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Hot Tools PinkTitanium Flat Iron

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Hot Tools PinkTitanium Flat IronAccording to my husband, every straightening iron of mine must have an auto shut off function. As a rule of thumb, if something can’t help him to deal with my forgetfulness, I’m not allowed to bring it home. He has this crusade against any possibility of burning the house down, and it seems my iron should help him in it.

Therefore, since this rule was implemented, most of the irons I was owning had a shut off function for one hour or a half of hour. The timer starts its countdown since the last time I was using the iron, then shuts off after the designated period. This leaves me with enough time to go back and retouch my hair without resorting to restarting the iron itself, but it has this precaution of shutting off on its own if left alone for too long (even if I forget about it altogether).


It Stays On Way Too Long

This is the thing I’m most confused about regarding the Hot Tools PinkTitanium Digital Salon Flat Iron. While it’s equipped with an auto shutoff feature, it will not turn off until 10 hours pass. This does not sound exactly helpful, since it’s enough time for my counter to get destroyed several times over, not to mention that ten hours is enough time for me to go to work and return back. So it’s really hard to understand the point of this model having the auto off function. My only guess would be that it has something to do with professional stylists that might need the iron right away at any moment during these ten hours, but the price of this iron isn’t exactly on par with professional irons.

Combined Platers May Be Confusing

The weird prolonged turn off time aside, the other features of PinkTitanium are very convenient. For example, it is able to provide consistent heat with the help of its titanium plates. But actually there is also a layer of ceramic under the titanium. This decision may be questionable but not necessarily a bad one. As you know, usually it’s either the one or the other, and I have always viewed ceramic and titanium as two different approaches for hair straightening. But I guess they can work together as well.

Less Tearing and Wearing For Your Hair

The covering on the plates of this iron deserves a special mention – it stops all these problems with chipping, rusting or eroding (some of which are also caused by the chemicals you straighten your hair with). It really helps to protect your hair without damaging your iron in the process. Also, for those who are forced to use a lot of product to protect their hair, this makes a big difference as well.

Settings That Can Be Locked

Some models of irons have their buttons located outside. Since the plates may get together very close, and the body of iron is rounded, it all turns into a problemHot Tools PinkTitanium Flat Iron-1 when holding it (the area where your hand is will overlap with the buttons). Thankfully in the PinkTitanium model this issue was solved by the manufacturer: while the ir
on is in use, the buttons are locked. So while the other irons have this risk of having your hair burned once you accidentally amp the iron’s heat was too high, this is not the case with PinkTitanium.

Conveniently Rounded Edges

The edges of plates this iron is equipped with are rounded. Not only does this guarantee that while using this iron your hair will be safe from crimps, but it also somewhat simplifies the process of curling your hair. Ah yes, in case you didn’t know, it is possible to curl your hair even with a straightening iron!

Heat It Up Only When Necessary

There are different types of hair as well as different temperature settings. Before starting to use the iron with your hair, you should take into consideration that heat type should be based on hair type (thickness, length, texture, etc.). Otherwise, it will be easy to burn your hair by accident. And if you don’t use enough heat, your hair will not stay in place and will get frizzy pretty soon – which means that your effort to straighten it was actually wasted.

The Price Is Outstanding

If you have knowledge of iron prices at the market, then you should already realize that titanium covering and the slanted plates are the professional options which means price of almost $200. So you will be delighted to learn that with all these features, PinkTitanium costs merely $45. This is probably what made me interested in this model in the first place. While I was confused about the long shut-off time, for such a low price this is ultimately a good tool to have, and it will get handy during the travels.

Get Better At Button-Pushing

While you can lock your temperature settings from changing as you’re using this iron, hitting the beeping buttons can still become annoying. This part of iron’s design got complaints from plenty of users.

It is good that this iron is not very expensive once you consider it’s lifetime. According to some users it managed to stay in working condition for one year, for others it died even before that.

Also, there are customers that claim it doesn’t reach the actual level of heat you have set it to. What this means is that you should crank the dial higher than you’re supposed to in order to reach the required heat level.

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