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BaByliss Pro Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron

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Advantages: with this Porcelain Ceramic Plates you will get good results at minimal hair damage. You can easily treat small portions of the hair using 1-inch wide plates. Heating is up to 450F. The device heats up immediately. Power cold 8ft long. Handy, easy to use and of light weight. Compact and easy to transport. You can straighten and curl your hair as well. Makes hair smooth at one glide. No hot spots to burn your skin.
During several few usages can emit some smell. The hinge is located at the end of the iron.BaByliss Pro - Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron

To select the hair straightener, which matches your needs the best, you should be weight all pros and cons. Below you will find my remarks and advice, which will help you to make your choice. I am experienced hairstylist so my recommendations will professional.

With my 8 year experience in hair styling I know what I am talking about when I say that some features can be useful, and others are just marketing tricks to splurge and make novices buying what they will not use in full measure.


BaByliss Pro Ceramic Porcelain Plate Review

Before we continue, I’d prefer to explain what you will find in this review for yourself:

  1. We will recite all features of the product
  2. We examine positive and negative comments and testimonials of customers
  3. To resume, we’ll rate this product and talk about its merits and demerits

We start from listing of all features of the product:

  • Porcelain ceramiс plates are 4-inch long and 1-inch wide
  • Temperature is controlled with a rheostat; it can be heated up to 450F
  • Immediate heat/recovery
  • Swivel cord is 8ft long, helps to avoid tangling at work

So, now we cite some favorable remarks

prosI found in the flat iron all I needed. It is even more than I expected to find.

prosI am glad that it doesn’t pull out my hair. When the plates glide evenly, I feel that the Babyliss is my friend. My hair remains healthy and shining.

prosI find this flat iron he best from many. I did not find any hot spots on it. The heat is even along the plates. The handle remains cold.

prosThe size of the plates is comfortable enough to design fringes and bigger and longer strands. 1-inch plates suit every portion of hair.

prosMy thick and tough hair always were difficult to tame and did not obey so before to buy something I try different models. In my opinion, this flat iron can give hell to other flat irons. It is heated indeed quickly, staying hot as long as it is turned on, even when the maximal mode is used.

prosIt is absolutely not difficult to use this device. It is not heavy at all just one glide and my hair looks straight like a board. Handy and compact, I recommend it!

prosYou can make your hair curly and bone-straight with this flat iron. I always smile when I see that I achieved that grade of evenness and smoothness, which I needed.

prosI can compare results of usage of the flat iron with ones I got after hot combing. If to use the flat iron regularly you can save on visiting a hairdresser. It worth to buy.

prosThe price is reasonable. Moreover, it doesn’t fry the hair, probably because it designs them quickly. No damage or broken hairs, what a pleasant feeling!

prosI ordered it on line and received on time. I could design my hair quickly. The flat iron makes its job!

prosIt glides so smoothly on my hair, no efforts at all! And comfortable to handle. I find it light and easy to use. The hair is not burnt and shine in 10 minutes as before the usage.

prosGood product for good price. Believe me, I am a picky customer who is difficult to please. When I say, I know what I say.

prosI find its compact design very good for traveling with it. I can take it everywhere with me because it is not heavy.

prosThis long swivel cord is a find! I was disappointed and annoyed with my old flat iron because its cord constantly tangled when I made curls, and I had to stay near the socket as it was short.

prosHere I bought it with the biggest discount I could find

Negative comments of customers:

consThe on/off button could be located smarter. When I use it, all of sudden I discover that I accidentally I turned the device off at the most important moment. It took time when I accustomed to it.

consI just started to use it and discovered that my hair got a strange smell. I hope that it will evaporate because this is a brand product.

consI cannot control this flat iron as much as I did my previous one. And this is because the hinge is placed at the end of the iron on this model.

consI receive the parcel with the hair straightener on time, but it looks joggly, as if it was dropped as there are some indentures on it. I will demand to replace it.