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Whirlpool GC2000XE

Whirlpool GC 2000

The Whirlpool GC 2000 has ½ horse power motor as well as features a continuous feed operation minimizing jamming and letting the person grind the food wastes without breaks. The food is cut into tiny pieces. This technology lets move the food wastes to the sewage system without difficulties and the most important without clogging.

The warranty is 1 year – of course it is not bad for this price, but considering garbage disposal models from such brands as, for instance, InSinkErator or Waste King, which propose from minimum 6 years to a lifetime, the Whirlpool warranty seems too short.  But despite this fact, the Whirlpool GC 2000 has got 4.2 stars out of 5 at Amazon. You can also check the comments and feedbacks that customers share.

If you are on a limited budget but you and your family have a huge desire to have a disposer, then the GC 2000 will be just perfect considering its advantages for medium sized families. Plus its size is compact and, therefore, will definitely fit under every sink.

Moving to the installation process, one should say that it is pretty easy especially if you already have some experience with attaching garbage disposals. In case if you just need to replace the old disposer with a new one then it will not take you long (20 minutes maximum) – you will have to just unclip the old disposer and attach the new. But if it is your first food waste disposer and you are a novice then it might take you longer time as you will most probably have to swap the flange under the sink. The motor is electrical consequently it works due to a usual wall socket.


Features and characteristics

1066409the motor is electric and operates with ½ horsepower – it is perfect and enough for a medium sized family. The motor with ½ horsepower isn’t little because there are models with 0/3 horsepower motors. For a large family, the motor with 0/75 horsepower or more will be needed.

1066409The warranty provided by Whirlpool manufacturers is 1 year and if something happens during this year, you will always have a chance to repair it or replace for free.

1066409the device is not loud comparing with some bigger models. Perhaps it is because of low power or insulation system.

1066409Some parts of the Whirlpool GC 2000 are made of stainless steel components that protect the mechanism from rusting and degrading. In cheaper models, where parts are made of galvanized steel, you will not find this feature and therefore they will not last as long as GC 2000.

1066409Almost all food wastes can be grinded as the motor spins the internal grinding wheels at 1700 rpm (revolutions per minute).

1066409Continuous feed option – minimizes jamming and clogging but giving the ability to grind food wastes without breaks and stops.


  • Width- the widest point is 6 inches
  • Height- 16 inches

Check Amazon and you will be able to find great deals with the discount and perhaps with free shipping.