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Remington S9620 ceramic flat iron

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Remington S9620

For a regular woman, it’s hard to find a good quality device on the hairstyling market. Products like hair straightener are not an exception. They can be assembled anywhere, and their real price can be lower than nothing. It may worth not only your money but your mood and nerves. To avoid such situation, I can help you to choose the best hair iron for the money you have. What do you need to do for that? Just simply follow my reviews and you’ll make the best deal possible!



prosSafety system: shutoff after 60 minutes. Advanced temperature control lock. Amazing turbo option allows the device to heat up in less than 20 seconds! Wide ceramic plates infused with protein. Swivel 360-degree power cable. The professional digital display is perfect for any user. Smart and ergonomic design, easy-to-use and lightweight unit. It leaves hair shiny and silky thanks to protein infused plates. The manufacturer is ready to propose 4-year (!) warranty.


consThe plates of the device can’t touch each other completely. The original box of the Remington S9620 is too ordinary and plain. There are cases of shipping without any box!

Why should you trust me?

I’m a professional hair salon worker for over nine years now. As an ex-judge of the competition of hairstylists, I’m aware of all haircare production on the market. I can choose the good quality product with eyes closed. So, if you want to save your time and money, you’d better ask a professional to do the job for you.

First, let me introduce you what’s in this review:

  • I present the product specification as the company want me to present it.
  • I give you a chance to check out some positive and negative user reviews and comments to give you a chance decide for yourself.
  • And finally, I make my final decision about the product.

Remington S9620 Silk ceramic flat iron specifications from the manufacturer:

  • Two-inch wide professional and smooth plates infused with protein.
  • Advanced heating up control, the max temperature is over 450 degrees.
  • Turbo-fast heat up function makes it hot for less than 20 seconds.
  • Safety system shot it down after one hour of instant working.
  • Floating plates feature allows to style faster and easier.
  • On overheating thanks to temperature control lock.
  • Four-year warranty

These specifications are impressing. However, all this can be just another marketing trick.

So, let’s find out: is this Remington S9620 ceramic flat iron as innovative, efficient and safe as they say. Users have something to tell about it.

What PROs on this Remington S9620 Silk flat iron end users share?

prosCustomer service is friendly and professional, the product itself is great. I like ceramic plates. They are wide enough for my unruly hairstyle.

prosThe device heats up in 15 seconds. It’s hard to believe, but I’m able to style my hair in 5-7 minutes! I’m very satisfied with this little machine.

prosThat is a good quality professional iron. It feels solid, the grip is fantastic, and the design is extremely ergonomic.

prosAn affordable hair iron! Great price, amazing quality, best performance.

prosI love this nice solid grip. It feels nice in my small hands. It makes me feel comfortable and confident about my hair!

prosLightweight, easy to use, great price – what else do a professional hair straightener needs to become the best? Advanced controls, which are good for professionals and newcomers. Digital display and a bunch of cool safety features. This Remington unit is simply the best!

prosAll my previous hair irons used to pull out my hair. This little miracle doesn’t pull my hair at all! The iron leaves it all shiny and smooth, I feel how my hair is actually becoming healthier!

prosWhat an outstanding temperature control! It doesn’t burn my hair like my previous iron. No fried smell, no pulled out hair! What else do I need for my beauty?

prosFree from frizz and from grilling your hairstyle! I don’t get people, who don’t like the box for the product. It’s not the most important thing here. The coolest thing here is a multifunctional device that can allow you to style your hair in no time! And all this at an affordable price.

prosThe digital display looks innovative! It can show you the current temperature of ceramic plates. The plates are wide, smooth and rounded which is perfect for my thick oily hair. You can choose the preset or create your own for even more effective styling.

prosHeats up in one moment. I think that even faster than in 20 seconds.

prosI adore the fact that I don’t need to go over my hair more than one time. It glides easily and leaves my hair frizz-free and silky.

prosMy previous hair iron was unable to control temperature. This product ha so many interesting and innovative functions that I’m just astonished! Perfect control over your hair may be achieved.

prosThe iron feels nice and cold even at the highest temperature. I’m surprised and ready to recommend it to my friends.

prosThe paddles lock mechanism makes transportation and storing easier than ever. It’s lightweight and professional. Price quality ratio is supreme!

Let’s check out the dark side of the Moon – end users CONs:

consIt was shipped to me without any box. It was just in a plastic bag, so I’ve returned it momentarily. The chances are high that it was used by someone else. I’m very disappointed.

consI received my hair iron on the next day after the order. Unfortunately, it was scratched.

consThis digital control system is too complicated for a simple user. You will need some time to get used to it.

consThe ceramic plates can’t touch each other to make my thin hair glide properly.

consThe straightener stopped working after three months of everyday use. I’m waiting a replacement.

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