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Haan SI-70 Multi Steam Mop

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Haan SI-70 Multi Steam MopModern steam mops can offer a huge variety of features to help you with cleaning your house. If you don’t like to store full-sized mops and tired from regular mops cleaning, then you can try the Haan SI-70 Multi! This model has amazing possibility to transform into an efficient, ergonomic hand-held cleaner for almost every surface possible!

Within the last couple years, steam mops have become the most popular and efficient tools for disinfecting your house. High technologies are moving further, and now the Haan SI-70 mop is their heritage. It combines the most popular and effective features of previous mops such as lightweight, measurability, easy to use and care. Just fill the water reservoir and in 20 seconds be ready for sanitizing your house completely!

This model works 20 times more efficient than a regular mop with traditional chemical cleaners. It uses powerful allergy-free steam to scrub old and caked-on dirt completely in less than 30 seconds. The steam mop also can deodorize and refresh surfaces. Forget about chemical solutions to get rid of allergens and dust. According to the manufacturer, the Haan SI-70 is able to eliminate up to 99,9 present of home bacteria, and microbes using only heated water as a cleaner. Steam has an ability to sanitize a particular area thanks to a high temperature, which is regularly higher than the max temperature of the water.

Just think about it. There is no harm for allergic people or people with asthma. Chemicals-free technology offers you to finally get rid of toxic and ineffective chemical cleaners. Save money and time by filling your steam mop only with distilled water!

The amazing feature of transforming from full-sized to hand-held model allows to clean everything. Curtains, louvers, windows, carpets, bedding, clothes, shoes and more home textile can be deodorized, refreshed and cleaned in the blink of an eye. If regular mop can allow you to clean under furniture, it’s good. However, this little mop will be useful to clean every corner of your furniture itself! Just one quick steaming and you will be surprised by how perfect and efficient cleaning with the Haan SI-70 model is. Think about how much money you can save with it and how many time you will be able to spend with your family instead of cleaning!

You have many more options to clean thanks to special attachments, which you will find in the box. Hard to reach places like bathroom pipes, counters or shower stalls can be easily cleaned thanks to the Haan steam mop mobility! Faucets and sinks, kitchen stove and wall tiles and many more surfaces will shine without the help of chemical cleaners! However, the mop is really hot, so don’t allow children to play with it. Clean carefully and protect your hands!

The cleaning process is simple. First, clean the surface from a layer of dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner. Once you’ve cleaned the flooring – the Haan SI-70 unit is ready to sanitize and scrub dried-on spots, paint, and grime. Go over the area of a spot two-three times and it will be completely cleaned! You will clean the disinfect your house effortlessly and with joy!

Powerful mop pads will help with cleaning almost any hard floor covering. Microfiber cloth comes with a tiny layer of dust or mug. But it can’t deal with a lot of dirt around. So, don’t buy it, if you want to have vacuum cleaner and sanitizer in one unit. Probably, changing microfiber with a more efficient cloth will work for some surfaces. The mop also can leave streaks on linoleum or laminate flooring.

Nevertheless, the maneuverability of the Haan SI-70 Multi compensates such a disadvantage. Swivel head helps to get to the hardest corners and works quickly with complicated small areas. This steam mop is extremely lightweight. It weighs less than 6 pounds, which give a phenomenal mobility in cleaning and ergonomics as well as in storing.

1066409Haan SI-70 Multi Pros:

  • Ability to transform into a hand-held unit.
  • The box contains special attachments for every type of floor covering, including carpets, textile or other material.
  • Fantastic maneuverability thanks to swivel head.
  • Extremely long, 25-foot power cord.
  • Two reusable steam mop pads from microfiber.
  • An effective chemical-free system is ready to terminate all allergens and bacteria in your house using only distilled water.

Haan SI-70 Multi Cons:

  • Not perfect in removing a lot of dirt.
  • May leave spots and streaks.
  • Made from easy-to-break materials.

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