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HSI Professional Flat Iron

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HSI Professional Flat Iron

I had a lengthy experience with hair straighteners over my lifetime, due to having a fairly common problem with super curly hair, which is nigh impossible to get under control.

Their prices vary from very high to more or less inexpensive. While I don’t want to use too much heat to get my hair fried, I still prefer to set it straight as opposed to curly, if only because much less product needs to be spent for straight hair than for curly one.

Since I like to try new things once in a few years, recently I was searching for another good straightener. The question is whether should I set my choice on a consumer level iron with a little more power, or maybe it’s better to check something with professional capabilities. Talking about irons, the only one type I haven’t purchased yet is the tourmaline plates iron, so testing this one out would be interesting.


Multiple Perks for a Great Price

The HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is equipped with plates covered with tourmaline and uses an ionic power to help smoothen the hair out. It has just about every feature you could possibly want, and all of these bells and whistles are offered at the right price of less than $100 (with $100 being the least of professional iron prices you could find on the market).

Record Heating Time

This hair straightener truly heats up very fast, which means you won’t have to wait for it to get to the correct temperature. It is able to work with just any type of hair, obtaining the desired results thanks to its wide range of temperature settings. Even people who have coarse hair have achieved a really good straightening effect, according to their reports.

Exceeds at Holding Fine Hair

This iron seems to hold fine hair well without getting caught. This may be why it’s preferred by owners of fine hair, but things get tougher for owners of thicker hair types.

For example, I have a very fine hair and this iron fits my purpose well, while it seems not powerful enough for my sister-in-law needs to straighten her hair every day.

Extra Free Stuff Included, and Easy to Take It Around

Aside of the iron itself, you can find some extra additions present with HSI but not with other models: a protective glove and a travel bag! The glove provides the necessary protection so that you won’t burn your hand. This is a common occurrence among the iron users, so the glove is certainly welcome. And as this straightener is travel-friendly, there is no need to get another one if you’re going on vacation. Another important feature is its compatibility with both voltages, which means you can use it anywhere around the world.

Hot Spots – And I Don’t Mean Night Clubs!

Unfortunately, this hair straightener tends to have certain spots throughout the plate that get hotter than others. This means that theoretically a section of hair clump you have pulled through the plate can straighten perfectly, and the other part may still remain frizzy and clumpy. Ultimately this is just a matter of practice, and shouldn’t be of much problem once you get used to this iron.

No Auto Shut Off

This may be a big problem for some houses, and maybe not as big in others, but you should know that this iron does not have the auto-shut off function. My husband keeps insisting that by leaving my straightening iron on I may someday burn the house down. This might be an exaggeration but still, it seems like a valid reason for me to search for an iron with an auto off function.