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Remington S8590 Hair Straightener Review

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Remington Smart Sensor Keratin Therapy Hair StraightenerprosAdvantages:

–    In case if your hair is damaged because of using different low-quality straighteners, then the Remington Keratin Therapy is what you need as every time you use it, it will save and protect the hair.

–    Each plate is infused with protein that lets the hair stay silky for a long time

–    There is a special digital heat control thank to which you may select any settings you want from low to high. The maximum heat you can choose is 450 degrees F. This is a colossal number, as even professionals use this particular model from Remington in their beauty salons.

–    It is considered to be one of the most comfortable used hair straighteners. The reasons for that are very simple: first of all the cord can be swiveled and that gives you an opportunity to control the device and ease at use at the same time; second of all the buttons are indrawn and this feature is really convenient.

–    Remington Smart Sensor Keratin Therapy Hair Straightener has an ability to heat up in only 30 seconds to whatever temperature you choose.

–     The presence of an automatic shut-off function.


–     You should always turn on the heat protection sensor at those parts of the hair that are damaged, because if you don’t do so, the device will simply not style the hair.

–     It is rather hard to find a good hair straightener because the choice is so huge and everyone has its desires and needs. As I’m a hairstylist I have a huge experience in searching and finding the best hair straighteners ever.

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Specifications and features:

–    heats up in only 30 seconds

–    the presence of a swivel cord for comfortable use

–    hinge lock

–    an automatic shut-off feature will last for the whole hour

–    5 different heat up settings

–    Opportunity to heat up the appliance to 450 degrees (that’s professional standards). Whereas the unit itself will stay cold.

–   Heat protection sensor that is easily adjusted to the main device along with the keratin technology that protects the hair from being damaged.

–    Keratin and protein infused plates that also help your hair to stay silky, strong and above all healthy.

–    A possibility to use this particular flat iron every day without worrying of damaging the hair as it offers special floating plates technology. The result will be fast and the hair will stay in its best condition.

Positive comments, feedbacks, and reviews:

–    Floating plates technology is super cool and amazing, plus it is not present in every model.

–    It is the best flat iron I have ever used comparing with all my 5 previous ones.

–    Having compared the plates of the Remington with my old hair straightener, I can say that they are way much better and have never pulled or snagged my hair and I have been using it for a year already.

–    Heat protection system is incredible. It can be used when you want, so it is up to you. But personally for me it helps when I’m straightening some damaged sections or some thin ones, for instance, bangs.

–    An automatic shut-off feature is very useful as everything can happen. It happens to me all the time that I forget to turn off appliances, therefore in my case it is super cool. And generally you will always be sure that even if you forgot to turn it off, it will be done automatically.

–    Smart sensor technology is a huge plus for those who are always in a rush, like me and just don’t look at the settings they have turned on. And as a result, I have burned my hair a few times. Now with Remington it is not happening anymore.

–    Some time ago I was looking for the right hair straightener for my hair and once said it to my hair stylist. She in her turn advised me the Remington Smart Sensor Keratin Therapy. Having bought it, I have never regretted it and moreover, advise everyone to purchase it.

–    The design is unique as the buttons are indrawn which means that even if you touch them accidently, nothing will change – the settings and temperature will stay the same.

–    Keratin and protein really made my hair silky and I love it so much.

–    The plates are keratin infused that makes my hair silkier and silkier with every day and plus its 4-year warranty was a big and pleasant surprise for me. I also have another model from Remington, but I just can’t stop using these amazing plates.

–    Don’t be afraid of using the Remington even in humid weather. From my personal experience, I can tell you that after I straighten the hair with it, they stay the same (straight and silky) for the whole day.

–    It is very stylish and modern and of a nice color. In case if you like to travel and need your flat iron, then it is not the problem with the hinge as it locks the plates, so it can’t be damaged while transporting.

–    It is a very fast device. I use it almost every day and it takes me only about 10-15 minutes to work on my hair. And as I’m always in a rush, it really helps.

–    It is amazing to have a chance to use all the 5 different heat up settings in different parts of the hair. Also, its cord makes the process easy.

–    The iron is really cool and modern, but it is also lightweight, durable and extremely quick. It is very comfortable for the hand (not thick and not thin) and also the handle never heats up together with the temperature.

–    This unit is the best I have ever used in my entire life. The best price for it I found on

Negative comments, feedbacks, and reviews:

–    Many users say that their hair becomes silkier with every time they straighten the hair, but I don’t know why in my case it didn’t work from the first time, took me a few.

–    When I ordered the Remington Smart Sensor Keratin Therapy I was very excited waiting for it. But unfortunately, I received another model. I was a little upset but easily changed it for the right one. The customer service turned out to be very friendly and apologized for the mistake.

–    Smart sensor technology is used mainly for the damaged sections, but it doesn’t make my ends straight. And I don’t want to cut my hair as I love it long.

–    The Remington flat iron I got wasn’t working at all when I plugged it into the wall socket. It turned out to be faulty. In just a few days, it was replaced with a new one that demonstrates great performance.

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