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Remington S-9951 Frizz Therapy Flat Iron

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Having a hair straighter, the first point, girls pay attention to is how to not damage the hair with a hot device. In case with Remington S-9951, this will never happen as it has ceramic plates along with avocado oil infused that are very soft and “tender” to the hair. Therefore, the risk of burning the hair is extremely low. Moreover, there are a few settings for the temperature (you can choose from low to high) and plus a stylish LCD monitor where you can see everything.

The price is affordable for everyone (great quality corresponds to its reasonable price).Remington S-9951

Comparing this particular model with others, it is much faster and safer.

The presence of a turbo heat technology lets the iron heat up in only 30 seconds.


There is only one and minor con that deals with the new device. While the iron is new the plates may have an unpleasant smell/ odor as some users said.

First of all I should say that I’m a professional hairstylist and have seen, used and tested lots of hair appliances and flat irons are not an exception. Therefore knowing all its pros ad cons I can confidently say that the Remington S – 9951 is the best. Purchasing and having this particular iron can be compared to having some piece of jewellery for a really good price, which you even didn’t/don’t expect.

The Remington S-9951 is counted for home-use only, but I have seen so many my colleagues using it in a professional way, that this fact speaks for itself. Its quality is so high that it is even used in beauty salons.

Nevertheless everything has its negative side too, and in order to make the right and balanced decision, the cons will be also discussed.

But still let’s, first of all, start with positive points of this flat iron.


Features and specifications of the remington frizz therapy flat iron:

prosThe presence of Turbo feature which lets the user opt for any temperature and not be afraid of burning them. This feature is pretty new in the flat iron industry and consequently present in only a few models. Plus thanks to it, the iron will be heated in only 30 seconds.

prosThe Remington S-9951 is made of good materials such as ceramic plates along with avocado oil that protects the hair.

prosThere are a few stages for heating up that you can select and even see on a digital LCD screen. The maximum heat can be 430 F.

prosIf you have a curly hair and straightened them but the weather is wet and humid, don’t worry, you hair will stay the same for more than 15 hours.

prosAbility to swivel the cord

prosThe presence of an automatic shut off

prosThe ends of the iron aren’t hot, no chances to get a finger burnt

prosIncredibly beautiful purple color

All the above-mentioned pluses are very impressive and, of course, the manufacturers and sellers will add a few more to this list, but their aim is to sell it and our goal is to understand if it is really suitable for our needs. Therefore tt is high time to get to know its negative sides.

 Positive feedbacks, comments and reviews of the remington s-9951

prosComparing with other iron models and brands, the majority of hair stylists advice having exactly Remington S-9951 as it protects the hair from damaging best of all.

prosYou can forget about curly hair for the whole day even in humid weather.

prosI have searched for a flat iron for quite a long time and having found S-9951 I’m happy with my perfectly straight hair every day.

prosWhile being used it doesn’t only protect hair from damaging but also never snags it.

prosIt is an amazing choice for Afro-American girls who naturally have curly hair. I have personally compared S-9951 with other irons and as it turned out after other flat irons the hair became curly again in just an hour or two but Remington is like a real miracle keeps the hair straight almost the whole day. Plus you shouldn’t add different products like hair spray or styling foam.

prosOf course, there are cheap flat irons but they don’t last long. That’s why this time I bought the Remington Frizz Therapy and was amazed at its durability and ability to deal with my frizz.

prosI’m not a very attentive person and sometimes forget to turn off different appliances and that fact has not very good consequences. That’s why the safety shut-off feature is the hugest pro for me.

prosIt is simply better than all my previous hair straightens and I will never change it for something else.

prosIt works on my hair as none of the irons I have had before.

prosThe Remington S-9951 resembles me a gymnast who does incredible tricks. The same miracle happens with my hair when I use the S-9951

prosMy hair is wavy and I have tried so many different irons from a variety of brands, but the result was unfortunate. And just as another option I bought Remington and now am extremely happy using it. That’s exactly what I wanted.

prosMy first flat iron was the CHI and I loved it but still wasn’t completely satisfied with its functions and features. Then my hairdresser advised me the Remington and now it is almost a year that I have been using only it.

prosSpecially infused avocado oils protect the hair from damaging. That’s why I use it to make my hair straight but also it can be used to make curls.

prosWorks without any conditioners and additional oils which I used in huge amount with my previous irons. It simply saves my money, straightens my hair, and doesn’t make it dry.

prosI was searching for a flat iron with a reasonable price and having read about the Remington – bought it immediately. For me, it is the best iron ever.

Negative feedbacks, comments and reviews of the Remington s-9951

consWhen using the device for the first 1 month or so, it produces an unpleasant odor, but after this period of time everything comes back to its places.

consThe location of the control buttons isn’t very convenient.

consI had some problem with the automatic shut off feature. At the beginning everything was great but later it was switching off all the time so I changed it for a new one and it demonstrates great results.

consFor me the handles are not very comfortable, they are a little thin for me. I guess the manufacturers could make them just a bit thicker.

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