hair straightener is your best option.

prosThis outstanding hair product is not the best for you, even if you’re bald. I don’t need to do pre-drying of my hair before using it! For sure, I will recommend this pearl to everybody I know!

prosIt can be extra-hot. Heats up in the blink of an eye and signalize when it’s ready for use! Absolutely astonishing plates are just perfect for styling any kind of hair! I’m able to do extra-large strands of hair in one comfortable, smooth glide…

prosThe auto-unplugging option is amazing. I often forget to unplug my iron, so thank you! No hot spots function saved me from unwanted results and damaging my hair! It’s just the best iron ever made!

prosI bought it as a gift for my She says that it’s really safe and easy-to-use! It glides so smoothly thanks to pearl infused long plates. We are happy with this purchase!

prosIt works professionally smooth. This pearl covering is a must for every hair iron. I heard that Remington products are great, but I could not believe that they are so efficient and innovative! Now, I’m ready to recommend it to anyone!

prosPerfect with wavy and curly hair. It just can do anything! I love customizable heat functions. It’s digital and innovative! Now I can style differently! For this little price, this iron is the best one iron ever!

prosI’ve ordered this hair straightener. I borrowed it from my friend, and now I’m just so amazed by the result that want to get such a little pearl for myself…

prosIt’s ergonomic and easy-to-use with any It glides through my hair effortlessly! The best price-money ratio on the market!

prosDecent heat control allows to make any hairstyle possible. You will never burn your hair thanks to No Hot Spots function. It’s east to control and just fun to use! Amazing deal for this money!

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CONs according to the negative user reviews of Remington S9500pp:

consOn/off button is really small and uncomfortable. I don’t like that you need to wait to turn the iron off. It’s not for me.

consI bought it as a birthday present to my Ukrainian girlfriend. It’s not a dual voltage model, so she can’t use it. I’m disappointed with that.

consThe iron is too big. It’s not good for travelling. However, this straightener is great for using at home.

consIt damages my hair on the highest temperature setting. Not too much, but now it’s a problem. I’ve stopped to use it.

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