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Garbage disposals are a standard home appliance in the world today. You feed your food scraps into them and they grind them up into tiny pieces that easily flush down the drain with water. They save you from having to haul your food waste out to the garbage can outside, which is not only inconvenient but smelly too!

Types of Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals come in two types: continuous feed and batch feed. Each type has its own unique features which you can consider to be pros or cons depending on your individual preference.

Continuous Feed Type

The continuous type is activated once the water is turned on and the drain is open. Most models have a switch to allow them to be turned off for easy removal of large food items.

Batch Feed Type

A batch feed garbage disposal, as the name suggests, can only be activated when you place it in a certain position. This is usually a switch near the sink’s drain.

The Motor Size

You definitely need to consider the size of the motor when purchasing a garbage disposal. A larger motor can help you dispose of more food waste at once, but it will also be heavier and may require a bigger hole to fit in your sink.

The Grinding Chamber

The chamber where the food is ground can also vary in size depending on the appliance. A larger one is useful for places with heavy usage of disposals, but it will take up more space under your sink. If you only use garbage disposal occasionally, then a smaller model may be right for you. You should also consider how quiet or noisy the appliance is to help you avoid waking up your household early in the morning!

Top 5 Best Quietest Garbage Disposals

Without a doubt, the best garbage disposal units will be able to reduce noise and ensure that your family can use it comfortably. Since everyone has different needs based on their unique usage patterns, we have selected five of the best-rated models to consider for your next purchase!

Moen GXS75C GX Series

Moen GXS75C GX Series


Does cooking for guests make you weary? The Moen GXS75C HOST SERIES mixer is designed for those who frequently cook and need advanced cleanup power. With a powerful grinding system and sound isolation, the only thing you should be hearing under your sink is compliments about your culinary skills. Easily convert most existing assemblies with this compact model that’s lightweight, easy to install, and frees up valuable space beneath the sink—perfect for hosting guests! Safe to use with properly-sized septics tanks, the Moen GXS75C ensures all of your kitchen work will go down swimmingly.

Weight Dimensions Voltage Type of Feed Amps
‎7.75 pounds ‎9.69 x 9.69 x 14.88 inches 115 Volts Continuous 4.5

Moen GXS75C HOST SERIES is one of the best of all. it comes at a decent price for its features. It’s compact, easy to install, and frees up space under your sink which makes this model even more popular.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal

Soup gone bad in the sink – Stopped up sink? Kids left applesauce out all night? Even when you try your best, sometimes things go wrong. But when it comes to disposing of food waste, doesn’t it pay to have a partner who can handle whatever you throw their way—even sticky piles of hairballs or cranberry sauce after Thanksgiving dinner will move through InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal without a hitch. It features SoundSeal® technology and MultiGrind® technology which grinds away at three different levels of food waste-sweet potatoes, carrots and more-producing fewer clogs for kitchen disposal accessories or plumbing professionals to clean. And once you’ve unclogged the kitchen, this Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal can get right back to performing for many years to come.

Weight Dimensions Voltage Type of Feed
19.76 pounds 13 x 12 x 12 inches 120 Volts Continuous

If you are looking for something that is easy to install, powerful and quiet this model might be your choice.

General Electric GFC520V Food Waste Disposer

General Electric GFC520V Food Waste Disposer

GE has engineered this powerful food waste disposer to be 10% quieter than others of its kind. It features an innovative 3-stage grind system that separates food particles, liquefies it and sends it down the drain with nothing left behind but whirls of water. This reduces both noise and odor coming from the appliance, leaving your home smelling fresh even when disposing of tough foods like bones or broccoli. With an unprecedented warranty on parts and labor for as long as you own this product, GE backs up all their products to last a lifetime!

Weight Dimensions Voltage Type of Feed
8 pounds ‎12 11/16 x 5 3/16  x 5 3/16 inches 120 Volts Continuous

What does it do? The GE GFC520V Food Waste Disposer is perfect for everyday use in your kitchen because it quickly pulverizes any leftovers at their first touch, preventing clogs and speeding up small appliance recovery after big dinners. Having this waste disposal unit under your kitchen sink also brings another benefit to the table: its stainless steel swivel impellers prevent jams, making it more efficient than ever before!

Waste King 9910 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/3 HP

Waste King 9910 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 3 HP

The Waste King 9910 is a compact and lightweight garbage disposer that saves space under the sink. This device jams less because of its 1/3 HP, 1900 RPM (115 volts) motor making it perfect for use in small kitchens or apartments – no special electrical expertise needed! It will connect quickly to your existing plumbing setup with a professional 3-bolt mount to make installation easy. The high-speed permanent magnet motor makes sure you’ll be grinding up food waste continuously at 115 volts which is convenient in any situation; this kitchen staple won’t let you down! If you’re looking for an economical yet efficient option when it comes to disposals, this product’s got all your bases covered.

Weight Dimensions Voltage Type of Feed
8.6 pounds ‎7.75 x 7.75 x 13.5  inches 115 Volts Continuous
KUPPET 1.5 HP 3600 RPM Food Waste Garbage Disposal

KUPPET 1.5 HP 3600 RPM Food Waste Garbage Disposal

The Kuppet Disposer is an economical choice for families that do not want to carry food waste to the city dump every week. The KUPPET 1.5HP Garbage Disposal with 3-Levels Grind Technology grinds everything, including bones and eggshells so they are ground down too small to clog your kitchen drain pipe. All of this grinding is powered by a 3600 RPM motor, giving you ample speed so you can process large quantities quickly. If you have ever had annoyance with sinks being blocked due to bad design or old technology, then this product will be perfect for you! A powerful yet quiet system that doesn’t overwhelm anyone in the same room as it is running, now that’s what is called quality!

Weight Dimensions Voltage Type of Feed
16.87 pounds ‎11.42 x 9.25 x 15.35 inches ‎110 Volts Continuous

The KUPPET 1.5HP 3600 RPM Food Waste Garbage Disposal is made in America with high-quality materials to provide you with a lasting product you can count on. It is easy to use and installs quickly without the need for an electrician.

Garbage Disposal Buyers Guide

Garbage disposals are simple pieces of equipment. They are equipped with two metal prongs that spin at extremely high speeds inside the chamber, chopping up the food waste into tiny particles. The water flowing through assists the grinding process and the food waste is pushed down through your drainpipe.

When purchasing a garbage disposal, there are certain factors you need to consider to ensure you get the best appliance for your home.

Emptying the Garbage Disposal

You’ll need to empty your garbage disposal container regularly if you use it on a regular basis. The frequency of emptying this device depends on whether you use hot water to clean it after each use. If you do, then you should empty the chamber every 3 months. For cold water users, this frequency will increase to 4 or 5 months.

Disposals have a swivel impeller that turns the food waste into tiny particles as it passes through them. It is important to keep your garbage disposal clean to avoid bad odors and blockages. The chamber should be regularly cleaned with dish soap and warm water before being thoroughly rinsed.

You should consider whether you would like a batch feed or continuous feed garbage disposal based on your frequency of use and specific needs. This will help to determine which type of machine is the right one for your garbage disposal system.

Other Considerations

It is important to keep in mind that there are several things you need to know about garbage disposal units before making a final purchase. Here are some questions consumers usually asks:

How to make garbage disposal quieter?

You can make your garbage disposal quieter by avoiding putting large items down the drain. Even if you can get them in, larger items may damage your system over time.

If you currently have a noisy garbage disposal, there are things you can do to reduce this sound while still using it properly. The first thing to try is isolating the appliance from where it connects to the sink. If you have a metal pipe, try putting a good amount of grease on the rubber gasket so that everything is sealed tightly and no sound can be made from vibrations.

You may also need to consider whether your drain is blocked – if so, this will cause unnecessary noise. You’ll need to use a plunger or contact a professional to help you unlock the system so it can work in peace!

Are they actually “quiet”?

You’ll need to consider the “quiet” label that may be attached to the product. Most garbage disposal systems are designed with an auto-stop feature that turns off the motor when it senses excessive vibrations. However, even though they’re able to sense these changes, they won’t always stop instantly which can cause noise in your system.

What else can I do to eliminate noise?

In addition to purchasing a quiet garbage disposal, you may also need to ensure that your drain is unclogged. If the sink’s contents are not reaching the drain fast enough, then it can cause unnecessary noise.


When it comes to choosing Best Quietest Garbage Disposal, you need to pay attention to how much horsepower is used by the system. The higher the horsepower of your motor, the more powerful its grinders are and therefore, can eliminate larger chunks of food waste in one try. Also, consider the noise level of the device you are going to purchase. A powerful grinding system doesn’t have to be loud so make sure you read product descriptions and customer reviews prior to making a final choice.

Finally, if you want quiet garbage disposal, look for one with a soft-start feature so it can operate smoothly without creating sudden, loud noises.

In conclusion, there are several things you’ll need to keep in mind before making a purchase. Whether you choose one of the five models mentioned above or select another product entirely, make sure that it is functional and well-suited for your needs. You can follow these guidelines to help ensure your garbage disposal experience is pleasant and quiet!