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Herstyler Superstyler Ceramic Plates Onyx Flat Iron

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Advantages: Original floating plates technological innovation. Heats up to 500 Fahrenheit. Heat dial is simple to work with. Very light-weight and intelligently fashioned. Negative ion concept for frizz free hair. Warms up in one second – MCH ceramic heating system. Includes Curl, Flip and Straight hair styling choices. High and constant ranges of temperature – Onyx ceramic plate system. Zero hot spots. Intelligent design. Results in silky, healthy and sleek hair. Appropriate for professional usage. No burning smell after apply. Straights your hair in just one move. Affordable cost.

Disadvantages: Several people do not find the floating plates concept suited for their hair.

Herstyler Superstyler Ceramic Plates Onyx Flat IronLet us deal with it – in case you’re a typical woman or girl you just neither possess the time for intensive study or the examination to decide on the ideal flat iron for your hair type. No wordplay meant here, it is simply a rainforest of a market nowadays, and it becomes difficult even for me, and I have been doing hair for more than eight years.

That is why I started up the web page mainly – to make your choice easier.

I will assist you find out the distinction between actual benefit and spend of your funds.


This is the way the evaluation of this hair straightener will follow:

  • We will mention all the specifications and functions as presented by the Supplier
  • We will take into thorough consideration a variety of consumer opinions, also good and bad
  • I will sum it all up and offer my final ranking

Let us look at what the marketers from Herstyler declare regarding this straightener:

  • Warms up incredibly rapidly due to hi-tech MCH ceramic heating concept
  • Excessive and constant heat levels are assured by Onyx ceramic plate technological innovation
  • Negative ion system handles that annoying frizz and also counteracts positive ions
  • Flip, Straight and Curl styles achievable all with a single hair straightener
  • Modern Floating Plates system

The Enterprise given specifications do seem fantastic, yet they might be lauding their device so that they could market it. Let us set this flat iron under a few real check-ups and find out what customers have to mention about it.

Positive opinions according to end users – the Benefits:

prosBoth my clients and I enjoy the results of this hair straightener. It performs what it is expected to carry out precisely.

prosThere is never a burning smell after making use of this hair straightening iron, in contrast to my past device.

prosNo hot spots

prosIt becomes hot quickly indeed, and nevertheless it does not fry my hair. It retains it all smooth and sleek.

prosIt does not draw my hair out, as well as it slides easily over it. It at the same time takes cares of my rough, naughty hair with no harming it, and it gets super hot extremely quick.

prosI adore that it heats up to 500 Fahrenheit… I need this for my untamed curls…

prosIt is surely an excellent purchase. What they promise is what you receive.

prosThe cost was certainly reasonable, and the service was very quick. It performs a fantastic job of freeing me of that awful frizz and preserving my hair straight all day long.

prosI have applied it in keratin treatment methods in my hair salon as well as for hair styling, and I can claim it performs amazing things.

prosThe heat control helps make it so simple to style.

prosExcellent quality and toughness at an inexpensive cost. I have had mine for four years at this moment, and I do not have any issues until now.

prosI am so lucky that using this device I do not need to switch the dial all the time to be able to get excellent results. I just turn my flat iron half the way and then in 6 – 7 mins I am done…

prosIt retains my hair so smooth and controllable; it looks healthy also after doing my hair every day with this for two years at this time.

prosThe first straightener that in fact gave me the look I desired with my curly, rough hair… would certainly advise it for any hair.

prosI have used a variety of very expensive professional flat irons that did almost nothing for my coarse hair. Using this hair straightener, I received better effects as compared to with the models that cost five times higher…

prosI purchased this product to share the item with my three daughters. They adore it so much I cannot put my hands on the flat iron anymore, but I will surely get one only for me

Now regarding negative consumer opinions of this device:

consIt might be just me, yet the item feels so weighty in my palm.

consAlthough they are well-liked at this time, I do not enjoy the floating plates technological innovation.

consThe wrong item was delivered to me mistakenly. I phoned the customer support and received money back…

consMy flat iron was a bit cracked after arrival; I am waiting for a substitution. Hopefully, it comes as quick as the first one.