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Onei MK-I Halo Flat Iron

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Onei MK-I Halo Flat IronIn some occasions, using iron becomes an everyday must-to-do procedure if you have an unruly hair. One should say it’s a time-taking and often annoying activity, meaning that you need to get up an hour earlier to make all preparations before leaving for work. The question is: would you prefer to spend time in sleep if you had a chance?

Some women don’t have enough patience to complete straightening in time and leave it as it is, hoping they would stay unnoticed during the whole day. The idea is not very bright, but let’s just hope they get to work in time. Others choose to make a Brazilian Blow Out, for example. It helps for a couple of months but turns pricey, and hair still needs additional care. The fact is, none of them has purchased Onei MK-I yet. This model of an iron is designed primarily for Brazil keratin treatment and also helps a lot with an untreated hair.


Onei MK-I Halo Flat Iron Review

Ceramic plates for a better hair grip

The appliance comes with two floating plates to provide the right grip on hair, delivering equal heat to every part of it. You get a more consistent straightening, as a result, because the iron holds hair much better this way.

The plates are made of ceramic, meaning they are smooth enough to float through your hair without any problem. Do you remember your hair being caught in plates before? Forget it! Those troubles remain in the past now.

The temperature range varies from 140 degrees to 450 degrees, allowing you to make settings for practically any type of hair. The ceramic plates use negative ions that make you locks stay straightened for a longer period, requiring less temperature than other devices. It makes your hair shiny and healthy-looking too.

All the useful features

Many of you might appreciate the auto shutoff feature because one can’t always rely on his/her memory. The iron will turn off automatically if you accidently forget to do it yourself.

The other remarkable feature is that hair becomes straightened in one single pass. Should we remind how much time it usually takes to do? With our device applied, it won’t take you more than ten minutes to deal even with a very long hair. It is less time than some women spend on finding their clothes.

Heats up quickly!

This passage is for those who got used to waiting their irons to get hot. The MK-I gets temperature very FAST! Mind it if you don’t want to burn your hair. We advise you to start with a lower temperature first and see how it works, and then raise it up if needed.