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Remington S5500 Digital Hair Straightener Review

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Remington S5500Storing a bunch of flat irons at home provides its advantages, of course, as you may choose between different models depending on your current hair style. But what if you are going on vacation for example? Would you take some of the expensive models with you? And yet you might need a reliable device to prepare your hair for the evening party. Which model would suit you most in this case?

Let’s think about the price range first. As we already said, one doesn’t look for an expensive iron when preparing for travel. The price under 40$ would be the most welcome. The other question is: how suitable can be an appliance for that money? Gladly, there is a brand that can meet your expectations. The name of it is Remington S5500.

Affordable options

This model of a hair straightener comes in two sizes: 1-inch and 1.75-inch. Both of them fit for different occasions. The shorter version goes for nearly 20$. It is an excellent price to try an appliance, skipping all the long hesitations. If you have long hair, you might feel better with a larger version. As you see, there is still an opportunity to choose.

The device comes with one floating and one fixed plate. The designers say this is made to provide smooth and easier flowing through your hair, and prevent it from being caught. On practice, however, it is not that smooth as one says. Though, the overall impression of the iron remains positive.

The temperature control

As to the temperature range, the appliance heats up to 410 degrees in just 30 seconds. The heating-up is quick but don’t expect the temperature go lower than 310 degrees, it’s a minimum setting. And still there are no such things as hot spots. The plates deliver equal temperature to every single centimeter of your hair.

The auto shut off function

In our opinion, this feature is a must for all the flat irons! Many users will highly appreciate it, especially those who tend to forget things in a day-to-day routine. It doesn’t mean you should leave the device turned on, as it may lead to developing a bad habit. However, the feature allows you to prevent some unwelcome consequences. It’s nice to know someone took care of your safety.

Digital display

The display will let you know the temperature level, same as if your iron is still on. Though, some may find the premade temperature settings more suitable than a digital control. It’s a question of taste.

It has its drawbacks but meets the needs

All in all, it is not the best model among all of the flat irons, but it does fulfill its primary task, which is to help you look beautiful during your whole vacation.

The product has a stylish design (it is purple) and an excellent warranty of 2 years. It might become a suitable option for solving your travelling tasks, as well as everyday use.