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Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron

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prosNanoIonic Mineral Cushion Plates

prosBioCeramic Heaters function technology can heat up ceramic plates in less than 5 seconds.

prosThis straightening iron has long swivel power cable.

prosCan reach the temperature up to 400 degrees!

prosTemperature control and no hot spots functions.Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic

prosThis hair iron has innovative silicone speed strips.

prosIt’s lightweight and easy to use.

prosDesigned for fast and ergonomic working with hair.

prosYou will be able to straight your hair in one moment with only one smooth movement.

prosNo more curls. Your hair will be shiny and fresh all day long.

One-year warranty from the manufacturer.


consFloating plates technology is not perfect for persons who like old-fashioned hair irons.


Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic Review

What do I do?

When holiday season starts, I like to do the same thing – to scan the internet to find the best deals on a high-quality products connected with hairstyling. After scanning the web, I choose the best discount and present to you the best holiday deal!

This year is rich on discounts, and one of the best propositions is the Bio Ironic OnePass hair iron. There are huge discounts around the web – up to -50%!

However, products can go out of stock quickly. It’s a professional and efficient Nano-straighter, so you’ll need to do your best to get one.

I have been working as a professional hairstylist over nine years already. For that reason, I can speak about hair devices as an experienced professional. I’ve seen and tried almost every hair iron you possibly can try. Now, I’m ready to advice, what product has a best price-quality ratio in order to help you make the best deal.

But enough for me. Let’s talk about Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron!

What’s in this review?

  • Product specs from the manufacturer.
  • The pros and cons in user reviews.
  • Summary and the final product rating from me.

The specifications of Bio Ionic OnePass:

  • Extremely short time (up to 5 seconds) for ceramic plates to heat up thanks to BioCeramic Heaters function.
  • Progressive Silicone Speed Strips.
  • NanoIonic Mineral Cushion Plates.
  • The max temperature is 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Functional and easy-to-use advanced heat controller.
  • Nine feet swivel power cord.

You may think that it’s perfect, but let’s see some end users reviews to decide about buying this product.

Positive user reviews. The PROs:

prosThis is the best hair iron I’ve ever tried so far!

prosIt works amazing on the low-heat setting. I have very delicate hair, but it’s able to style it without frying and causing any hair damage.

prosMy hair is thick, and I need to use the max temperature setting. However, I barely damage my hair at all! It’s really impressing! I’m able to style my hair quicker than ever; that’s just amazing!

prosAs for me – I’ve met my expectations! Service is perfect, and it was shipped on the next day after the order.

prosI heat up in 5 seconds, and this is outstanding! Don’t need to wait anymore. Hair is shiny and not damaged even in the thickest areas.

prosAll my hair is on my head not. It doesn’t pull away my hair like my previous hair iron. It seems that with using this product my hair has become healthier!

prosI like the functionality and the design. It’s good for my hair, because 1,5 wide plates.

prosThe cord is really It makes my Nano hair iron portable and easy to use. I can style my hair walking around the room while I’m preparing for the date with my boyfriend!

prosIt’s just cool. It glides smoothly and without frying any hair. Heating up is so fast that after plugging it in you can easily style your hair in the same moment.

prosThe unusual advanced digital display is fun to use. It can show me all functions that are available. There is a lot of them! Plates are smooth and truly efficient! It’s good for using even during the whole day!

prosThis iron proves that finding a perfect hair straighter for a great price is possible.

prosIt gets ready for work in the blink of an eye. I have two Remington hair irons, but Bio Ionic OnePass is the most amazing thing ever was created. I have kinky and unruly hair, but it does its job!

prosI have very dry hair, but the iron doesn’t burn it. It makes my hair shine and refreshes it!

prosI owned his device over two years and satisfied on 100 percent. No damage – no complaints!

The biggest discount you can get is on Amazon.

Some negative user reviews:

consI have thin hair, and this iron is not good for me. The plates seem too far apart.

consI dropped it from like 20 inches. It’s not as reliable as it seems! I’m waiting for a replacement now…

consMy iron was broken after shipping! It took five days for them to send a replacement.

consI’ve ordered another color. Now, I’m waiting for a replacement.

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