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Remington S7901 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener

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Remington S7901 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener ReviewHow much time people usually spend on straightening long or thick hair in your opinion? One can’t say for sure, but the process turns to be time-taking and boring. You could have done hundreds of things in meanwhile. No wonder, lots of women come to decision of cutting their hair off; short hair causes less trouble. Have you caught yourself on that thought too? Read this article carefully, you may still change your mind.

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Remington S7901 Review

A wet-to-dry solution with vents

What we offer is a wet-to-dry type of irons, which can serve as an alternative solution to a long hair straightening. Its name is Remington Wet to Straight hair straightener. For some users, the idea of using iron on a wet hair may seem scary, as it produces a sizzling sound when the water evaporates. No need to worry, the device won’t fry your hair. The sizzle means that vapor flows through the vents in the plates that serve for that purpose.

The auto shut off function

One should say this feature is a right move in terms of safety. If you accidently leave the model on, it will automatically turn off after an hour of not being used. How relieved you might feel, knowing that you won’t burn your flat/house in that case. The developers took care of that.

Available in two variations

Depending on the hair length, you may choose between two sizes of the same model: 1-inch and 2-inch model. The 1-inch one fits for nearly anything, except for a very long hair maybe, where the 2-inch size would be more preferred.

You will like the price

When we first saw the price we couldn’t believe it, as this model is not as expensive as it might be. With the cost of around 40$ this product is recommended foreveryone! It is more than fair price, considering the conveniences it creates.

Ceramic model turns to be a ceramic-“coated” one

As you may guess from the title, the plates aren’t made of ceramic. They have a ceramic coating instead. This way of production is less satisfying for users, as ceramic coating may chip, resulting in hot spots. Guess it may be counted as a major drawback when talking about the prolonged use.

Works better on damp (not wet) hair

If you start using the iron right after the shower, you will doubtfully receive a desired effect. The straightener doesn’t dry your hair, and you have to go back each time, trying to deal with wet curls. However, the effect is much more significant when you use it on damp hair. Keep in mind this little trick to save some of your time.

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