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InSinkErator Evolution PRO Essential

InSinkErator Evolution PRO Essential

Comparing the quality, durability, motor power (¾ horsepower), performance and popularity among customers, we came into conclusion that the whole line of Evolution from InSinkErator brand is the best. You will not believe, but it has got 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon due to the customers’ and users’ trusted feedbacks and ratings.

Speaking about the range of Evolution it includes the Evolution Compact – it also has ¾ horsepower motor and the same features, but its size is smaller. And also the Evolution Excel – it is more powerful (clear from the name) and plus offers a triple grinding action whereas the others only two.

The Evolution Pro Essential from the InSinkErator has a medium size and therefore it will suit and fit perfect under every sink. One more feature considering the installation is that it is extremely easy and almost no aptitude is needed. For this purpose, the device is equipped with a Quick Lock mounting mechanism.

The brand InSinkErator is very popular and well known all over the world for its amazing and unique features, technologies, mechanisms and quality not speaking about it is durability (made of stainless steel components), different motors and different sizes of the disposers to fit every kitchen.

Moreover, it is warranty is one of the longest in the whole industry – it is 6 years on the unit itself as well as parts and labor. It will definitely serve you a lifetime.

Features and characteristics

1066409warranty – 6 years (covers the disposer, parts, and labor)

1066409¾ horsepower motor will give you an opportunity to grind all possible and impossible food wastes including peels, chicken bones, and corn cobs.

1066409Two-staged grinding feature together with a GrindShear ring cuts all the wastes into small pieces and then liquefies them, turning them into liquid, so it can easily move to the sewage system. With this feature, you can forget about such issue as clogging.

1066409Installation technology is also very simple even for a novice. The whole procedure is done thanks to the triple bolt stainless steel mounting system that should be assembled under the sink. Having experience with previous garbage disposal, you will attach this one without any difficulties. But even if you don’t, by following the instructions on the manual you will cope in less than 5 minutes.

1066409The SoundSeal insulation technology reduces the sound while the device is used.  Also, there is an anti-vibration mount. These 2 in 1 feature decreases the noise level up to 40 percent. And if you like watching TV or listening to the radio while working in the kitchen, then you might now hear the disposal at all.


prosheight 12.6 inches

prosWidth 10.5 inches

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