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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

Before I had switched to flat iron, I used the curling iron to straighten my hair. While not too efficient, this worked after I got a hang of it. And one day I saw actual flat iron for the first time at my friend’s apartment. She used it on my hair, and it was an awesome experience that certainly made it easier to handle my hair. I often found myself wanting a straight hair, yet not at the price of costly relaxers produced by manufacturers at the time, plus sometimes it was still nice to keep my curls in natural shape.

So, this may be ironic, but now I’m using my straightener to curl my hair as well. It may make little sense at first, but I have learned to do all kinds of things with my flat iron. There are tricks it’s capable of that you wouldn’t suspect at first glance.

It is possible to find a straightening iron that has the right shape to be suited for curling (and I like the shape of curls produced by this type of iron better). While looking for a way to get tighter curls I have realized that a smaller iron would suit my needs (size of the curls is of course based on how big the iron itself is).


Tighter Curls With The Help Of Thin Iron

I don’t know the exact reasons, but this iron actually looks very small, with plates looking to be much thinner than 1-inch size found in the description. If you look around the outside of the plates, you will find that this iron is very thin there as well, especially when compared to many of the ceramic options on the market. I’m currently interested in trying such a compact size since it could most likely offer some pretty sweet curls.

Titanium Instead Of Ceramic

The usage of titanium instead of ceramic plates makes this iron a bit different from the others. While some of the ceramic plates are actually ceramic-coated metal plates, the plates in this iron are plain titanium without extra covering.

From my personal experience (as I used both ceramic and metal irons) there seems to be no big difference. If anything, I remember metal irons leaving more burned hair compared to the ceramic ones – but that can be due to the type of iron I had. Also, I have never used a titanium-plated iron before, so I can’t speak about it.

Larger Coverage Possible With Longer Plates.

The plates in this product are 5 inches long, which means that they are longer than the standard and allow more coverage. The ability to cover more of your hair (well, not quite a half of your head but still) in a single grab is certainly a great thing.

You can purchase this hair straightener in various sizes. The max size would be 1.5 inch, which I would only use if I had really long hair. So I usually go with the minimal size of 1-inch. I have a feeling it allows for better curls. Of course, you should select the size based on your desired hairstyle and the length of your hair.

It Is Very Hot

With the ability to quickly heat up to 450 degrees, the Nano Titanium can produce up to 450 degrees heat. While it produces enough heat to satisfy the needs of any possible hair type, this temperature is also bordering on the range that certainly wouldn’t be good for anyone’s hair. This is important to take into consideration when thinking about this product in case you have hair that is sensitive to heat. After all, you won’t find many irons that are able to get hotter than 450 degrees.

Ionic Technology

This iron uses negative ion technology and far-infrared heat, both of which serve to hold in more moisture. The titanium platers then help to lock it all into the hair. This feature is not exactly groundbreaking by now and is present in many irons, but it’s nevertheless important in regard to getting your hair to stay straight.

According to some people, this technology, may leave hair a little static (which translates to frizzy hair), and can be a bit annoying if you are going for a completely smooth, flat look. So you may want to check for a different iron model if your hair is already prone to having more body than is desired.

Able To Stay On Untile Turned Off

I am not too fond of irons that lack the automatic shut-off function, which is something you may be aware of from my previous reviews. There is hardly a reason not to include an electric timer into the iron as it’s a fairly simple mechanism. Still, for some reason a lot of higher end irons don’t have it, and I wish I would know this reason.


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