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HairArt Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

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Advantages: You can use it to curl and straighten your hair as well. Suitable to design minor and major portions of hair due to its size of 1 3/8″. Comfortable swivel cord never tangles and allows moving it easily. You can choose right heat insensitivity from five possible for you hair type. It heats up only in 15 seconds. Doesn’t burn hair and leaves it healthy looking and smooth. User-friendly design. Hot spot free technology and one year warranty.

Disadvantages: No cover case is provided.

HairArt Tourmaline Ceramic FlatAs our hair is always with us and in many cases was born with us we have to take care about it daily. When it is only a ponytail, this is still care. As a professional and don’t understand much what you hair need probably time came to choose the hair straightener, which fits you best of all.

If you find yourself reading this, then you used your chance to get a professional consultation from me, who have been in a hairstylist for eight years. I say this not to disparage you, I just know what can make your hair looking perfect, more than that, I can advise you where to find a good product for styling of your hair and avoid general mistakes, which are so common when an inexperienced customer buys it by chance.


So we start from listing specification of the product:

prosWorks for curling and straightening

prosTurbo  heating function, in 15 s reaches 410F

prosCeramic plates 1 3/8” universal for big and small locks

prosFive temperature settings

prosSwivel cord doesn’t tangle

Now it is a turn of happy customers to say their word

prosFirst I doubted about it but now use daily without hesitations. It never fries my hair; the hair remains smooth and healthy looking.

prosIf your hair is curly, rebellious, frizzy and coarse, there is no better hair straightener for it. In no time you will deprive yourself of the kinks…

prosI bought this HairArt flat iron after my first working horse died being intensively used for five years. This one serves me even better, and I hope that it will last five years or more.

prosIn my practice of a hairstylist I design different things such as ups-does, bone-straight, spirals, flips and others, and this flat iron never let me down.

prosThis flat iron heats up really quickly, and I can manage it straightening my coarse hair in a minute. The result is satisfying, I wouldn’t change it for a different one.

prosJust a few seconds and it becomes really hot. I have no need to apply the hottest option to make my hair bone-straight and free from frizz.

prosMy daughter and I both have curly hair full of kings and frizz. Every morning we fought for the flat iron until I made up my mind to buy the HairArt. Peace returned to our house! It takes only ten minutes to finish with our hair without any quarrels and be completely happy drinking coffee afterward in the morning.

prosYou see, even for me with my bush of hair full of kinks I make short work of it in 20 minutes. Believe me, this is indeed a result because African-American hair is not an easy material to straighten and with this flat iron I get my hair board-flat for free…

prosI am a professional hairstylist and use flat iron often because it shows fast and perfect results either curling or straightening the hair. The HairArt becomes very hot in several seconds and this what my customers like also, I don’t make them waiting. I advise it to everybody who wants a high quality and a not so expensive item.

prosThe flat iron is very ergonomic and fits my hand very well. It is hot in right places and cold in right places too…

prosWhat I like about this iron is the fact that it doesn’t hurt my hair and after two yeas of usage they still look as healthy as before.

prosI found a good discount here.

Here is what unhappy customers say:

– No cover case to store this iron…

– The plates don’t close up as tightly as before after seven months I exploited them. I ordered it to be replaced.

– It doesn’t work. I cannot turn it on and tried every socket in the house. They will send me another which works.

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