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Izunami Ktx450 Flat Iron

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Izunami Ktx450This article is addressed to women who had already had an unpleasant experience of using a cheap iron and the consequences it made to the hair. Especially to the ones who pay much attention to their hairstyle. If you are one of them, we bet you can tell if the iron is suitable already after holding it for a few seconds. Surely you would enjoy the model we are viewing today.


One thing that most of the users hate about irons is that they leave a crimp in your hair if you keep them still for a second. You have to move them continuously without holding position even for a moment if you are willing to avoid a crimp trouble. It may not bother if it happens once, but the issue may become annoying when it repeats.

If your iron comes with the plastic enclosures that are usually bigger than the plates, it will be harder for you to get closer to the scalp on top of your head. And when the iron is not close enough, it may leave trace around the crown of one’s head that looks like a weird halo. With Ktx450, you can leave the ‘Halo’ problem far behind and enjoy your straight hair.

No more ‘Halo’ problem!

The Izunami model has extendable extra long plates that are made of titanium, providing a long-lasting straighten. You don’t have to make as many passes on your hair as before to make it straight! The product also has a warp free construction on its exterior, meaning that it won’t be damaged if it gets hotter than usual.

It is hot!

You can heat up to 450 degrees with this device. It is a pretty high temperature for iron. However, the titanium plates will keep your hair safe from hot spots. Such temperature can assist you with a consistent straightening in no time, leaving no curly pieces of hair. Those may remain only due to the incorrect heating.Izunami Ktx450-1

The temperature range makes it possible for an appliance to adapt to nearly any type of hair while titanium plates are going to save some of your time making straightening much faster.

Moreover, the iron heats up very quickly, no need to wait five minutes or more. It is another small bonus to your time saving.

Floating plates save your hair

The reason the device moves so smoothly through your hair is that it uses floating plates, meant to prevent your hair from being caught. If you ever felt your hair being ripped out during straightening, you won’t get back to that type of iron again. The Ktx 450 differs from that kind of devices entirely, keeping your hair where it should be.

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