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Revlon Rvst2046 Perfect Heat

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proscan be comparable with other models used in beauty salons when speaking about the heating up temperatures.Revlon Rvst2046

prosAmazing number of heat settings, to be precise 30

prosThe presence of an automatic shut-off feature.

prosAffordable and reasonable price.

prosCan be easily compared with some expensive models and will not be any worse, perhaps even better.

prosHas 2 in 1 function: to curl the hair and straighten it.

prosThe result is very durable, to be precise it will last till the next day.

prosThe handle doesn’t warm up as well as the whole unit, only the plates. Plus the handles are very comfortable to hold for any hand size.

prosThe size of the Revlon 2046 is regular, but it has a lightweight and ease of use.

prosThe heat is equal all over the plates and shouldn’t be heated over and over again when using the unit.

prosThis particular unit will never damage or burn your hair thanks to its ceramic plates which will look after your hair with great care and softness.

prosIt will also never snag or pull the hair during the straightening process.


consUsing this unit, you should be very careful and read the manual first. There are 30 different heat settings that are suitable for different types of hair. Therefore, some users after buying had some difficulties or even problems as they have chosen a wrong setting and it had its consequences.

But I wouldn’t say it a disadvantage, it is more like a warning to use the unit in the right way.

consThere is a huge variety of hair straighteners on the market, but it doesn’t make it any easier to choose the right one. The one that will correspond your needs, desires and aims. While searching for your best option, you can spend hours if not days in front of the computer reading comments and reviews about this or that hair straightener.  Therefore to make this searching process quicker and more comfortable for you – first decide what size, features and functions you want. That will make your choice easier and much faster.

I’m a professional hair stylist and know lots of information about different brands and its hair straightener models. That’s why it will be my pleasure to help you.

Features and specifications:

  1. Indicator light – shows when the unit is ready to start the job (30 seconds)Revlon Rvst2046-1
  2. Very comfortable to hold handle as it is ergonomic and with grip technology
  3. The whole 30 different heat settings for different purposes and types of hair
  4. An automatic shut-off feature
  5. No need to reheat all the time. The heat is provided equally during the whole process.
  6. The plates are ceramic and tourmaline which means great softness of the hair, equal heat distributing all over the plates, inside-out penetration and, of course, intensive heat.
  7. There is no need to use additional conditioners or moistures.
  8. Turn on and off switches are separate.

Positive comments, feedbacks, and reviews

prosThe price is very surprising as when I read all its features and functions I thought I would never be able to afford it. But here I’m with my new Revlon 2046 all happy and satisfied with its job. I can’t say that my old hair straightener was bad. No, it did it good but of course having compared it with Revlon – the difference is huge. The hair is shiny, glossy and looks just amazing. I have never had such result with the old unit. That’s why for me it is like a miracle and the purchase is like a steal.

prosI guess having purchased this appliance I found the best way out of the situation. My hair is very thin but thanks to Revlon I’m not afraid to damage it and moreover burn as I have a choice among 30 heat settings. That’s why I would advise everyone with fine hair to have such a “helper”.

prosI have a very thick and “naughty” hair. It was absolutely impossible to style it with all my previous hair straighteners. No conditioners or moistures helped me. My friend advised me Revlon 2046 and I bought it, but speaking frankly didn’t have any hope, thought it would be the same like all others. But as it turned out its heat is just amazing and straightens even my hair in minutes. I was pleasantly shocked. Now I use it almost everyday and can’t stop but be happy with the result I see in the mirror.

prosBefore I bought Revlon I had CHI and to tell you the truth I was amazed having seen the difference. Revlon has so many multiple features and functions that my CHI could only dream of. It is very strange it has such a reasonable price for all these advantages but at the same time it is very good for us, girls. It works very fast and for example for my long hair it takes only one stroke to make it smooth and shiny, not mentioning straight. Extremely happy possessor of the Revlon 2046.

prosMy daughter works in a beauty salon as a hair stylist and she told me that this particular model can be easily comparable with professional models that are more expensive. But why pay more? I love the long lasting result it shows. My hair stays straight for the whole day or even till the next morning. That’s exactly what I wanted.

prosI always forget about different things and turning off the appliances isn’t an exception, so an automatic shut-off feature is what I was looking for.

prosIt is the best hair straightener I could ever wish for.

There are so many features and multiple functions in one small unit that it is almost impossible to believe it. It is very light for a regular hair straightener, easy to use all these functions, comfortable to hold etc. The most important is that neither the handle not the unit itself gets hot, because with all my previous units that was an everyday issue – burning fingers.

Negative comments, feedbacks, and reviews:

consthe plates are like on fire if you chose the highest temperature, that’s why be very careful especially when you are using it for the first time and especially if the hair is fine. Before putting the fine hair in between the hot plates, make sure you get the heat settings down.

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