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Professional Ceramic Zebra Print Hair Straightener

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Choosing the best hair iron can be a hard process. For that reason, you’d better give yourself an opportunity to use advice. You don’t have to choose from a variety of options and features! I’m here for that!

I’m a professional in hairstyling for more than nine years. As an ex-judge in hair modeling competitions, I can easily choose between the true quality and the poor quality product. I will share my experience with you right here, right now.Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener Zebra Print


This RoyalCraft professional iron is a good price-quality deal. Features and ergonomics of the straightener are on the advanced level of a professional haircare product on a price of a regular device. It ready to work with any type of hair. Do you have oily or dry, wavy or curly hair? Then the RoyalCraft, Zebra Print hair iron is ready to straighten your hair with comfort. Flexible power cable with 360-degree angle allows you to style naturally, without worrying about the unit itself. Progressive Ceramic Tourmaline plates feature to ensure a uniform distribution of heat.


The straightener has no safety switch. The ceramic plates can’t interact completely. Also, it heats up to the max temperature in a minute that is a long time, comparing to other products. Control buttons are placed in a weird place.


Specifications of RoyalCraft Zebra Print Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener from the manufacturer:

prosCeramic Tourmaline plates will provide the smoothest glide without any damage to the hair.

prosUniform heat distribution and heating up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

prosFrizz-free negative ions feature, which leaves your hair silky and shiny for the rest of a day.

prosA variety of presets for almost every possible hair type.

prosRotating 360-degree professional revolving power cable.

prosAs we can see, the manufacturer promises that product is innovative and comfortable to work with, but we will not believe until hearing some reviews of end users.

prosCan this product pass the test of judging crowd and become the bestseller of the internet? Let’s find out!

PROs according to the reviews from users in the web:

prosThis RoyalCraft product is impressing. It’s a professional device for regular women! And it has a fancy design as well!

prosIt’s safe and ergonomic. I can’t burn my hair even if I try

prosAmazing price-quality ratio for such a great product!

prosVery versatile and efficient. All these settings are just amazing! Even a child can figure it out in minutes!

prosThis professional hair iron is my dream. I would recommend it to any person who has thick or oily hair like me. It leaves my hairstyle very neat and shiny. During the day, my hair stays silky, not oily!

prosIt heats up really fast to a low-temperature I like it because I use only this option.

prosThe straightener works fine. It’s fancy and just looks cool. My natural hairstyle is afro, but this charming device works!

prosDifferent progressive features are superior. I never thought that life can be so easy!

prosIt cools down and heats up pretty fast! I often need to take it with me, and this is just great!

prosWith this zebra print hair iron, my hair remains soft and smooth even in hard weather conditions. I recommended it to my sister, so now we use it every day!

prosI like it a lot like all the RoyalCraft company devices! Such a good looking device is a must for any woman!

prosIt does everything! Great cord and amazing mobility allow me to work with it even in my bathroom. Great price for a professional device!

prosShipping is fast, and it’s easy to use! The manual is in English, with pictures.

prosStrong grip and ergonomic design are making this hair iron the best on the market.

prosIt’s the best straightener that a woman can have. There is no smell when it works, no over grip with hair! My hair stays silky and just beautiful all day long!

prosGet rid of that nasty frizz! It works on my hair, and it will work on anybody.

prosEven when the weather is extremely bad, the hairstyle stays neat and silky! I still can’t believe that all this is possible thanks to such a small, lovely cutie!

prosMy hair stylist recommended me this. It does the job fast and efficient and just doing some magic with my hair. It stays straight until the next day after the procedure.

prosI found it at an amazing discount on Amazon.

CONs in the negative reviews of the hair iron:

consIt definitely needs a safety system. I forgot to turn it down, and it broke… 30 minutes is enough to fry it, so don’t forget to unplug it.

consI hope that my replacement will be shipped as soon as possible! After the first delivery, it was broken, and I’m really upset now.

consIt doesn’t work with thin hair! The ceramic plates can’t touch each other. I don’t like it and would not recommend it to anyone with thin hair.

consIt takes over a minute to heat up to the maximum. I have no so much time to wait!

consI don’t know why the control panel is situated so unusually. It’s not comfortable for my fingers!