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Kitchen Aid KCDB250G

Kitchen Aid KCDB250GMaybe some people won’t put a high value on the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G garbage disposal, but I’m sure that people who have small households will use it with pleasure.

I hope it is not the first page you read on my website, and you are familiar with other useful materials I offer you. I am an honest person in my private life the same as in my business life. On my website, you’ll find many articles and videos that can help you to pick a convenient and reasonable garbage disposer. So, I wish you to rich the right decision.

In this article, I tried to define all characteristics of the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G garbage disposer. I agree that this model is unsuitable for everyone, but it has merits that are considerable for some customers. Hereunder, you’ll find all pros and cons of this disposer that I’ve found out.



prosYou don’t need to call in a specialist to install this device in your house. This disposer has a precise instruction that allows you to make everything without extra efforts. (Detailed information about an installation process you can find here.)

prosThis disposer has a favorable price. If all features suit you and you don’t need additional accessories and functions, you may boldly purchase this appliance.

prosI was delightful to find out that this device is safe to use. The manufacturer equipped it with a special overload protection. If you fill up it too quickly, the disposer will stop working automatically.

prosRegularly, customers mention that noise level is essential for them, and loud work of any gadget can become a real issue. Fortunately, this disposer works very quiet and won’t disturb you and your family.

prosSolid materials. Mostly, the internal part of this disposer consists of galvanized steel. Moreover, the crushing chamber and teeth are resistant to corrosion.

prosIt is rare that the manufacturer takes care of the garbage disposal design. However, this model looks good and will delight your eyes because you may easily modify the flange and stopper to fit the color of your sink.


consLimited warranty. It is a serious problem that the manufacturer provides a warranty only for one year. I frequently read the customer’s reviews about an appropriate work for several months. Even so, it breaks down after a year.

consMany people also noticed that substitute pieces are troublesome to get hold. So, if you have problems with this device, you should buy a new one.

consGrind capacity. I think it is the major issue of this disposer that can change your mind about buying it. I came across complaints of some people that had troubles with grinding of fruit and potato peels.

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