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Remington Ceramic Anti Static Digital Hair Straightener

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Pluses: This Straightener is provided with long, floating ceramic plates, which are rather wide (1 ¾ inches), and swivel cord. You will be able to adjust it to your hair thanks to a handy digital heat controller and avoid sticking of the hair thanks to anti-static effect. It will not take much room in your travel bag because of its light weight and a hinge lock. If accidentally you forget to de-energize it, it will be automatically switched off in 60 minutes.

Minuses: You can feel obnoxious smell from the device when you use it at the beginning.

Remington Ceramic Anti Static Digital HairIt is normal when you want to buy a hair straightener and hesitate which model to choose, but my reviews will help you to make your decision.

I have worked as a hairstylist more than eight years and can distinguish a good hair product from the humbugs, which marketing companies use to sell their products. My experience allows me to judge and to choose worthy products and advise you where you can avoid bad buys.

As well, I worked much with different kinds of flat irons, both professional straighteners and those which are considerably cheaper but still are of good quality, so my firsthand advice will be to the point.

The more you learn about the product, the more conscious your choice will be, agreed?


Remington Ceramic Anti Static Digital Review

In this review of the Remington hair straightener you will find:

  1. All technical features of the product will be described
  2. Short review of laudatory and disparaging comments of users will be examined
  3. After conclusion about the product, we will rate it

It is time to go through all features of the straightener:

prosHandy ceramiс plates, which are 1 ¾ inch long

prosUseful  anti-static technology

prosSensitive digital controller with a turbo boost option, which maximally heats up the straightener.

prosProfessional heating up to 410F

prosThirty seconds is enough for heating

prosThe plates are floating

prosSafety automatic shutoff in one hour

prosHinge lock

prosLong swivel cord

Now we cite some favorable receptions of the customers:

prosThis product indeed satisfies me. I have used it for two years and works troublefree.

prosI’ve never paid much attention to how my hair looks, probably because I am a bit lazy. Once my friend visited me and brought a hair straightener with her. When I saw that she could make her hair smooth and straight in just five minutes and decided to purchase the same product. Even with my lazy character I don’t think that short time I spent to design my hair was wasted as it looks perfect.

prosThe new feature of digital heat control makes this flat iron more convenient and reduces the time needed to put my hair in order…

prosWhen I broke my old flat iron, I did know what to do with my thick and long hair. As a rule, I spent forty minutes to design it. After I purchased the Remington, I do everything faster, two times faster! And I am completely happy about my new flat iron…

prosI am never disappointed with the result when I want to make my hair curly or straight. This product leaves them smooth and silky, saving their healthy shining. Moreover, my hair is easy to work with because an anti-static effect of the iron.

prosMy wife was always late, and I had to wait her because she spent so much time fighting with her old flat iron. After I had bought her the Remington, she managed to finish her hair design two times faster. She doesn’t stop to thank me for it!

prosEffect of the straightener persists for whole day. My hair remains smooth and with some volume even when they are bone-straight. I’ve never regretted about the buy.

prosWhen I use it either to curl or straighten my hair, I don’t notice that it pulls or damages it. To run it through only one time is enough to get the desired effect…

prosI thoroughly choose all products, which I use to treat my hair. Having reviewed many products, I stopped my searches on this product. I confirm that it deserves only best words, and I’d recommend it to other users.

prosAfter having tried several flat irons I must say that this model makes my hair straight as a well and I can delight their even and smooth form for whole day.

prosThey say the truth about light weight and compactness of the product. I took it on my trips to always look well, and it is just perfect.

prosI can manage my curly hair and design them accurately in not longer than five minutes. The device is handy and not complicated in usage.

prosHere I bought it the cheapest.

These are some negative remarks of the customers:

consThe smell was very unpleasant when I turned it on and used on my hair first three times. Then it stopped to emit this odor of plastic but my hair saved it for several days…

consThe device is really strong and if not to use heat protectant and apply it on the hair every day, you can lose your natural curls and get only light waves  like it happened with me when I straightened my hair.

consI accustomed to this device during a month trying to learn how to curl my hair the best way. It was not easy to accommodate to it.

consRegretfully I return this product. What a pity! It has no protection from water. Some water dropped on it and later when I switched it on I saw that it started to sparkle at edges of the plates…

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